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American women poisoned in Moscow · 2007-03-07 12:49

ThalliumTwo American women are being treated in a Moscow hospital for thallium poisoning, BBC reported.

Their condition is described as “fairly serious”. They were staying at a Moscow hotel and fell ill on 24 February, but the circumstances are not yet clear.

Russia’s Ekho Moskvy radio said doctors had confirmed that the women, a mother and daughter aged 42 and 26, had been poisoned with highly toxic thallium.

According to Kommersant, FSB thinks the poisoning is an attempt to cover up theft traces, the victims' jewellery was stolen.

49-year-old Marina Kovalevskaya and her 26-year-old daughter Yana emigrated from the USSR to the U.S. in mid-1980s, and settled in Los Angeles. However, they often visited Moscow to see their relatives and friends. Their last visit to Russia began in February. They were staying in Grand Marriott hotel.

The women felt unwell after a party on February 23. Marina Kovalevskaya called American Clinic next morning at 5 a.m. and complained that she and her daughter "have strong pain and numbness in their legs".

Then they were brought to American Medical Center by ambulance. Yet, the Center's doctors could not make the precise diagnosis.

Thallium was initially suspected in the poisoning of former Federal Security Service agent Alexander Litvinenko, before it was realised that the toxin was polonium-210.

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RIA News:

3.5.2015 17:50 Russian Sky Defenders to Receive Pantsir-S and Other Simulators

Russian air defense specialists will boost their mastery with cutting edge simulators.

3.5.2015 15:13 First Ever Soviet Nuclear Submarine K3 to Become Museum

After the submarine 'Leninsky Komsomol' is reequipped it is planned to be placed in the city of Murmansk.

3.5.2015 0:23 Russia Did More for Crimea Within 1 Year Than Ukraine Since Soviet Fall

Russia has done more for Crimean Tatars since the reunification than Ukraine has in over two decades while the peninsula was under its rule, Resit Kemal As, advisor of the head of Crimea Sergei Aksenov, told Sputnik.

2.5.2015 8:58 Force 3.1 Quake Rattles Russia's Far East Island of Sakhalin

An earthquake measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale hit the island of Sakhalin in Russia's Far East, local emergency officials said early Saturday.

2.5.2015 8:5 Kremlin Chief of Staff Concerned About Western Attempts to Rewrite WWII

More than 27 Soviet million people died during WWII out of 70 million being the total number of victims. However, former Western allies are trying to bury it in oblivion.

2.5.2015 8:0 Russia to Unveil Brand New Military Hardware at Victory Day Parade

Cutting-edge artillery systems, famous fighter jets and intercontinental ballistic missiles will show their power during the victory parade in Moscow. Legendary T-34 battle tanks will drive alongside new-generation Armata tanks, considered the deadliest by experts.

2.5.2015 3:56 Russia's St.Petersburg to Host Unique Icebreakers Festival

The Russian city of Saint Petersburg will host the icebreaker festival on May 2-3, 2015, as part of the celebrations commemorating the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, according to event organizers.

1.5.2015 17:17 Russia Has Proven Its Ability to Face Any Economic Challenge – Putin

Speaking at an award ceremony for Russia's Heroes of Labor on Friday, President Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia has demonstrated its ability to face the most complex of economic challenges.

1.5.2015 16:3 Symbolic Islamic Madrasa in Crimea Returned to Muslims

As established by the prosecutor's office, the Zincirli Madrasa, which is an educational and spiritual center for Muslims of Crimea, was unlawfully transferred to the fund of Crimea.

1.5.2015 9:14 Have a Nice Trip: Tourist Season Kicks Off in Crimea

The tourist season opens in Russia's Crimean Federal District on May 1; a whole array of variety acts and musical performances are scheduled for later in the day, according to Crimean Resorts and Tourism Minister Elena Yurchenko.

1.5.2015 7:36 Russian Orlan-10 Drones Start Monitoring Arctic

Russia is deploying its Orlan-10 drones in the Arctic, to monitor the environmental situation in the region, the Russian Defense Ministry's Eastern Military District's press service has announced in a statement.

30.4.2015 17:9 Chechen Leader Ready to Testify in Murder of Boris Nemtsov

Ramzan Kadyrov said that he is ready to testify in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov.

30.4.2015 15:31 Progress Failure Reason Remains Unknown - Russian Deputy Prime Minister

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that nobody has any significant versions explaining what happen with the Progress cargo vessel.

30.4.2015 14:18 Silent Assassins: Siberian Soldiers Get Deadly Amor Piercing Assault Rifle

Val Silent assault rifles have been put into service with the Russian Central Military District's reconnaissance units stationed in Siberia.

30.4.2015 14:15 Warning of Catastrophe Over Barring Russia From Banking System

Cutting Russia out of the global banking payment system SWIFT could turn into a catastrophe for the overall system of payments in Europe, according to the head of public affairs at UniCredit Group, Italy, Giuseppe Scognamiglio.

30.4.2015 11:45 Ready to Go: Russian Army to Get New Amphibious Armored Engineer Vehicles

Russian army is to get new amphibious armored engineer vehicles, equipped with machine-guns, electronic countermeasure devices and GLONASS navigation system and able to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +40°C.

30.4.2015 11:30 Putin Remembers Family’s WWII Past in an ‘Intimate’ Op-Ed

Vladimir Putin unveiled his family's history in an op-ed published in the Pioneer magazine.

30.4.2015 4:57 US Commander: Take Nukes Off High Alert or Risk Hackers Starting a War

Concerns that a cyberattack could start a nuclear war could be addressed by taking nuclear weapons off of high alert, says a top US military commander, but neither the US nor Russia wants to make that move.

29.4.2015 18:33 Progress Incident Not Threatening Orbital Station, Work of Crew

The incident with the Progress cargo vessel does not endanger the International Space Station (ISS), according to First Deputy General Designer at Russia's Energia space corporation Vladimir Soloviev.

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