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McGreevey and his ex-wife to bring up daughter together · 2007-04-29 13:48

Jim McGreevey with wife, www.cbc.caFormer New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and his estranged wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, agreed to have joint custody of their daughter. The resolution is the latest development in what's been a very public divorce battle since the former governor announced he is gay.

It was the first time the pair appeared publicly together since the shocking announcement in 2004.

After meeting behind closed doors with their attorneys, both parties also agreed on hiring a parenting coordinator, who will be utilized to solve parenting issues between the two without having to go to court. They also agreed that Matos McGreevey would be the primary parent of their 5-year-old daughter Jacqueline, who would visit her father every other weekend.

According to WCBS-TV New York, attorneys for the two both said they were pleased with the outcome of the proceedings.

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RIA News:

20.12.2014 5:20 Obama: US Has ‘More Work to Do’ on Race Relations

US President Barack Obama has stated that the racial issue is an important task the US faced after the Ferguson, the Garner case in New York.

20.12.2014 5:5 Israel Conducts Airstrike on Hamas in Gaza as Response to Rocket Attack

Israeli military aircraft have bombed a Hamas site in Gaza in response to a rocket, fired earlier.

20.12.2014 3:19 North Korea Should Be Put Back on US Terrorism Sponsor List: Senator

US Senator Robert Menendez wrote a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry to urge him to consider the necessity of re-designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.

19.12.2014 23:17 US Court Confirms Misjudgment on Death Sentence Amid National Concerns

The Circuit Court of South Carolina officially recognized this week that the death sentence handed down to 14-year-old African-American George J. Stinney Jr. 70 years ago, the youngest US citizen executed in the 20th century for killing two white minor girls, was misjudgment.

19.12.2014 23:16 Turkish Court Frees Media Workers Accused of Plotting Anti-Government Coup

A Turkish Court has released on bail the editor-in-chief of the Zaman newspaper, Ekrem Dumanli, and seven others, including journalists, TV producers and police officers, detained last week on suspicion of plotting an anti-government coup.

19.12.2014 22:15 Ban Ki-Moon Pledges UN Support to West African Health Workers

On Friday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited West African countries, impacted by Ebola outbreak and saluted the courage of all health workers, fighting the deadly virus.

19.12.2014 22:7 Poland to Trade Arms with Nigeria

The country’s officials also express hopes for the development of arms trade with other nations.

19.12.2014 22:0 FBI Names North Korea as Sony Cyberattack Culprit

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Friday confirmed that after the investigation into cyberattacks that Sony Pictures Entertainment experienced, the FBI now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions.

19.12.2014 21:52 Legalization of Cannabis Farming Proposed By Lebanese Agriculture Minister

Lebanese Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb called for the legalization of cannabis farming to allow the state to benefit from the revenue of its export.

19.12.2014 21:49 New US-Cuba Relations Raise Questions About US Fugitives

After the announcement about the normalization of US-Cuba relations, calls for the extradition of US fugitives residing in Cuba are becoming apparent in American discourse.

19.12.2014 21:7 US Investigation Finds Possible Leads on Sony Hack in Russia, China, Iran

North Korea is currently being blamed by the FBI for the attack that came just before the company released "The Interview", a film about an assassination attempt of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, according to the media outlet.

19.12.2014 21:2 Over 1.2Mln EU Citizens Sign Anti EU-US Free Trade Agreement Petition

The petition organized by Stop TTIP, whose name stands for the "Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership," will continue through September 2015, after which the signatures collected will be handed over to the European Commission.

19.12.2014 20:53 Pakistanis Write Open Letter to CNN Following Peshawar Massacre

Following the Peshawar massacre, people of Pakistan have blamed western media, namely CNN for distorting certain aspects of the attack.

19.12.2014 20:30 Russia’s Glonass to Provide Brazil With Alternative to GPS: Coordinator

Russia's first overseas Glonass ground station was launched in Brazil in February 2013. In July 2014, Brazilian Minister of External Relations, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo, announced that two more Glonass stations were to open in the states of Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Sul.

19.12.2014 19:3 Kiev Announces Nationwide Energy-Saving Measures Citing Fuel Deficit

Ukraine experiences serious shortage of gas and fuel this winter due to the unsettled gas debt to Russia and the protracted civil conflict in the country’s major coal-producing area Donbas.

19.12.2014 18:25 UK Immigration Numbers Reach 3,000 per Month

The benefits of the UK social system attracts thousands of migrants, who are ready to risk their lives to enter the eagerly desired “paradise”.

19.12.2014 18:14 Europeans Oppose Aid to Ukraine As EU Grapples With Own Problems: Lawmaker

Europe is running a deficit, and borrowing money for political reasons to give away to countries like Ukraine is nonsense, the Respect Member of the British Parliament George Galloway told Sputnik.

19.12.2014 18:9 Donetsk, Luhansk, Kiev Agree All-For-All Prisoner Swap as Priority

Self-proclaimed people's republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine and the Ukrainian government agreed to carry out an exchange of prisoners in all-for-all format.

19.12.2014 18:6 Amnesty International Condemns S Korea's Ban of 'Pro-North' Party

The ban on the Unified Progressive Party in South Korea restrains freedom of expression and association, according to Roseann Rife, East Asia Research Director for Amnesty International.

19.12.2014 18:0 Kiev, East Ukraine Republics Fail to Set Date of Next Reconciliation Talks

Donetsk People's Republics chief negotiator Denis Pushilin hopes that Kiev and the eastern Ukrainian republics will eventually agree on all issues and meet in Minsk before the New Year.
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