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Roman Abramovich buys the biggest yacht in the world · 2007-01-12 16:22

YachtAccording to Regnum informed, Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich has ordered the biggest yacht in the world that is being constructed at a wharf in Gamburg.

Eclipse will have at least two helicopter pads, several hot tubs, one pool, three launch boats and a private submarine. For security, it will be fitted with motion sensors and a special missile-detection system. The yacht is expected to surpass the length of 170 m Dubai Yacht owned by Dubai Emirate leader.

According to Wall Street Journal, in addition to Eclipse, Abramovich owns three other mega-yachts, including the 377-foot Pelorus and the 282-foot Ecstasea. He used to own four but recently awarded one, the 370-foot Grand Bleu, to a close business associate.

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RIA News:

20.2.2019 4:12 Trump Says 'No Pressing Time Schedule’ for Denuclearizing North Korea

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US government is in no rush to implement the full denuclearization of North Korea as long as Pyongyang does not conduct any nuclear tests, President Donald Trump said at the White House on Tuesday.

20.2.2019 3:55 US Special Envoy Met With Venezuelan Government Representatives - State Dept.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams has met with representatives of the Venezuelan government, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino told reporters on Tuesday.

20.2.2019 3:23 Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Bid Tainted By 2016 Sexual Misconduct Concerns

Anoa Changa, the director of political advocacy and a managing editor of Progressive Army, and host of the talk show “The Way With Anoa,” joined Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear Wednesday to discuss Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Democratic presidential campaign.

20.2.2019 2:50 ‘We Are Equal’: Trans Woman Running For Prime Minister of Thailand

Pauline Ngarmpring, well known in Thailand’s soccer sphere, now wants to become the country’s first transgender prime minister. Ngarmpring is skeptical about her prospects for victory, but says the important thing is the campaign itself. She’s just one of 20 LGBTI candidates to be on Thai ballots next month.

20.2.2019 2:20 25 Gang Members Deported from Caravan on Mexican Border - Reports

At least 25 migrants affiliated with the MS-13 gang found within a caravan of 1,600 Central Americans were deported from Mexico on the doorstep of the US border.

20.2.2019 2:10 WV Lawmakers Slam Brakes on Private Charter Schools After Public Teacher Strike

Just as West Virginia public school teachers were gearing up for another statewide strike, state lawmakers voted to table the bill the teachers were protesting. While the wave of US teacher strikes began in the state last year, Tuesday’s protest is now only the latest part of a tide of protesting educators nationwide.

20.2.2019 1:48 WATCH: Giant Venomous Scorpion Crawls Out of Lion Air Overhead Bin

A large scorpion was spotted crawling out of the overhead luggage compartment on a Lion Air flight from the Indonesian province of Riau to Banten on February 14.

20.2.2019 1:35 Smollett Should Face ‘Maximum’ Accountability if He Staged Assault - Activist

The case of US actor Jussie Smollett’s alleged assault has taken an unexpected turn after reports surfaced that the actor may have orchestrated the attack himself, prompting civil rights activist Al Sharpton to announce Sunday that Smollett should face “accountability to the maximum” if it is confirmed that the attack was indeed staged.

20.2.2019 1:30 Low Speed, High Stakes: Minivan Tricks US Police Into Petty Pursuit

Has someone been practicing their getaway on “Grand Theft Auto?”

20.2.2019 1:25 Cuban FM Refutes Trump's Remarks About Deployment of Cuban Troops in Venezuela

MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) - Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez refuted remarks of US President Donald Trump about alleged deployment of Cuban troops in Venezuela.

20.2.2019 0:34 Brazil Mobilizing Task Force to Deliver Aid to Venezuelan Border - Spokesman

Brazil is mobilizing a task force to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuelan border together with the United States, presidential spokesman said.

20.2.2019 0:21 Obama Offers No Endorsement But Advises 2020 Dem Candidates on How to Beat Trump

After months of meetings with Democratic candidates, the former US President is still holding back on giving his direct support to any of the candidates until the party nominee is determined; however, he still gives advice as to how to beat Donald Trump in 2020.

19.2.2019 23:29 ‘Hang All of Them’: Alabama Newspaper Editor Calls for KKK to ‘Clean Out DC’

Alabama Senator Doug Jones (D) has called for the resignation of an Alabama newspaper editor for publishing an editorial encouraging the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), an American white supremacist hate group.

19.2.2019 23:25 Kids Say the Darndest Things! Young Goat Chats With Owner

Watch the horns, dad!

19.2.2019 23:22 Expect China to Invade Taiwan, Okinawa in Near Future - Retired Japanese General

Lt. Gen. Kunio Orita, a retired general with Japan's Air Self-Defense Force, recently raised eyebrows when he claimed China would invade Taiwan and Okinawa by 2025 and 2045, respectively.

19.2.2019 23:12 Pentagon Does Not Confirm Plan to Pull Out From Syria Through Iraq by April 1

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - A Pentagon spokesperson did not confirm an Iraqi official's statement that the United States will withdraw its forces from Syria through Iraqi territory by April 1.

19.2.2019 22:37 Venezuela's Maritime Border With Dutch Antilles Islands Closed - Reports

Venezuelan maritime border with Dutch Caribbean has been closed, regional Venezuelan military chef said.

19.2.2019 22:36 DARPA Researching AI Systems to Let Troops Command Lethal Machines With Thoughts

The Pentagon’s secretive weaponry development office has recruited teams to develop neural interfaces for humans to control war-making machines.

19.2.2019 21:59 Indian Police Ignore, Even Protect, Anti-Muslim ‘Cow Protection’ Mobs - Report

India's right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government is providing cover for Hindu vigilantes who avenge the killing or trading of cows, often thinly-veiled excuses for lynch mobs directed at Muslims and low-caste Hindus, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch. The police routinely delay or ignore investigations in these murders.

19.2.2019 21:55 WATCH: US Woman Swears, Spits Over Being Seated Near Toddler on Flight

Video footage of a JetBlue passenger going on a profanity-laced tantrum over being seated next to a toddler has gone viral.
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