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New Russian beauty queen · 2006-12-18 12:37

Tatiana Kotova. Vz.ruTatiana Kotova, 21, has become Miss Russia 2006. She has won the title, beauty queen’s crown and $100 000.

After a jury had chosen three finalists – Sardan Syromyatnikova from Yakutia, Julia Samoylova from Irkutsk and Tatiana Kotova from Rostov-on-Don, the audience had to vote for the winner. Tatiana Kotova won by 53%, she will represent Russia in internatioanal beauty pageants Miss World and Miss Universe.

ITAR-Tass reports, Miss Russia is a professional beauty pageant that aims to promote the beauty of Russian women all over the world.

Rally of Pro-Kremlin youth in Moscow
Bird flu suspected in St Petersburg Zoo

RIA News:

1.4.2015 16:27 Court Keeps Suspected Killer of Nemtsov Behind Bars

Russia's Investigative Committee has asked the court to keep Zaur Dadayev in custody while the high-profile investigation continues.

1.4.2015 14:3 Gazprom to Supply Gas to Eastern Ukraine Beyond March 31 Deadline

A Gazprom official said Wednesday that Russia would continue its fuel supply to Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region even though it is still awaiting a pertinent order from Ukraine’s Naftogaz Company.

1.4.2015 13:1 Suspect in Nemtsov Murder Testifies Against Himself, Other Suspects

A suspect in the assassination of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, Zaur Dadayev, testified against himself and others accused of the killing, a representative for Russian Investigative Committee said Wednesday.

1.4.2015 12:0 Russia’s All-New Armata Tank Rolls Over the Competition - Stern

Even though its official debut at the May 9 Victory Day parade in Moscow is more than a month away, the world is are already heaping praise on the unique characteristics of Russia’s all-new Armata tank.

1.4.2015 9:46 Russia to Award Chinese World War II Veterans With Jubilee Medals

An uncountably high price was paid by the peoples of the USSR and China to win the war, Ambassador Andrei Denisov said. He also underscored the need to counter willful distortion of World War II history.

31.3.2015 23:17 Aeroflot Plans to Increase Passenger Traffic to Crimea in 2015 - CEO

Aeroflot's CEO Vitaly Savelyev said the company plans to increase passenger traffic on flights to Crimea.

31.3.2015 22:13 Senator McCain Says Israel Should ‘Go Rogue’ to Stop Iran Nuke Deal

Talks between Iran and six world leaders about Iran’s nuclear program are ongoing and appear to be extended past Tuesday’s deadline for the outline of an agreement.

31.3.2015 19:34 Russia Confirms Termination of Gas Transit Through Ukraine After 2019

After 2019, Russia is expected to terminate its gas transit through Ukraine and use North and South corridors for gas supplies.

31.3.2015 19:11 Russian Companies to Take Part in Tenders for Greek Oil, Gas Exploration

The Greek energy minister said Tuesday Russian companies would take part in tenders for Greek deepwater oil and natural gas exploration.

31.3.2015 18:30 'Crimea - Way Back Home' Film Documents Historic Homecoming (VIDEO) presents the full "Crimea - Way Back Home" documentary with English subtitles. Watch the historic events unfold, as locals share their chilling stories of those troubled times.

31.3.2015 17:25 Russia's Kalashnikov Arms Maker Aims to Double Production Despite Sanctions

Kalashnikov is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of automatic and sniper combat weapons, guided artillery ammunition, and a wide range of civilian products, including shotguns and sporting rifles, as well as machines and tools.

31.3.2015 16:50 Russia Launches Three Telecoms, One Military Satellites Into Orbit

Three Gonets-M satellites will be part of Russia’s low-orbit grouping of telecoms satellites designed to provide communications services for remote areas of Russia.

31.3.2015 16:32 Submission of Questions for Putin’s Annual Q&A Session to Start on April 9

Special call-centers and web sites will be set up from April 9 onwards to receive questions for the annual Q&A session. “Direct line with Vladimir Putin” will be held on April 16.

31.3.2015 15:54 Russia's Borey-Class Subs Construction Not Subject to Budget Sequestration

The construction of the last of Russia’s nuclear-powered Borey-class submarines will not be affected by the current budget sequester, the director general of the Rubin design bureau said Tuesday.

31.3.2015 15:38 Ex-Head of Russian Federal Prison Accused of Grafting $52Mln

The former head of Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service has been officially accused of grafting approximately $52 million allotted for the purchase of electronic bracelets, Russian Federal Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said Tuesday.

31.3.2015 14:17 Financing Crimea May Cost Russia $6-7Bln Annually - Former Finance Minister

According to former Russian finance minister, financing Crimea may cost $150-200 billion in three or four years overall taking into account indirect and other costs.

31.3.2015 13:14 Russian Troops Hold Counter-Terrorist Drills in Transnistria

During the exercises, Russian troops conducted a counter-terrorist operation against a simulated enemy and foiled a "terrorist attack".

31.3.2015 12:48 Over 3,500 Soldiers Take Part in Russian Strategic Missile Forces Drills

More than 3,500 military and over 300 pieces of equipment are involved in counter-terrorist exercises of Russian Strategic Missile Forces.

31.3.2015 12:7 Borey-Class Nuclear Submarines to Serve Russian Fleet Until 2050

Russia’s new Borey-class strategic nuclear submarines will serve the country’s Navy until 2050, the general director of the Central Construction Bureau of Marine Technology Rubin said Tuesday.

31.3.2015 9:20 Russian Air Force 'Detect' Mass Missile Strike During Drills in East

More than 10 airplanes and helicopters from aviation units deployed in the Zabaykalsk Region simulated an enemy air attack during the exercises. More than 30 aerial targets were destroyed.

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