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Marina Anisina and Nikita Djigurda showed off son · 2009-09-01 18:28

Nikita Djigurda, Marina Anisina, son MicAngel, actor Nikita Djigurda and his wife Marina Anisina showed their 8-month-old son MicAngel the first time. It happened Sunday when the family were celebrating 34th birthday of famous figure skater Marina.

"I preferred staying at home but Nikita insisted on going to the restaurant" Marina told Russian

This day Marina put on white gown which was matched a great bouquet of flowers given by her loving husband.

Marina confessed that it was at night when Nikita went away to buy something to drink and came back with the rich bouquet.

"He presented it to me and sang a very beautiful song," the woman said with delight in her voice.

But it wasn't the end of surprises that day. Wooden statue of Budda, which was made for the figure skater exclusively, became the culmination of the evening. The China God will take care and defend Marina who is going to be a mom the second time in a half-year.

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RIA News:

22.12.2014 22:49 Rossiya Segodnya Launches Photo Contest in Memory of Andrei Stenin

International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya and the Russian Commission for UNESCO are honouring the memory of the agency's photojournalist,killed in eastern Ukraine, by launching a photography competition in his name.

22.12.2014 20:3 Over 200 Int'l Science Projects Active in Russian Arctic Despite Sanctions

According to Deputy Director of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the international cooperation in the Russian Arctic is on the rise despite Western sanctions, with over 200 international research projects being currently carried out in the polar region.

22.12.2014 16:2 Russia Likely to Respond to New Round of Western Sanctions: Kremlin Aide

Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov stated that Moscow is likely to respond to Western sanctions recently imposed on individuals and businesses in Crimea.

22.12.2014 14:6 Putin's Press Conference Made Russian Drink Kvas Popular

A surprising "kvas question" asked by a provincial journalist during Vladimir Putin's annual year-end press conference has obviously helped to promote a famous traditional Russian drink – kvas.

22.12.2014 13:23 Economic Stability More Important Than Russian Ruble Rate: Deputy PM

Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov stated that the overall economic situation is more important than the rate of ruble.

22.12.2014 13:4 Medvedev: No Capital Restrictions Planned in Current Economic Situation

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated that Moscow has no plans to introduce any restrictions on its currency market if the current economic situation remains unchanged.

22.12.2014 12:30 Russian Inflation Rate for 2015 to Remain Same as 2014 at 12%: Kudrin

Former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin stated that inflation rate for 2015 will most likely remain unchanged from that of 2014 and remain at 12 percent.

22.12.2014 12:0 US to Fire Russians From its Embassies and Consulates, Swap for Americans

The US has opted to only hire American citizens for supervisory positions in its embassies in Russia, and subject them to a “thorough background check”, which will reduce its reliance on Russian staff. Experts believe the move reflects growing suspicion towards Russian citizens and is aimed at creating an agent network within the embassy.

22.12.2014 10:32 Russia Could Decrease Oil Production Due to Economic Difficulties: Minister

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak stated that country may consider a decrease in oil production as a result of current economic difficulties.

21.12.2014 16:29 Dima Yakovlev Law in Facts

Russian lower house of parliament passed the so-called Dima Yakovlev Law, which banned the adoption of Russian children by US citizens two years ago on December 21, 2012.

21.12.2014 7:53 Russia Sets Up Commission to Coordinate Humanitarian Assistance to Ukraine

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made an order to establish an interdepartmental commission on humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

20.12.2014 22:46 Russian Citizen Faces Death Penalty in Pakistan Without Evidence of Crime

Russian citizen Akhlas Akhlaq has been sentenced to death in Pakistan for attempting to assassinate former president Pervez Musharraf; Akhlaq could be executed on Sunday morning, a representative of the Russian embassy in Pakistan told Sputnik Sunday.

20.12.2014 18:20 Russia to Send Tenth Humanitarian Aid Convoy to East Ukraine on December 21

According to Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov, Russia plans to send another humanitarian aid convoy to Eastern Ukraine, which will be the country's tenth aid convoy to the war-torn Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

20.12.2014 17:14 Putin: Russia Discloses 230 Foreign Intelligence Staff in 2014

President Vladimir Putin says the activity of foreign intelligence services in Russia is increasing. The country's security agencies have prevented 60 crimes related to terrorism in 2014.

20.12.2014 9:22 CIA Torture Practices May Be Discussed at UNHRC: Russian EU Envoy

The Russian Permanent Representative to the UN has no doubt that the CIA tortures will be on the UN Human Rights Council's agenda. By contrast, the Ukrainian crisis is losing the UN Security Council's attention without any clear agreement reached.

19.12.2014 16:43 Russian Banks Hike Deposit Rates Amidst Interbank Lending Crisis

Russia’s commercial lenders are desperate to attract liquidity by offering record high deposit rates to individuals, as banks are reluctant to lend to each other, and repo rates are sky-high.

19.12.2014 16:26 Russia Declassifies Satellite Earth-Sensing Data

The Russian government declassified the Earth-sensing data received from civilian domestic and foreign satellites according to the Russian legislation.

19.12.2014 15:4 Foreign Companies Decrease Exports to Russia, Raise Prices

A number of large clothing and footwear companies have suspended product deliveries to Russia until the first week of 2015 due to the collapse of the ruble.

19.12.2014 13:25 Russia Charges Head of Ukraine’s Security Service With Kidnapping Reporters

The Russian Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case against the head of the Security Service of Ukraine. Moscow accuses Valentyn Nalyvaichenko of organizing the abduction of two Russian reporters.

19.12.2014 12:10 Stratfor: Ukraine Coup Plotted by US Over Russian Stance on Syria

The United States plotted the coup which took place in Ukraine in February 2014 in response to Russia’s policy in Syria, says George Friedman, the founder and CEO of Stratfor, known as "Shadow CIA".

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