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McGreevey and his ex-wife to bring up daughter together · 2007-04-29 13:48

Jim McGreevey with wife, www.cbc.caFormer New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and his estranged wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, agreed to have joint custody of their daughter. The resolution is the latest development in what's been a very public divorce battle since the former governor announced he is gay.

It was the first time the pair appeared publicly together since the shocking announcement in 2004.

After meeting behind closed doors with their attorneys, both parties also agreed on hiring a parenting coordinator, who will be utilized to solve parenting issues between the two without having to go to court. They also agreed that Matos McGreevey would be the primary parent of their 5-year-old daughter Jacqueline, who would visit her father every other weekend.

According to WCBS-TV New York, attorneys for the two both said they were pleased with the outcome of the proceedings.

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RIA News:

29.8.2015 21:20 Most Greeks Believe Athens Should Keep Euro

CEO of MRB pollster Dimitris Mavros said that 58 percent of Greeks polled would like to keep the euro.

29.8.2015 21:16 Soviet Nuclear Test of 1949 Dealt Heavy Blow to Pentagon's War Plans

On August 29, 1949 at 7 a.m. the USSR tested its first nuclear bomb, dramatically changing the post-WW2 balance of power and eliminating the US monopoly on nuclear terror.

29.8.2015 20:57 Hard to Forecast Greek Election Result Amid People's Dismay at Politics

CEO of MRB pollster Dimitris Mavros said that people in Greece are furious with Syriza, as it brought about a new 86-billion-euro bailout program that requires more austerity reforms in return, including tax increases and pension cuts.

29.8.2015 20:52 On Its Aviation Day, Ukraine Hijacks Memory of Russian-American Designer

When Petro Poroshenko tweeted his fellow Ukrainians on Aviation Day, he attached a photo of aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky to his tweet; he was apparently unaware that Igor Sikorsky had never considered himself a Ukrainian and that he was the son of a prominent member of the Kiev Club of Russian Nationalists.

29.8.2015 19:56 EU Migration Policy Failure - Slovakian Leader

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico said that European policies in the issues related to illegal migration absolutely did not work.

29.8.2015 19:39 Some 40% of Refugees in Germany Residents of West Balkan States

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that around 40 percent of all refugees in Germany were coming from Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

29.8.2015 18:59 Bahrain Police Detain Several Suspects in Friday Bombing

Several people suspected of being behind a recent explosion in Bahrain were detained by police.

29.8.2015 18:57 Riga's Refusal of Rossiya Segodnya Registration Politicized, Discriminatory

The Russian Foreign Ministry called Latvian decision to turn down Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency's application to register as a media outlet "overtly discriminatory and politicized".

29.8.2015 18:25 Busting the Myth of Polish Sympathy for Ukraine

In a recent article for Polish online newspaper Na Temat, columnist Michal Gasior explained why the idea of Poland and Poles standing firmly behind Ukraine in its time of crisis is actually just a myth.

29.8.2015 18:10 Ban Gays and Turn Flag Upside Down: Exploring Kiev's New Suggestion Box

While Europe cheers on Kiev and accuses Russia of homophobia, Ukrainians are demanding that homosexuality in the country must be banned, ostensibly because doing so would have a “positive impact on the country’s demography," according to one of many electronic petitions that have been received by a recently-launched presidential web site section.

29.8.2015 17:23 What Else Are They Scared of? Russia, China Again in US Media Spotlight

Russia and China are once again in the spotlight of the US media: let’s have a look at what they fear the two will do next.

29.8.2015 17:0 Almost 20 Romanians Detained in Hungary for Refugee Smuggling

18 people, Romanians citizens, were detained in Hungary on suspicion of smuggling undocumented migrants across, according to media reports.

29.8.2015 16:13 Moscow Ready to Hand Over Ukrainian Freed in Afghanistan to Kiev

Ukrainian citizen, Dmytro Bilyi, was realeased in the result of a joint effort of Russia and Afghanistan.

29.8.2015 16:13 Russia's Air Guitar Hero Strums to First Place in World Championship

Kirill Blumenkrantz took first place in the air guitar world championships, the first time a Russian has won the competition in its 20 year history.

29.8.2015 15:2 The King of the Tax Code: Trump Set to Raise Taxes on Hedge Fund Managers

Donald Trump, the American real estate billionaire and 2016 presidential hopeful, will present his view on tax system reform next month, but he's already revealed some of his plan's finer details.

29.8.2015 14:48 Road Crash Kills 38 Girls in Swaziland

A total of 38 young girls were pronounced dead, with more than twenty others seriously injured in car crash in Swaziland, according to the Swaziland Solidarity Network (SNN).

29.8.2015 14:36 Going Native: Ukraine's Foreign Mercenaries Get Unruly at Migration Office

Foreign mercenaries carrying out operations for the Ukrainian army and the Right Sector against the fighters of the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics protested outside the Ukraine's migration offices in Kiev, demanding that their presence in Ukraine be made legal via citizenship or residency.

29.8.2015 14:32 State-of-the-Art Russian Warship Enters Open Sea for Drills

The sophisticated Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich, which was specifically built for the Black Sea Fleet, is currently undergoing sea trials in the Baltic Sea water zone.

29.8.2015 14:30 Al Jazeera Condemns Jail Sentence for Network's Journalists

Al Jazeera's Acting Director General Mostefa Souag called an Egyptian court's decision to sentence three of company's journalists to three years in prison "deliberate attack on press freedom."
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