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McGreevey and his ex-wife to bring up daughter together · 2007-04-29 13:48

Jim McGreevey with wife, www.cbc.caFormer New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and his estranged wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, agreed to have joint custody of their daughter. The resolution is the latest development in what's been a very public divorce battle since the former governor announced he is gay.

It was the first time the pair appeared publicly together since the shocking announcement in 2004.

After meeting behind closed doors with their attorneys, both parties also agreed on hiring a parenting coordinator, who will be utilized to solve parenting issues between the two without having to go to court. They also agreed that Matos McGreevey would be the primary parent of their 5-year-old daughter Jacqueline, who would visit her father every other weekend.

According to WCBS-TV New York, attorneys for the two both said they were pleased with the outcome of the proceedings.

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RIA News:

29.7.2015 9:40 Global Security Impossible Without or Against Russia - Envoy

Russia and NATO could cooperate better if the Western defense alliance showed more respect for Moscow’s legitimate interests and international law, Russia’s ambassador to NATO said on Tuesday.

29.7.2015 9:12 At Least 7 Killed, 10 Injured in India Building Collapse

At least seven people were killed, 10 injured and dozens are missing after a residential building collapsed in northwestern India Tuesday night, Bhaskar newspaper reported Wednesday.

29.7.2015 8:30 Cameron Concerned Over Calais Migrant Crisis, Supports Tighter Security

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain would work with France to resolve the migrant crisis in the French port of Calais. He also supported additional security measures.

29.7.2015 6:54 Mexico Sentences Mass Murderers of Women to Almost 700 Years in Jail

Five men each have been sentenced to 697 years in prison for mass murdering young women in Mexico.

29.7.2015 5:17 France's Disneyland Faces Discrimination Investigation

EC told Paris to investigate Disneyland following accusations of overcharging British and German customers.

29.7.2015 4:28 Fading Candidate Ted Cruz Invests Money, Adds Staff in Key US States

Ted Cruz is investing more resources and adding staff in key states to keep his campaign alive.

29.7.2015 4:13 US Congressman Files Motion to Oust House Speaker Boehner

US Republican Congressman Mark Meadows reportedly has filed a motion that would attempt to force John Boehner from his position.

29.7.2015 4:7 Curiosity's Latest Mars Mystery: Weird Rock

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity recently investigated a rock never seen before on the Red Planet, one that may be capable of preserving ancient carbon-containing organic molecules.

29.7.2015 4:5 Family of Man Who Died in Jail After Misdemeanor Arrest Settles for $620K

The family of a Washington man who died in a Snohomish County jail after being fed foods that the jail should have known he was allergic to have settled their lawsuit against the county.

29.7.2015 3:58 African Americans Face More Danger Than Others in US Police Custody - NGO

Advocacy group Executive Director Diop Kamau claims that the recent reported run of suspicious deaths in police custody confirms that African Americans are in more peril when arrested than other groups in the United States.

29.7.2015 2:57 US Faces Long Delays for Next Generation Small Nuclear Reactors

A GAO report says the US Department of Energy wants new Small Modular Reactors to replace its aging ones, but design, safety and cost problems render them decades away.

29.7.2015 2:47 Cincinnati Braces for Riots After Cop Kills Black Man on Camera

A routine traffic stop once again turned deadly in the US heartland, and this time, the police are scared: the dashcam footage is reportedly so gruesome that the city of Cincinnati is preparing for riots as well as the officer’s indictment.

29.7.2015 2:39 Flying Bombs: US Military Fears IED Drones

Cheap quadcopters may easily deliver deadly explosives almost anywhere, and this presents a grave threat, US military bomb techs warn.

29.7.2015 2:16 US Built Guantanamo Detention Center 'On the Fly'

A lawyer for Guantanamo Bay detainees claims that the United States built its detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in a haphazard and disorderly manner without any planning.

29.7.2015 1:56 Italy to Become World Leader by 2035 - Prime Minister

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi claims that Italian economical reforms will help the country dominate Europe and the world in 20-30 years.

29.7.2015 1:33 Obama's Best Friend? Jon Stewart's Secret White House Visits Revealed

Eager to effectively deliver his message to the American people, new reports show that President Obama held secret meetings with Daily Show host Jon Stewart, proof of a changing mediascape highly skeptical of traditional news outlets.

29.7.2015 1:26 Number Three: Another Black Woman Found Mysteriously Dead in Police Custody

On Sunday, 37-year-old Ralkina Jones became the third black woman to be found dead in US police custody in less than a week.

29.7.2015 1:23 USAF Chief Engineer: Directed Energy for Missile Defense 'At Tipping Point'

US Air Force Directed Energy Research Lab Chief Engineer Dr. Kelly Hammett claims that directed energy technology for missile defense is reaching a decisive point for future applications.

29.7.2015 1:20 Wake-Up Call: US Has Fewer Black Reporters Now Than it Did in 1968

The number of African-Americans in US newsrooms, which have long slammed the lack of black representation in Congress, on Wall Street and on the boards of US corporations, has not only not grown since the height of the Civil Rights Movement, when black journalists accounted for “less than 5 percent” of the workforce, but may have in fact decreased
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