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Mrs Tucson Diane Tucker crowned Mrs World 2007 · 2007-03-09 13:00

Diane Tucker crowned Mrs World 2007Tucsonan Diane Tucker is crowned Mrs. World 2007 by her predecessor, Russia’s Sofia Arzhakovskaya, during the annual Mrs. World contest in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi on March 8, Tucsoncitizen web site reported.

Tucker, 29, is also Mrs. Tucson and Mrs. Arizona. She was named Mrs. America 2006 in September after a two-week pageant at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.

Tucker, a city resident for 12 years, graduated from Buena High School in Sierra Vista in 1995 and has been married to Thomas Tucker, a firefighter, for five years.

She works for Argent Mortgage Co. and has volunteered with the Southern Arizona Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

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RIA News:

18.10.2017 8:5 New US Regulations Make Tribe Land Reacquisition More Burdensome

Tribal Ambassador of Shinnecock Indian Nation Lance Gumbs says that the new rules the US government is trying to implement will make the land reacquisition and trust process even more cumbersome.

18.10.2017 7:56 China Plans to Complete Armed Forces Upgrade by 2035

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that China plans to fully implement the party's ideas to strengthen the army to adapt the military strategy to new conditions.

18.10.2017 7:40 US State of Oklahoma Tribe Concerned About Risk of Oil Storage Facility Rupture

The Sac and Fox nation tribal leader says that the tribe is worried about a large oil storage facility in the tribe's jurisdiction.

18.10.2017 7:22 Iraqi Prime Minister Sees Kurdish Autonomy Referendum Problem as 'Passed Stage'

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced that he had brought the idea to Iraqi Kurdistan's leadership that the referendum would harm their own interests.

18.10.2017 7:9 Project Wing Drones Deliver Mexican Food and Medicine in Rural Australia

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has teamed up with Australian retailers Chemist Warehouse and Guzman y Gomez for a new phase of drone-based delivery trial.

18.10.2017 5:58 Self-Driving Car Tests to Begin in New York Soon

New York authorities are going to work with General Motors to begin testing of autonomous cars in early 2018.

18.10.2017 3:54 Dead Muslim Marine Recruit’s Family Sues US Marine Corps Over Hazing

The family of a dead Pakistani-American filed a lawsuit against the US Marine Corps seeking damages in excess of $100 million after the 20-year-old died mysteriously during the second week of boot camp.

18.10.2017 3:43 Analyst: Washington Leaving Iran Deal Would Permanently ‘Unravel’ EU-US Alliance

US President Donald Trump continues to push against the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, looking for cause for the US to exit the agreement inked by his predecessor - but such a decision could do major harm to the US’ relationship with its European allies.

18.10.2017 3:3 Astronomers: Gold, Silver, All Heavy Elements the Result of Neutron Star Merger

Astronomers observing the collision of two hyperdense neutron stars have concluded that all the heaviest elements in the universe, including precious metals like gold and silver as well as substances like uranium, are created during neutron star mergers just like the one they observed.

18.10.2017 3:0 NCAI: Trump's Administration Still Lacks Key People for Daily Work With Tribes

National Congress of American Indians is still waiting for trump to appoint key people that work with the representatives of the Native American tribes.

18.10.2017 2:50 US Senator Likely Facing Conviction For Long-Running Corruption Scheme

“In all likelihood, there is a strong possibility” senior New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez “was convicted yesterday,” reporter Dominic Carter told Sputnik News Tuesday, speaking from the courthouse in Newark, New Jersey, where Menendez is being tried for corruption.

18.10.2017 2:40 US 'Overstepping Bounds' Again in Major Microsoft Email Privacy Case

The US Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether a valid search warrant from a federal judge vests law enforcement authorities with the right to demand access to data stored by American tech firms on overseas servers.

18.10.2017 2:14 Too Late!

Although many individuals and organizations are returning Harvey Weinstein’s donations as sexual misconduct allegations against the movie mogul mount, the Clinton Foundation does not plan to follow suit.

18.10.2017 1:30 UK Hate Crimes Up 30 Percent Since Last Year, 100 Percent Since 2012

In the last year, hate crimes in England and Wales have surged nearly 30 percent - coinciding with the UK’s June 2016 vote to exit the European Union, the so-called “Brexit”. Both the Brexit vote as well as the recent string of deadly terror attacks in the UK have been followed with sharp increases in the number of hate crimes committed.

18.10.2017 0:55 I’m With Him? Clinton Foundation Won’t Unload Harvey Weinstein’s Cash Donation

The Clinton Foundation stated Monday that it has no plans to relinquish hundreds of thousands of dollars donated by accused serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

18.10.2017 0:47 US Resumes Visa Processing for 6 Muslim Nations After Court Ruling

Nationals from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen now can have their visas processed, after the District Court in Hawaii issued an Order preventing implementation of travel restrictions for nationals of those countries.

17.10.2017 23:40 NCAI Slams Trump's Idea of Tearing Down Obamacare Without Having Substitution

NCAI Brian Cladoosby said that ending the Obamacare may negatively impact millions of Americans.

17.10.2017 23:31 Cheating, Hazing, Assault: Misconduct Investigations Rock US Air Force Academy

Scandals and investigations have rocked the US Air Force Academy (USAFA), as over a dozen students have been accused of cheating on tests as well as allegations of misconduct in the elite academy’s lacrosse team.

17.10.2017 22:52 Atlanta Toddlers Killed After Mother Placed Them in Oven, Turned It On - Police

Lamora Williams, a 24-year-old mother of four, has been charged with two counts of murder and cruelty to children in the first degree for allegedly killing two of her youngest sons "by placing them in an oven and turning it on."

17.10.2017 22:35 US Troops Won’t Leave Stricken Somalia Any Time Soon - Pentagon

There’s no end in sight for the US troop deployment in Somalia.
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