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American women poisoned in Moscow · 2007-03-07 12:49

ThalliumTwo American women are being treated in a Moscow hospital for thallium poisoning, BBC reported.

Their condition is described as “fairly serious”. They were staying at a Moscow hotel and fell ill on 24 February, but the circumstances are not yet clear.

Russia’s Ekho Moskvy radio said doctors had confirmed that the women, a mother and daughter aged 42 and 26, had been poisoned with highly toxic thallium.

According to Kommersant, FSB thinks the poisoning is an attempt to cover up theft traces, the victims' jewellery was stolen.

49-year-old Marina Kovalevskaya and her 26-year-old daughter Yana emigrated from the USSR to the U.S. in mid-1980s, and settled in Los Angeles. However, they often visited Moscow to see their relatives and friends. Their last visit to Russia began in February. They were staying in Grand Marriott hotel.

The women felt unwell after a party on February 23. Marina Kovalevskaya called American Clinic next morning at 5 a.m. and complained that she and her daughter "have strong pain and numbness in their legs".

Then they were brought to American Medical Center by ambulance. Yet, the Center's doctors could not make the precise diagnosis.

Thallium was initially suspected in the poisoning of former Federal Security Service agent Alexander Litvinenko, before it was realised that the toxin was polonium-210.

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RIA News:

1.3.2015 1:50 Opposition to Hold Funeral March in Memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow

The opposition will hold a funeral procession in Moscow in memory of murdered on the night of February 28 Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov on March 1, local media reports.

28.2.2015 23:36 European Lawmaker Hopes for Peaceful Nemtsov's Funeral March in Moscow

A member of European Parliament Beatriz Becerra expressed his hope for a smooth and peaceful demonstration in Moscow to honor killed Russian opposition figure Nemtsov's memory.

28.2.2015 20:7 Russia, EU at Risk of Political Violence in Wake of Nemtsov’s Murder

Director of Communications at the Council of Europe emphasized that the political nature of Nemtsov's murder was only an assumption and warned against speculation.

28.2.2015 18:52 German MP Urges to Refrain From Sweeping Conclusions on Nemtsov’s Murder

Any political exploitation and speculation in regard to the murder of Boris Nemtsov without knowing the backgrounds should be rejected, a German lawmaker said.

28.2.2015 17:56 Russia to Build Its Own Equivalent of Silicon Valley in Moscow

A new research project based out of the Moscow State University (MSU) is being developed. The research center has quickly been named “Russia’s Silicon Valley”.

28.2.2015 17:20 Dutch Senator Condoles on Death of Russian Opposition Figure Nemtsov

Dutch Senator Kox also said he hoped that the perpetrators involved in the murder would be found and brought to justice.

28.2.2015 16:41 Moscow Authorities Sanction March to Commemorate Russian Politician Nemtsov

The politician was killed on Friday night, as several shots were fired at him from a car while Nemtsov was walking with a female companion in central Moscow.

28.2.2015 16:8 Putin Pledges to Make Every Effort to Bring Nemtsov's Killers to Justice

Russian President Putin said "everything will be done" to bring the organizers and perpetrators of Nemtsov's murder to justice.

28.2.2015 15:3 Russia’s Chief Investigation Department to Take Case of Nemtsov’s Murder

Russian Investigative Committee chief ordered the criminal case of Nemtsov's murder to be transferred to Russia's Chief Investigation Department.

28.2.2015 13:53 Who Mr. Nemtsov Was and Why He Was Killed

Russian politician Boris Nemtsov was fatally shot in Moscow late on Friday.

28.2.2015 13:5 Probe Into Murder of Nemtsov Has Paramount Importance - Kremlin

Kremlin spokesperson Peskov underscored that investigation of the politician's murder will be conducted to bring results as soon as possible.

28.2.2015 12:58 Investigators Check Possible Links of Nemtsov’s Murder to Ukrainian Events

The murder of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov may be linked to to events in Ukraine, investigators say.

28.2.2015 12:55 Russian TV Channel Publishes Video Showing Possible Killers of Nemtsov

A white car of the alleged killers of Boris Nemtsov was reportedly found in central Moscow. Investigators are examining the vehicle.

28.2.2015 12:50 Nemtsov Received Threats Over Stance on Charlie Hebdo Attack

According to investigators, Boris Nemtsov had been receiving threats linked to his stance on the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris.

28.2.2015 11:53 World Leaders Deplore Boris Nemtsov’s Murder (VIDEO)

World leaders expressed their condolences to the family of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead on Friday night in Moscow.

28.2.2015 11:32 Boris Nemtsov’s Killers Tried to Destabilize Russia – Gorbachev

Soviet ex-President Mikhail Gorbachev sees the assassination of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov as an attempt to destabilize Russia. He also warns against calls to give excessive powers to law enforcement and security agencies.

28.2.2015 6:13 Several Cars Checked After Drive-By Murder of Boris Nemtsov - Source

Four of the bullets hit Nemtsov's back, leading to his death. Six shell casings have been found at the site of the murder.

28.2.2015 5:47 Funeral March to Replace Moscow Opposition Rally After Nemtsov Murder

Co-chair of the RPR-PARNAS political party Mikhail Kasyanov said that the planned Vesna ("Spring") opposition rallies will take place as scheduled outside of Moscow, but the one in the Russian capital will be replaced with a funeral march in memory of Boris Nemtsov.

28.2.2015 5:25 Nemtsov’s Political Activity One of Motives Behind His Murder, Lawyer Says

A family lawyer of killed Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov said that Nemtsov had been receiving threats and various provocations on social media sites prior to his Friday murder.

28.2.2015 1:48 Putin Considers Nemtsov’s Murder Provocation, Expresses Condolences

Putin expressed his condolences to the relatives of Boris Nemtsov and ordered the Investigative Committee, the Interior Ministry and the Federal Security Service to set up a special investigative team.

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