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Marina Anisina and Nikita Djigurda showed off son · 2009-09-02 18:28

Nikita Djigurda, Marina Anisina, son MicAngel, actor Nikita Djigurda and his wife Marina Anisina showed their 8-month-old son MicAngel the first time. It happened Sunday when the family were celebrating 34th birthday of famous figure skater Marina.

"I preferred staying at home but Nikita insisted on going to the restaurant" Marina told Russian

This day Marina put on white gown which was matched a great bouquet of flowers given by her loving husband.

Marina confessed that it was at night when Nikita went away to buy something to drink and came back with the rich bouquet.

"He presented it to me and sang a very beautiful song," the woman said with delight in her voice.

But it wasn't the end of surprises that day. Wooden statue of Budda, which was made for the figure skater exclusively, became the culmination of the evening. The China God will take care and defend Marina who is going to be a mom the second time in a half-year.

Sofia Rudyeva to study acting skills
Maria Sharapova has impressive win in US Open

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25.7.2016 22:7 Snowden Scoffs at Accusations of Russian Hand in US Democrats' Scandal

In an all-too familiar tactic shared by the US political right and left alike, the Democratic Party has blamed the WikiLeaks release of internal emails on Russia. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, however, isn’t convinced.

25.7.2016 21:8 Is Intermarriage a Story of Happy Ending or Harsh Reality?

Despite the fact that marriage between people of different races, castes, or religions today is a frequent phenomenon, the attitude towards them is still ambiguous. Naoko Kodama from Japan married a Russian man. She shared her love story with Sputnik in an interview.

25.7.2016 14:33 Russian Gas Production to Stand at Same Level in 2016 as Previous Year

According to the Russian energy minister, the gas production in the country will stand at around the same level in 2016.

25.7.2016 14:22 Russian Navy Creates Spetsnaz Units to Hunt for Enemy Saboteurs

Two special units are being created as a part of Russia's Naval Fleet which are designed to detect the enemy saboteurs in Russia's coastal and littoral waters as well as undertake reconnaissance in an enemy-controlled territory, reported.

25.7.2016 13:29 French Lawmakers to Meet With Crimea Head During Visit to Peninsula

A delegation of French lawmakers during a visit to the Russian Crimea peninsula this week is set to meet with head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov and the republic’s Prosecutor General Natalia Poklonskaya, the Crimean parliament’s press service said Monday.

25.7.2016 12:55 WWF Calls For Power of Siberia-2 Route Change to Preserve Altai Mountains

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will lobby for a change in the route of the gas pipeline Power of Siberia-2 in order to preserve the UNESCO World Heritage Site Golden Mountains of Altai, WWF Russia’s extractive industry environmental policy officer Alexey Knizhnikov told Sputnik.

25.7.2016 12:20 Russia Lays Down Nuclear-Powered Ural Icebreaker at Baltic Shipyard

Russia’s second serial project 22220 nuclear-powered icebreaker Ural has been laid down in St. Petersburg on Monday, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

25.7.2016 10:41 Ethical Rejection: Moral Aspects of Body Transplants

Early last year Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero said he was set to perform a head transplant operation he dubbed HEAVEN (Head Anastomosis Venture). Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from a progressive and incurable wasting ailment, volunteered to be the first person to undergo the macabre procedure. He contributed this article to RIA Novosti.

25.7.2016 4:1 Slovakia Set to Acquire 30 Advanced Tanks from Poland

The long-time Russian ally looks to one of Moscow’s biggest adversaries to upgrade its land-based weapons capabilities.

25.7.2016 0:51 Ukrainian Website Uses Pokémon Go Concept to Hunt Russians, Rebels

Turning a children’s game into an instrument of warfare, a Ukrainian website with close ties to the Poroshenko regime appalls the world once again.

24.7.2016 21:59 Hillary's Campaign Manager Calls DNC Leaks a Putin Plot to Help Trump

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has decided to double down on their bid to cast Trump as a secret agent of the Kremlin propped up by Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the obvious absurdity of the narrative.

24.7.2016 21:59 Former NATO Chief: Russia to Invade Poland, Start World War III ‘Overnight’

In a briefing report, NATO’s former European chief suggested that the Alliance must “significantly increase the troop presence in Poland” or else Russia will catch the West by surprise with a sneak attack.

24.7.2016 21:49 Cold War Flavor: 'Olympics Stand to Lose Plenty' Without Russia

Amid all the drama about how to penalize Russia for doping allegations, the uncomfortable truth is that the Olympics are far less entertaining without it, The Wall Street Journal wrote.

24.7.2016 15:51 Who Were Russian Mi-25 Pilots Killed While Thwarting Daesh in Syria?

Two Russian pilots were killed after their military helicopter was shot down by fighters of Daesh during a combat mission on July 8. The Syrian Mi-25 helicopter was flown by Ryafagat Khabibulin and Yevgeny Dolgin at the request of the Syrian government forces.

24.7.2016 13:51 Can Politics Be Enough to Throw Entire Country Out of Sports?

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s President Craig Reedie has admitted that all the proof he has of alleged use of banned stimulants by Russian athletes during the 2014 Sochi Olympics is an interview by the onetime head of an anti-doping lab in Moscow.

24.7.2016 3:57 Poland Unleashes MIG-29M Simulator as Tensions Between NATO-Russia Mount

The Polish air force reveled in the simulated experience of Moscow’s advanced 1,616MPH (2600kmh) MiG29-M fighter jet as Warsaw prepares for the mythical threat of Russian aggression.

24.7.2016 2:5 Oil Prices Slump Amid Bloated Inventories Reviving Fears of a New Crash

The world’s energy markets continue to be held down by Saudi Arabia’s death march of overproduction in its bid to strip market share from competition nations and faces a host of potential geopolitical tremors that could send prices into a free-fall.

23.7.2016 21:56 Is a Secret Deal Underway for Russia's 1,616MPH Supersonic MIG-29M?

Reports indicate that Russia has produced as many as 46 new supersonic MiG-29M fighter jets with rumors that a buyer has been lined up for a $2 billion warplane contract.

23.7.2016 21:32 Russia Creating Cutting-Edge Universal Nuclear Battleship

Russia’s Severnoye Design Bureau has started working on the Project 23560 Leader-class destroyer that will combine the features of a destroyer, large antisubmarine warship and guided missile cruiser.

23.7.2016 21:25 They’re With Her: US Media Uses Putin, Russia to Label Trump a Traitor

Democrats use media to disperse anti-Russian propaganda in a bid to bloody Trump’s campaign with far-fetched suggestions including that the billionaire real estate tycoon is conspiring with Putin to invade his wife’s hometown.

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