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New Russian beauty queen · 2006-12-18 12:37

Tatiana Kotova. Vz.ruTatiana Kotova, 21, has become Miss Russia 2006. She has won the title, beauty queen’s crown and $100 000.

After a jury had chosen three finalists – Sardan Syromyatnikova from Yakutia, Julia Samoylova from Irkutsk and Tatiana Kotova from Rostov-on-Don, the audience had to vote for the winner. Tatiana Kotova won by 53%, she will represent Russia in internatioanal beauty pageants Miss World and Miss Universe.

ITAR-Tass reports, Miss Russia is a professional beauty pageant that aims to promote the beauty of Russian women all over the world.

Rally of Pro-Kremlin youth in Moscow
Bird flu suspected in St Petersburg Zoo

RIA News:

24.8.2016 19:55 Man Takes Hostages in Bank in Central Moscow, Threatens to Blow Up Building

A man took hostages in a bank in central Moscow, he threatened to blow himself up. A SWAT team was deployed. Later, all hostages have been released. The man surrendered to police.

24.8.2016 19:32 Out of Thin Air! Russia to Revive Aerial Launches of Spaceplanes

Russia has revived the idea of launching spacecraft from the air. Currently, work is underway on a project called Vyuga in which Il-76 aircraft are set to carry space rockets into the outer layers of the atmosphere.

24.8.2016 19:13 China Condemns CAS 'Unscrupulous' Decision to Ban Russian Paralympic Athletes

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on Tuesday rejected Russia's appeal against the decision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which bared the entire Russian team from the Paralympic Games 2016 in Rio. A Chinese expert considers the decision “politicized;” bloggers support the Russian Paralympic team.

24.8.2016 19:10 French Children Visit to Crimea Important, Chance to See Region as Safe – MP

The trip by French children who have recently arrived in the Artek children’s summer camp in Russia's Crimea is important as it will offer them the chance to see for themselves that the region is safe and beautiful, contrary to how it is portrayed in the West, French lawmaker Thierry Mariani told Sputnik Wednesday.

24.8.2016 18:10 Russian Businessmen Suggest Filming New James Bond Movies in Crimea

Crimea is set to become a filming location for a film about the fictional British superspy James Bond, said Crimea’s Minister of Culture Arina Novoselskaya.

24.8.2016 18:5 Russia's Far East May Share Electricity With Japan, S Korea After China

Russia is ready to supply part of its surplus electricity in the Far East to Japan and South Korea, Russia’s Minister for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka said.

24.8.2016 16:45 Russia’s ‘Flying Tank’ to Boast a Guided Missile

Armed with a newly developed guided missile system, Russia’s Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled gun for the Russian Airborne Forces will be able to destroy tanks, helicopters and drones, the newspaper Izvestia wrote.

24.8.2016 16:43 Pesky Politics: World Reacts to Ban of Entire Russian Paralympics Team

Athletes and Paralympic Committees from around the world are outraged due to the blanket ban of all the Russian Paralympic athletes from participating in the 2016 Paralympics, which will be held September 7 to 18.

24.8.2016 15:24 Musicians From Over 15 Countries to Perform at Koktebel Jazz Party in Crimea

Jazz musicians from more than 15 countries are due to perform at the Jazz Party festival that will take place in Koktebel, Crimea, on August 26 – 28, the festival's press service announced.

24.8.2016 14:29 French Kids Visit Crimea Summer Camp Despite Opposition From Ukraine Lobbyists

A group of 22 French children are enjoying their summer holidays in the Artek camp in Crimea despite powerful opposition from Ukrainian lobby.

24.8.2016 0:31 CNN Strikes Again: Blames NYT Hack on Russians, Provides Zero Evidence

The major American news network claims that the FBI is looking toward Russia for hacking into the New York Times and other news organizations. Where CNN got this information is unknown.

23.8.2016 23:43 Russian National Seleznev Refuses Testimony Over Alleged Cybercrimes in US Court

Roman Seleznev, a Russian national on trial in the United States for alleged cybercrimes, has refused to testify in court, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the courtroom.

23.8.2016 23:41 Russia's Roscosmos to Spend Over $29Mln Upgrading Rocket Engine Reliability

Russian state space corporation Roscosmos is allocating over 1.9 billion rubles ($29 million) to upgrading carrier rocket engines, rocket boosters and spacecraft, according to materials published on Russia's official public procurement website on Tuesday.

23.8.2016 15:29 Russia’s Rio Paralympics Ban Legally Groundless - Sport Minister

The Court of Arbitration for Sport’s (CAS) ruling to uphold a blanket ban on Russian paralympians from the upcoming Rio summer games is legally groundless, Russian Sport Minister Vitaly Mutko said Tuesday.

23.8.2016 14:51 Russian Olympic Kit Becomes a 'Must Have' Fashion Item

What was the greatest triumph of the Rio 2016 Olympics? Was it Great Britain’s spectacular cycling results or Usain Bolt’s treble-treble? While both were amazing, they simply can’t compete with the style of the Russian Olympic team’s kit.

23.8.2016 13:53 Soviet Army Surplus: Russian Defense Ministry Announces Massive Vehicle Sell-Off

Russia plans to auction off a wide variety of military equipment and clothing, in a move aimed at liquidating mothballed army goods in a push to modernize, according to RIA Novosti.

23.8.2016 13:50 Russian Lawmakers Preparing Response to CAS’ Paralympics Ban

The Russian lower house of parliament’s sports committee is considering a range of options to respond to the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s (CAS) latest dismissal of the Russian Paralympic Committee’s (RPC) appeal against the Rio games ban, the committee chair said Tuesday.

23.8.2016 13:45 Russia May File Lawsuit With ECHR Over Paralympics Ban - Senator

Russia may file a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) after the country’s Paralympians were banned from the upcoming games in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, senator Tatiana Lebedeva said Tuesday.

23.8.2016 12:58 AK-47 to Go? Kalashnikov Store Opens in Moscow Airport

The world-famous arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern opened its first store at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow.

23.8.2016 10:57 Russia Sets Up UAV Service in West to Teach Military to Operate Drones

According to the district’s press service, an unmanned aircraft service set to teach troops operate drones has been established in Russia’s Western Military District.

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