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Marina Anisina and Nikita Djigurda showed off son · 2009-09-01 18:28

Nikita Djigurda, Marina Anisina, son MicAngel, actor Nikita Djigurda and his wife Marina Anisina showed their 8-month-old son MicAngel the first time. It happened Sunday when the family were celebrating 34th birthday of famous figure skater Marina.

"I preferred staying at home but Nikita insisted on going to the restaurant" Marina told Russian

This day Marina put on white gown which was matched a great bouquet of flowers given by her loving husband.

Marina confessed that it was at night when Nikita went away to buy something to drink and came back with the rich bouquet.

"He presented it to me and sang a very beautiful song," the woman said with delight in her voice.

But it wasn't the end of surprises that day. Wooden statue of Budda, which was made for the figure skater exclusively, became the culmination of the evening. The China God will take care and defend Marina who is going to be a mom the second time in a half-year.

Sofia Rudyeva to study acting skills
Maria Sharapova has impressive win in US Open

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2.8.2015 19:49 Mi-28 Helicopter Crashes at Air Show, One Pilot Escapes (VIDEO)

A video reveals a Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter crash at a competition in central Russia. The commander of the crew was killed in the crash as the second pilot narrowly escaped from the burning fuselage.

2.8.2015 18:18 Next Phase of Russian Aviadarts Contest in Question After Helicopter Crash

It is not yet known if the Aviadarts-2015 international warplane crews' competition will be continued, according to a representative of the event organizers.

2.8.2015 17:55 'Troops of Uncle Vasya': Russia's Airborne Infantry Turns 85

August 2 marks the 85th birthday of Russia’s airborne infantry; these paratroopers, who go by the Russian acronym VDV, are considered an elite force capable of deploying behind enemy lines "out of nowhere" within minutes.

2.8.2015 14:57 Russian Security Forces Kill 8 Suspected ISIL Militants in North Caucasus

Eight militants who recently became part of Islamic State (ISIL) terrorist organization were killed by Russian security forces in Ingushetia.

2.8.2015 12:34 Military Helicopter Crashes in Central Russia

The helicopter crashed during a demonstration flight at an airshow in Russia's Ryazan region.

2.8.2015 8:46 Six Nations to Compete in 'Masters of Air Defense' Battle at Army Games

Participants of the International Army Games 2015 will take aim at more than twenty aircraft and the live cruise missiles of mock aggressors at the Masters of Air Defense Battle-2015 contest on August 8-12.

1.8.2015 19:0 Sanctions? What Sanctions? US, UK Tourists Enjoy Crimean Sun

While Washington is expanding its sanctions against Moscow and Kiev is threatening to penalize all foreign ships calling at Crimea, American and British tourists are enjoying their vacations on the peninsula.

1.8.2015 18:55 Pakistani General Impressed With High Professionalism of Russian Soldiers

Russian soldiers are highly-skilled professionals, said Muhammad Aslam Nadeem, Brigadier General of the Pakistani Army.

1.8.2015 17:6 New US Sanctions: 'This is Deliberate Provocation Against Putin'

The US has imposed further sanctions against Russia over the events in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Washington's blacklist has been expanded to include eleven additional individuals and fifteen companies. Francis Boyle from the University of Illinois College of Law talked to Radio Sputnik about the new sanctions and their consequences.

1.8.2015 15:52 Top-Secret Soviet Tank Declassified

The image of alleged top-secret Soviet tank of the late-1980s appeared on the Web earlier this week, along with a short list of its technical characteristics, Military Informant reports.

1.8.2015 13:41 Russian MiG-31s Perform Unique Non-Stop Flight With Three Aerial Refuelings

A flight of Russian MiG-31 interceptor jets successfully performed an unprecedented operation: they covered more than 4,000 km with three air refuelings.

1.8.2015 11:8 Putin, Erdogan to Discuss Turkish Stream Impasse

The current gridlock over the planned construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline may be broken when Russian and Turkish leaders meet each other in November, President Vladimir Putin’s press-secretary said on Friday.

1.8.2015 0:54 Russian Civic Chamber Launches Hotline on ISIL Related Issues

A hotline on issues related to the fight against ISIL will be launched by the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

31.7.2015 22:25 Ron Paul: US Military-Industrial Complex Needs Russia as an Enemy

Speaking at the 2015 convention for the Young Americans for Liberty, former presidential candidate Ron Paul leveled an attack against the US military-industrial complex. America always needs an enemy, and right now, it’s trying to force Russia into that role.

31.7.2015 19:22 Dutch Activists Call for Referendum on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

An activist group and popular online blog in the Netherlands have called on Dutch citizens to support a campaign to give the population a referendum on the EU's Association Agreement with Ukraine, with fears the deal could threaten the country's wellbeing.

31.7.2015 18:45 Japanese Journalist Lives in Moscow Airport, Wants Russian Citizenship

Tetsuya Abo, 36, has been living in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo airport since late-May. He explained that his stay in the airport is politically motivated.

31.7.2015 16:42 Russia’s Answer to NATO: Robotic Cannon and Smart Anti-Torpedo

A state-of-the-art artillery system and anti-torpedo complex are being added to Russia’s naval arsenal, media reports said Friday.

31.7.2015 16:40 Against All Odds: German Channel to Continue Russian Program Broadcasting

German Regional TV-channel Salve.TV was allowed to continue broadcasting programs in which critics observed Russian propaganda. The channel has not violated any legal provisions, the Thuringian media control body (TLM) stated.

31.7.2015 16:30 Showing Antipathy Toward Russia is Fashionable in France – French Media

In its relation to Russia, Europe is ruled by double standards, with politics dominated by pro-Atlantic sentiment. Therefore, as explains French political analyst Philip Migo in an interview with Le Figaro, anyone who calls for peaceful relations with Russia, is labeled as traitor or a Kremlin agent.

31.7.2015 15:5 Russia Receives Request to Establish Analogue of ECHR in Eurasia

The Russian Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Justice have received a proposal on the establishment of a Eurasian Court of Human Rights, Izvestiya newspaper reported Friday.

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