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McGreevey and his ex-wife to bring up daughter together · 2007-04-30 13:48

Jim McGreevey with wife, www.cbc.caFormer New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and his estranged wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, agreed to have joint custody of their daughter. The resolution is the latest development in what's been a very public divorce battle since the former governor announced he is gay.

It was the first time the pair appeared publicly together since the shocking announcement in 2004.

After meeting behind closed doors with their attorneys, both parties also agreed on hiring a parenting coordinator, who will be utilized to solve parenting issues between the two without having to go to court. They also agreed that Matos McGreevey would be the primary parent of their 5-year-old daughter Jacqueline, who would visit her father every other weekend.

According to WCBS-TV New York, attorneys for the two both said they were pleased with the outcome of the proceedings.

Britney Spears to tell everything about her men, drugs and to blame mother
Ashes actor James Doohan launched into space

RIA News:

28.8.2016 0:54 WhatsApp Blasted for Sharing Private User Data With Facebook in Violation of Law

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) organization accuses WhatsApp of violating Federal Trade Commission’s order by sharing users data with Facebook.

28.8.2016 0:53 Trump Calls for More Humane Policy on Illegal Immigrants, But Even He’s Not Sure

It looks like US presidential candidate Donald Trump has softened his position on illegal immigration slightly on Wednesday… Only to switch back to hardline on Thursday. Or did he?

28.8.2016 0:6 Hillary Surrogate Begs Fed to Artificially Prevent Market Crash Until Election

Former Congressman Barney Frank, one of the architects of the failed Dodd-Frank “Wall Street Reform” act” called on the apolitical Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low fearing that if the American economy slipped into recession Hillary may lose.

27.8.2016 23:48 Russia Turns Gaz Tigr Armored Vehicle Into a Robotized Combat Machine

Gaz Tigr, a Russian standart issue armored car, capable of carrying up to 11 people with armaments, has just been robotized. And not in a usual way.

27.8.2016 23:38 Brother-in-Law of Charlie Hebdo Attacker Faces Terror-Related Charges in France

French authorities charged a brother-in-law of one of the Charlie Hebdo attackers with involvement in terror-related activities, local media reported on Saturday.

27.8.2016 23:22 Total of 120 Militants Leave Syria's Darayya With Families

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that a total of 120 militants, accompanied by their family members, have voluntarily left the Syrian city of Darayya, a suburb of Damascus.

27.8.2016 23:21 Merkel Postpones Final Decision on Reelection Bid Until 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will announce her decision on potential run for the fourth chancellor's term next spring, local media reported Saturday, citing sources in Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.

27.8.2016 23:12 Erdogan Set to Flood Europe With Millions of Migrants as EU Refugee Deal Falters

The European Commission is set to release a report finding that Turkey’s human rights practices failed to comply with the terms of the deal – a finding that would end all hope of Turkish citizens receiving visa-free travel and likely forcing Erdogan to open the floodgates.

27.8.2016 22:58 Israeli Border Service Detains 26 Georgian Nationals in Tel Aviv Airport

The Israeli border service detained 26 Georgian citizens in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport.

27.8.2016 22:42 Russia, Iran Sign Deal Worth $1Bln to Build Offshore Drilling Rigs for Tehran

Russia's Krasnye Barrikady Shipyard made a deal with Iran's Tasdid Offshore Development Company worth $1 billion.

27.8.2016 21:44 Philippines Threaten 'Bloody Confrontation' with Beijing Over South China Sea

The bombastic Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte moved to escalate tensions in the South China Sea knowing that the United States is under a treaty obligation to defend the Philippines.

27.8.2016 21:44 Poll Truther Movement: Is Trump Secretly Winning Behind Wave of Silent Support?

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was blasted this week for suggesting that the Republican is doing better than polls suggest. She may be right, but not for the reason she thinks.

27.8.2016 21:44 Washington Scrambles to Counter Russia’s Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles Before 2020

The Pentagon appears to have been caught flatfooted by the revolutionary development of the Russian hypersonic weapons industry and is now exploring major upgrades to missile defense systems before it’s too late.

27.8.2016 21:44 North Korea Threatens to Unleash 'Nuclear Hammers of Justice,' Open Fire in DMZ

One day after a successful ballistic missile test, North Korea has threatened to engage in a nuclear strike against the United States and has suggested it will soon open fire on lighting equipment being used by the US and South Korea in the DMZ.

27.8.2016 21:44 UFO Hunter Captures Footage of ‘Alien Mothership’ Whizzing Over London (VIDEO)

The alien enthusiast claims that he has had several up close encounters with the deep space beings in recent years and hopes his pictures will silence the "doubters."

27.8.2016 21:43 Assange: Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich is 'Alleged' WikiLeaks Source

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange once again fans the flames of the theory that a 27-year-old Democratic Party staffer was the source of the DNC Leaks and may have been killed for it.

27.8.2016 21:42 Most Famous Foreigners With Russian Passports

In the Russian city of Saransk a center is about to open named after the French movie star Gerard Depardieu, who will celebrate his three-year anniversary as a Russian citizen. Depardieu became part of a trend of “new wave of immigration” by famous athletes and artists to Russia.

27.8.2016 21:28 Turkey's Military Operation Makes Syrian War More 'Unpredictable'

Turkey's operation in Syria makes the conflict unpredictable and dangerous not only for Middle Eastern countries, but also for Europe, German newspaper Die Welt wrote.

27.8.2016 20:23 Clinton Receives First Classified US Intelligence Briefing - Reports

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received her first classified security briefings at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) New York field office on Saturday, media reported.
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