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American women poisoned in Moscow · 2007-03-08 12:49

ThalliumTwo American women are being treated in a Moscow hospital for thallium poisoning, BBC reported.

Their condition is described as “fairly serious”. They were staying at a Moscow hotel and fell ill on 24 February, but the circumstances are not yet clear.

Russia’s Ekho Moskvy radio said doctors had confirmed that the women, a mother and daughter aged 42 and 26, had been poisoned with highly toxic thallium.

According to Kommersant, FSB thinks the poisoning is an attempt to cover up theft traces, the victims' jewellery was stolen.

49-year-old Marina Kovalevskaya and her 26-year-old daughter Yana emigrated from the USSR to the U.S. in mid-1980s, and settled in Los Angeles. However, they often visited Moscow to see their relatives and friends. Their last visit to Russia began in February. They were staying in Grand Marriott hotel.

The women felt unwell after a party on February 23. Marina Kovalevskaya called American Clinic next morning at 5 a.m. and complained that she and her daughter "have strong pain and numbness in their legs".

Then they were brought to American Medical Center by ambulance. Yet, the Center's doctors could not make the precise diagnosis.

Thallium was initially suspected in the poisoning of former Federal Security Service agent Alexander Litvinenko, before it was realised that the toxin was polonium-210.

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RIA News:

29.7.2016 0:49 Russian Emergencies Ministry Releases Pokemon Go Safety Regulations

EMERCOM has come up with safety recommendations for people playing the Pokemon Go game.

29.7.2016 0:7 American Exceptionalism: Clinton’s Democrats Look More Like Neocons at DNC

The Democratic National Committee and mainstream media attempts to manipulate the Democratic Primary sound like a return to neoconservatism.

28.7.2016 20:25 Russian Next-Generation 'Doomsday Plane' Finally Ready for Action

On July 27 Voronezh Aircraft Factory finally presented Russia’s Ministry of Defense the new specialized airborne command system also known as the 'doomsday plane'.

28.7.2016 19:34 French Envoy Warns That Anti-Russian Sanctions at Breaking Point

French Ambassador to the United States Gerard Araud said that economic pain suffered by European Union (EU) resulting from sanctions against Russia will push the 28-nation bloc to abandon penalties against Moscow.

28.7.2016 19:19 Putin's Reshuffle Unrelated to Coming September General Election

Cadre reshuffle announced by President Vladimir Putin on Thursday is not election-related, it is a regular rotation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

28.7.2016 17:37 Ex-Yukos Shareholders Withdraw Action Against Russia in India

Yukos former shareholders have abandoned their claim to arrest Russian state assets in India.

28.7.2016 17:21 Russia About to Drastically Boost Its Orbital Surveillance Capabilities

A new type of advanced surveillance satellites will soon bolster the reconnaissance capabilities of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

28.7.2016 15:33 Rosoboronexport, UAC Sign Deal to Promote Military Aircraft Sales Abroad

According to a press release, Rosoboronexport and the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) on Thursday signed a program to promote sales of military aircraft abroad.

28.7.2016 15:23 Putin Merges Russia's Crimean, Southern Federal Districts

Russia's Southern and Crimean federal districts are united into an enlarged Southern Federal District, according to the newly issued presidential decree.

28.7.2016 14:36 Putin Replaces Detained Kirov Governor With Head of Registration Service

Russian President Vladimir Putin replaced the detained Kirov Region governor with the chief of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster and Cartography.

28.7.2016 13:58 Russian Air Drills in East Comply With International Airspace Rules

According to the military district’s spokesman, all flights by Russian Air Force jets and helicopters in the country’s Eastern Military District complied with the international regulations.

28.7.2016 13:1 French Total CEO Plane Crash Snowplow Driver Admits Guilt in Moscow Courtroom

A snowplow machine driver found guilty in the crash that led to the death of French Total oil and gas company CEO Christophe de Margerie, who died on the night from October 20 to October 21, 2014, according to a correspondent.

28.7.2016 11:56 New Russian Anti-Doping Commission to Be Financed Outside State Budget

The recently established independent ROC фnti-Doping Commission will not be financed with federal budget money.

28.7.2016 11:48 Russia Never Had State-Backed Doping Program

Russia’s newly established Anti-Doping Commission strongly opposes the doping usage in sports.

28.7.2016 10:30 Russia's New Lider-Class Destroyer to Be Laid Down in 2019

Russia's cutting-edge project 23560 Lider-class nuclear-powered destroyer will be set up in 2019.

28.7.2016 10:20 Russian Navy to Receive First Admiral Gorshkov-Class Frigate on November 22

The Russian Navy will receive the new the lead ship of its class and the first Project 22350 frigate on November 22.

28.7.2016 10:0 Russia to Finish Construction of Novorossiysk Naval Base by 2020

Novorossiysk navak base will have been constructed by the end of 2020, Adm. Igor Kasatonov, the former head of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, said in an interview.

28.7.2016 9:40 Russia to Send Aircraft Carrier to Mediterranean Before 2017 for Up to 4 Months

Russia will deploy its aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea before the end of 2016 for a period of up to four months.

28.7.2016 9:32 Russian Kamchatka to Present Some 10 Investment Projects at Economic Forum

Russia's Far Eastern Kamchatka Territory is planning to present some 10 investment projects worth around 30 billion rubles ($455 million) at the upcoming Eastern Economic Forum.

28.7.2016 8:49 Putin Extends Two Deputy Foreign Ministers' Service Contracts for 1 Year

Deputy Foreign Ministers Grigoriy Karasin and Gennady Gatilov will serve at least for one year more, a newly issued presidential decree stated.

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