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Marina Anisina and Nikita Djigurda showed off son · 2009-09-01 18:28

Nikita Djigurda, Marina Anisina, son MicAngel, actor Nikita Djigurda and his wife Marina Anisina showed their 8-month-old son MicAngel the first time. It happened Sunday when the family were celebrating 34th birthday of famous figure skater Marina.

"I preferred staying at home but Nikita insisted on going to the restaurant" Marina told Russian

This day Marina put on white gown which was matched a great bouquet of flowers given by her loving husband.

Marina confessed that it was at night when Nikita went away to buy something to drink and came back with the rich bouquet.

"He presented it to me and sang a very beautiful song," the woman said with delight in her voice.

But it wasn't the end of surprises that day. Wooden statue of Budda, which was made for the figure skater exclusively, became the culmination of the evening. The China God will take care and defend Marina who is going to be a mom the second time in a half-year.

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RIA News:

30.7.2014 20:56 Russian Gas Sector Totally Excluded From New EU Sanctions - European Commission Source

The new round of sanctions against Russia announced by the European Union do not target the country's natural gas sector, a source at the European Commission told reporters Wednesday.

30.7.2014 20:33 EU Sanctions Reveal Lack of Political Will to Solve Ukraine Crisis - Moscow

New European Union sanctions against Moscow show that Brussels lacks political will and desire to find a solution to the crisis in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

30.7.2014 19:27 Russia Says EU Sanctions Will Hurt Energy Market in Europe

EU sanctions against Russia’s energy sector will inevitably lead to a price hike on the European energy market, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

30.7.2014 18:58 Western Sanctions Could Boost Economic Growth in Russia’s Far East – Minister

Russia could loosen the tightening grip of western sanctions on its economy by improving the economic climate in its far-eastern territories, designated as “advanced development zones” in a bill that may be laid before the Duma in autumn, Russia’s Far East Development Minister said Wednesday.

30.7.2014 18:55 US to Sustain Tangible Loss From ‘Short-Sighted’ Anti-Russian Sanctions – Moscow

The United States will experience “significant loss” due to its anti-Russian sanctions, used by Washington as revenge against Moscow’s independent policies, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

30.7.2014 18:43 Russia Striving to Start Ukraine Negotiations – Lavrov

Russia will do its utmost to start the negotiations process in Ukraine and end the bloodshed, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

30.7.2014 18:27 Russia Concerned by Reports of Kiev Using Ballistic Missiles in Eastern Ukraine

Moscow is concerned by reports that Ukraine’s government troops have used ballistic missiles against independence supporters in the country’s east, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

30.7.2014 17:46 84 Casualties in Moscow Metro Accident Get Money Compensations

As of July 29 Moscow metro has paid out over 86 million rubles ($ 2.4 million) in compensations to the victims in Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line accident last week.

30.7.2014 17:33 Moscow to Propose Urgent East Ukraine Humanitarian Mission

Russia will propose the urgent creation of a humanitarian mission for violence-hit eastern Ukraine to the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and other international organizations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

30.7.2014 17:33 Bear Attacks Weather Station Employee in Yakutia

A bear has attacked and bitten on the hand an employee of a meteorological station in Yakutia, in north-eastern Siberia.

30.7.2014 17:10 Russia Could Build Mistral-Class Ships on Its Own – Rogozin

Russia has the capability to build Mistral-class helicopter carriers on its own if France breaches the existing contract and fails to prove it is a reliable partner, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin Wednesday.

30.7.2014 16:49 Moscow Warns Washington Anti-Russian Sanctions Will Be Costly

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned Washington Wednesday that the United States will sustain “significant loss” because of anti-Russian sanctions.

30.7.2014 16:15 Ukrainian Military Activity in Plane Crash Zone Violates UN Resolution – Lavrov

Kiev is acting in violation of a UN Security Council resolution by not halting its military actions near the Malaysian plane crash site in eastern Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

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