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McGreevey and his ex-wife to bring up daughter together · 2007-04-29 13:48

Jim McGreevey with wife, www.cbc.caFormer New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and his estranged wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, agreed to have joint custody of their daughter. The resolution is the latest development in what's been a very public divorce battle since the former governor announced he is gay.

It was the first time the pair appeared publicly together since the shocking announcement in 2004.

After meeting behind closed doors with their attorneys, both parties also agreed on hiring a parenting coordinator, who will be utilized to solve parenting issues between the two without having to go to court. They also agreed that Matos McGreevey would be the primary parent of their 5-year-old daughter Jacqueline, who would visit her father every other weekend.

According to WCBS-TV New York, attorneys for the two both said they were pleased with the outcome of the proceedings.

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RIA News:

30.9.2016 16:40 EU to Boost Duty-Free Export of Agricultural Products From Ukraine

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom announced the readiness of the European Union to offer market openings to Ukrainian agricultural and industrial products, according to a press release.

30.9.2016 16:34 With Limited Means and One Year Russia Achieved More in Syria Than US and Allies

The US and its allies have been bombing Syria for five years, which only led to the advance of the terrorists deeper into the country; however Russia, which has limited means in comparison to the US, was able first to contain terrorism and then force it to retreat, foreign experts tell Sputnik one year after the launch of the Russian campaign.

30.9.2016 16:26 Trade and Travel between India and Pakistan Remain Unaffected

Cross border trade and travel remain unaffected and its business as usual at the Uri trade Post.

30.9.2016 16:18 Making Conclusions on MH17 Crash Premature as Probe Ongoing - Lavrov

It is too early to make any conclusions on the crash of the MH17 airliner in eastern Ukraine, as the investigation has not finished, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday.

30.9.2016 16:8 Brangelina Divorce Shock: Will It Make the Most Expensive Celebrity Split List?

Since the official announcement of their divorce, speculation has been rife about whether the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce settlement could be one of the most expensive in Hollywood history.

30.9.2016 16:2 Chance Exists for Revival of Russia-US Syria Deal - Russian Ambassador to Syria

Russian ambassador to Syria said that there is still a chance to revive the Russia-US deals on Syrian settlement.

30.9.2016 15:51 Damascus Public: 'Allah Take Care of Russia and Give It Eternal Strength!'

Friday marks the one year anniversary of the Russian air operation in Syria, aimed at rooting out terrorism and supporting the legitimate government in Damascus. Speaking to a correspondent from Russia's RIA Novosti news agency, residents of the Syrian capital emphasized that they sincerely appreciate Russian assistance.

30.9.2016 15:47 Germany's Small Town Mayor Assaulted for Plans to House Refugees

The mayor of Oersdorf, a small town in northern Germany, was attacked after receiving multiple letters of threat since July, due to his plans to allow refugees to move into the town of less than 900 people.

30.9.2016 15:44 President Duterte 'Happy to Slaughter' Addicts Like Hitler Massacred the Jews

Controversial Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has compared his anti-drug campaign to the Holocaust, vowing to kill as many addicts as Hitler killed Jews. It's just the latest in a long list of his incendiary comments about everyone from rape victims to President Obama and the Pope.

30.9.2016 15:38 Scrapping EU Visas for Ukrainians Would Be 'Political Suicide for Poland'

Granting Ukraine a visa-free regime with the European Union threatens Poland directly, if the ideas of the current Ukrainian diaspora in the country serve as any indication, political analyst Konrad Rekas told Sputnik.

30.9.2016 15:36 Human Rights Groups Challenge UK, US Mass Surveillance at ECHR - Press Release

According to a press release, at least 10 human rights organizations filed a lawsuit against London and Washington against the backdrop of their mass surveillance programs with the European Court of Human Rights.

30.9.2016 15:34 Russia Does Not Use Banned Weapons in Syria - Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov said that Russia does not use internationally banned weapons in Syria.

30.9.2016 15:33 European Council is 'Black Hole' to Most People, Lacking Openness and Trust

One of the major institutions of the European Union - the Council - remains largely unaccountable and remote from the general public, showing reluctance to commit to any reforms and to implement concrete improvements to increase transparency and accountability, a new report says.

30.9.2016 15:23 No Plans to Limit New Oil Fields in Russia With OPEC Agreement - Energy Minister

Russian Energy Minister said that Russia does not plan to limit new oil fields in the event that it reaches an agreement with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries on capping output.

30.9.2016 15:13 Russia's Success in Syria Comes as Unexpected Surprise to Its Western Partners

One year on from the beginning of Russia's aerial campaign in Syria, Russian media reviews the achievements of the country's Aerospace Forces and the success of the operation at large.

30.9.2016 15:11 Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline Deal Must Be Prepared Before World Energy Congress

The preparation of an intergovernmental agreement and a roadmap on the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project must be completed before the World Energy Congress, set to be held in Istanbul in October, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Friday.

30.9.2016 15:10 'Support Under Any Circumstances': Iran Backs Russia in Fight Against Terror

Iran remains in full support of Russia's anti-terror operation in Syria, Tehran's former ambassador to Syria Hossein Sheikholeslam told Sputnik Persian.

30.9.2016 15:7 Syria's HNC Coordinator Slams Obama's Policy on Conflict Settlement as 'Weak'

HNC coordinator has slammed United States President for inaction while dealing with the Syrian crisis settlement.

30.9.2016 15:5 Western Support of Syrian Rebels May Bring Libyan Scenario Back

German lawmaker Alexander Neu said that with no political settlement in sight, Syria runs a considerable risk of collapse of its statehood.

30.9.2016 15:0 German Rail Company to Cut Service to Belgium if Passenger Registration Enforced

German national rail operator Deutsche Bahn might cancel trains to Belgium, if the country introduces passenger registration for international travel, media reported Friday.
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