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New Russian beauty queen · 2006-12-18 12:37

Tatiana Kotova. Vz.ruTatiana Kotova, 21, has become Miss Russia 2006. She has won the title, beauty queen’s crown and $100 000.

After a jury had chosen three finalists – Sardan Syromyatnikova from Yakutia, Julia Samoylova from Irkutsk and Tatiana Kotova from Rostov-on-Don, the audience had to vote for the winner. Tatiana Kotova won by 53%, she will represent Russia in internatioanal beauty pageants Miss World and Miss Universe.

ITAR-Tass reports, Miss Russia is a professional beauty pageant that aims to promote the beauty of Russian women all over the world.

Rally of Pro-Kremlin youth in Moscow
Bird flu suspected in St Petersburg Zoo

RIA News:

4.8.2015 15:25 Italian Lawmakers’ Trip to Crimea Unlikely to Interest Media - Politician

A visit by Italian lawmakers to Crimea, announced last week, is unlikely to be covered by Italian media, a politician with the Forza Italia party told Sputnik.

4.8.2015 14:35 Russia's Kaliningrad Prepares for Trans-Baltic Bicycle Route Project

The government of Russia's Kaliningrad region announced that it is preparing a new bicycle path spanning nearly its entire coastline and part of a trans-European bicycle path network.

4.8.2015 7:12 Russia Files Revised Arctic Shelf Expansion Claim to UN

Russia has submitted a revised application to the United Nations seeking the expansion of its Arctic shelf border.

3.8.2015 23:1 Crimeans Happier in Russia Than in Ukraine - European Parliamentarian

People living in Crimea are happier in Russia than Ukraine, France’s Member of the European Parliament Edouard Ferrand told Sputnik.

3.8.2015 16:5 Russia Successful in Stabilizing Banking Sector – IMF

Russian economic authorities have stabilized the country’s banking sector, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in a press release issued on Monday.

3.8.2015 15:3 Russian Army Begins Howitzer Training in Republic of Dagestan

Artillery units in the Southern Military District are undertaking training with modernized 152 mm self-propelling howitzers.

3.8.2015 14:53 Guarding Space: Russia Creates a New Branch of the Armed Forces – Aerospace

Russia has created a new branch of its armed forces by merging the nation’s air force, air defense, anti-missile and space forces into the Aerospace Forces; their first combat duty started on August 1.

3.8.2015 14:44 Aviadarts-2015 Competition to Resume in Russia on Wednesday

The Aviadarts military aviation competition will resume on Wendesday, August 5, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

3.8.2015 13:10 Seek and Destroy: Crackdown on EU Contraband Expands Across All of Russia

The crackdown on attempts to illegally import food products from countries that have imposed economic sanctions against Russia will continue throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, not just on the border.

3.8.2015 11:20 Russian Navy to Receive 17 Warships, 52 Support Vessels by Year's End

The Russian Navy will receive 17 warships and cutters, as well as 52 support vessels by the end of 2015, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Monday.

3.8.2015 10:56 Snowden Not Yet Considering Applying for Russian Citizenship

Former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden has not yet considered applying for Russian citizenship, Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said.

3.8.2015 10:30 Su-33 Northern Fleet Navy Flankers Enter Into Kola Arctic Service

The fleet of aircraft entered into service in defense of the air borders of the Kola area of the Arctic region following a ceremony on August 1; the aircraft is a naval fighter jet based on the Su-27.

3.8.2015 3:56 German Parliamentarians to Discuss Visit to Crimea

Member of the German parliament from the left-wing Die Linke party Alexander Neu says German lawmakers can visit the Crimean Peninsula following a French delegation.

2.8.2015 19:49 Mi-28 Helicopter Crashes at Air Show, One Pilot Escapes (VIDEO)

A video reveals a Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter crash at a competition in central Russia. The commander of the crew was killed in the crash as the second pilot narrowly escaped from the burning fuselage.

2.8.2015 18:18 Next Phase of Russian Aviadarts Contest in Question After Helicopter Crash

It is not yet known if the Aviadarts-2015 international warplane crews' competition will be continued, according to a representative of the event organizers.

2.8.2015 17:55 'Troops of Uncle Vasya': Russia's Airborne Infantry Turns 85

August 2 marks the 85th birthday of Russia’s airborne infantry; these paratroopers, who go by the Russian acronym VDV, are considered an elite force capable of deploying behind enemy lines "out of nowhere" within minutes.

2.8.2015 14:57 Russian Security Forces Kill 8 Suspected ISIL Militants in North Caucasus

Eight militants who recently became part of Islamic State (ISIL) terrorist organization were killed by Russian security forces in Ingushetia.

2.8.2015 12:34 Military Helicopter Crashes in Central Russia

The helicopter crashed during a demonstration flight at an airshow in Russia's Ryazan region.

2.8.2015 8:46 Six Nations to Compete in 'Masters of Air Defense' Battle at Army Games

Participants of the International Army Games 2015 will take aim at more than twenty aircraft and the live cruise missiles of mock aggressors at the Masters of Air Defense Battle-2015 contest on August 8-12.

1.8.2015 19:0 Sanctions? What Sanctions? US, UK Tourists Enjoy Crimean Sun

While Washington is expanding its sanctions against Moscow and Kiev is threatening to penalize all foreign ships calling at Crimea, American and British tourists are enjoying their vacations on the peninsula.

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