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New Russian beauty queen · 2006-12-18 13:37

Tatiana Kotova. Vz.ruTatiana Kotova, 21, has become Miss Russia 2006. She has won the title, beauty queen’s crown and $100 000.

After a jury had chosen three finalists – Sardan Syromyatnikova from Yakutia, Julia Samoylova from Irkutsk and Tatiana Kotova from Rostov-on-Don, the audience had to vote for the winner. Tatiana Kotova won by 53%, she will represent Russia in internatioanal beauty pageants Miss World and Miss Universe.

ITAR-Tass reports, Miss Russia is a professional beauty pageant that aims to promote the beauty of Russian women all over the world.

Rally of Pro-Kremlin youth in Moscow
Bird flu suspected in St Petersburg Zoo

RIA News:

1.7.2015 18:7 Modular Boats and ‘Krypton’ Missiles Star at Russia's Maritime Defense Show

Armed and in operation: multi-purpose high-speed modular boats and ‘Krypton’ mortar air-to-surface missiles are among the major attractions at Russia’s annual Maritime Defense Show, which has kicked off in Russia’s northwestern gem city of St. Petersburg.

1.7.2015 17:25 Russia's Lower House Passes Law on Roscosmos Space Corporation

State Duma approved Wednesday in the third and final reading the law on the establishment of the Roscosmos space corporation.

1.7.2015 14:51 Kalashnikov Group to Showcase Drones, Army Assault Boats in St. Petersburg

Russia’s renowned producer of the legendry AK-47 assault rifle, Kalashnikov Group, is now sizing up larger markets and is set to showcase its newly developed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and army assault boats at the International Maritime Defense Show, which has just kicked off in St. Petersburg.

1.7.2015 13:30 Kamchatka on Track to Host Borey-Class Nuclear Subs by October

According to, Navy Adm. Viktor Chirkov, the infrastructure to base Russia’s Borey-class strategic nuclear submarines in Kamchatka will be ready by October.

1.7.2015 12:32 Russian Export Orders for Naval Equipment Tops $5 Billion

Rosoboronexport Deputy General Director said that Export orders for Russian ships and submarines have topped $5 billion.

30.6.2015 21:49 Muslim Girls in Russia on Wearing Hijab, Loving, Refuting ISIL

Moscow's Muslim students share their views on religion, interaction with classmates and in what cases it is necessary to wear a headscarf.

30.6.2015 20:44 We Need to Resume Political Dialogue Between Russia, NATO - Steinmeier

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier stressed that it is important to activate and improve mechanisms that will prevent further emergence of ‘gaps’ and misunderstandings between European countries.

30.6.2015 20:15 Anti-Russian Propaganda Reaches German Schools – German Media

The Bundeswehr is intensifying its efforts to militarize German society and attracting young people into its ranks to fight against "new threats" and a "threat from Russia" in particular, World Socialist Web Site wrote.

30.6.2015 16:10 Siberia Home to New Russian Space Monitoring Complex

The Russian Space Monitoring System will comprise a network of more than a dozen specialized complexes by 2018; the first will appear in Siberia’s Altai and Primorye regions.

30.6.2015 14:21 Khodorkovsky May Have Hired Hitman to Kill Nefteyugansk Mayor

According to the Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin, former head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky could have ordered the murder of Nefteyugansk mayor and a number of other crimes.

30.6.2015 14:3 Perceived Russian Threat to Baltics is ‘Raving Nonsense' - Moscow

The Russian government's chief of staff Sergei Ivanov has rejected the idea that Moscow poses a security threat to the Baltic states, saying that talk of Russian military intervention in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is "nothing but raving nonsense" amid a build-up of NATO forces in the region.

30.6.2015 3:52 SpaceX Failure Endangers Scheduled Launches of Commercial Customers

The explosion of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket after take-off on Sunday will be a major financial blow to many commercial customers who have been relying on the system to conduct space flights, according to US media.

29.6.2015 21:29 28% of Russians Support Partnership Between EU, Russia

A recent study by the Levada Center revealed Russians’ stance towards the West, and European countries in particular.

29.6.2015 19:24 Lavrov: We Should Maintain Partnership Between Russia, Germany

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov welcomed participants of the XIII conference of Russian and German cities in Karlsruhe. During his speech, he stressed that it is important to preserve partnership relations between Russia and Germany built over recent years.

29.6.2015 14:25 Russian Top Officials, US Ambassador Pay Last Respects to Ex-PM Primakov

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Ambassador John Tefft arrived at Moscow’s historical House of the Unions on Monday to pay last respects to veteran politician and former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov.

29.6.2015 14:5 Russia, Germany Need to Facilitate Dialogue on Easing Sanctions - Economist

According to the former head of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, it is necessary to consider areas in which sanctions can be alleviated. He believes that this should be done as quickly as possible and that both sides should take parallel steps in this direction.

29.6.2015 13:55 Russian Dominance in Space Continues After SpaceX Explosion – US Media

The crash of the SpaceX CRS-7 Falcon 9 rocket played into the hands of Russia, since the Russian-made Soyuz remains the main servicer of the International Space Station (ISS), Breitbart reported.

29.6.2015 10:0 Europeans Rising Against Obama's Anti-Russian Campaign – Senior Official

President Barack Obama’s campaign to isolate Russia is falling through as European opposition to the anti-Russian sanctions is growing every day, the Russian parliamentary speaker wrote in a newspaper article published Monday.

28.6.2015 21:43 Russia to Complete Construction of Airship ‘Atlant’ for Army by 2018

'Augur RosAeroSystems' is a leading Russian lighter-than-air manufacturer. The company builds big airships and aerostats equipped with high-precision computer equipment and technology. The recent announcement by the company tells of airship 'Atlant' to be ready for the Russian Army by 2018.

28.6.2015 17:27 Putin on Vacation in Russia's Siberian Republic of Altai

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on a vacation in Altai Republic in western Siberia, FlashSiberia reported, citing a source in the regional government.

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