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Most desirable bachelors ??“ Prokhorov and others · 2009-09-25 14:43

Mikhail Prokhorov, www.trud.ruThe most famous single men are always paid careful attention. If they are seen with a new girlfriend, she is immediately named as possible celebrity's wife. Meanwhile not all men are going to marry.

Actor Alexey Makarov

Russian actress Lubov Polischuk's son is "married" half-yearly by journalists. Alexey's relations with girlfriends usually have just 6-month history. After this time period the actor leaves the "bride" and starts to meet with another woman. Alexey Makarov, 37, was married twice. The first marriage experience he had being a student. His wife was 10 years older. But the couple divorced after two years of family life. After the second divorce Makarov promised not to marry in the future. "I'm not going to marry; I will never go to the Civil Registry Office", Alexey said to Russian "Trud-7".

Tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov

His private life is behind seven seals. But it's exactly known that Mikhail Prokhorov is not married and is not going to marry. "People marry when they have some household problems, my household is OK; the shirts are cleaned and pressed," he said being in Great Britain embassy due to Queen Elizabeth' birthday. But it doesn't mean the oligarch is cool to women in general ??“ just remember a scandal on the French Cote d'-Azur when he was noticed with several women of easy virtue at the same time.

Singer Bogdan Titomir

There was news some time ago ??“ Bogdan, 42, decided to marry at the end. Pop-group "Barhat" soloist, singer Anna was called as Bogdan's bride. "I haven't seen Anna during a half a year", Titomir said, laughing. "I have a girlfriend, her name is Angela. But there won't be any wedding, I'm not going to marry in general", the singer added.

Sportsman Marat Saphin

Model Daria Zhukova (Roman Abramovich' current girlfriend), actress Elena Korikova, Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake's ex-sweetheart), "Blestyaschie" singer Nastya Osipova and many other girls are among Russian tennis-player's former girlfriends. But all these relations led to split. As a rule it was Marat who stopped dating with girls. He is not in hurry to become somebody's husband.

Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander, 23, is often figured in love gossip. Meanwhile the only woman in his life nowadays is his mother Tatiana.

Mikhail Prokhorov buys New Jersey basketball team
Medvedev spoke at 64th session of UN General Assembly

RIA News:

28.9.2016 1:33 US to Oppose Development Loans to Russia, Other Nations Over Trafficking Law

The United States will oppose development bank loans to Russia and a number of other nations that do not comply with a 15-year old US law regarding human trafficking, President Barack Obama wrote in a memorandum to Secretary of State John Kerry.

28.9.2016 1:28 Russia Improves Position in Global Competitiveness Index by 2 Places - WEF

Russia has improved its position in the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) by two places despite the existing economic problems it faces, a recent report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) said on Wednesday.

28.9.2016 0:38 Russia Hopes to Receive All Permits on Turkish Stream Project Soon

Russia hopes to receive all remaining permits to construct the Turkish Stream gas pipeline in the near future, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Tuesday.

28.9.2016 0:12 Russia’s Rosatom Signs 4 Nuclear Deals in 2 Days on IAEA Conference Sidelines

Russia’s Rosatom nuclear energy corporation has signed four bilateral documents ranging from agreements to memorandums of understanding with four countries in just two days on the sidelines of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 60th General Conference in Vienna, Austria.

27.9.2016 23:45 Israel's Teva, Russia's Nanolek to Locate Pharmaceutical Production in Russia

One of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies Teva and Russia’s Nanolek agreed to relocate production of sterile injection drugs to Russia, Nanolek said in a statement.

27.9.2016 23:28 Russia, Turkey May Finalize Turkish Stream Project Preparation by Mid-October

Russia and Turkey could coordinate by mid-October the draft of intergovernmental agreement on the implementation of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Tuesday.

27.9.2016 22:50 Oil Prices at $50-60 Per Barrel Attractive for Investments - Novak

Global oil prices standing at $50-60 per barrel will be attractive for investments in order to stabilize global oil market, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Tuesday.

27.9.2016 22:48 Russia's Strategy Presupposes Keeping Current Oil Production Levels – Novak

Russian strategy aimed at stabilizing oil markets presupposes keeping current oil production levels, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Tuesday.

27.9.2016 22:40 Russia to Evaluate OPEC Options of Oil Output Freeze Based on Market Interests

Russia will examine initiatives of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) aimed at freezing oil output and make a decision taking into account its market interests, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Tuesday.

27.9.2016 22:17 Russia Successfully Tests Sea-Based Bulava Ballistic Missile

Russia conducted on Tuesday a salvo test launch of sea-based Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile, the Defense Ministry said.

27.9.2016 19:57 Italian MPs Visit Crimea to Show 'Support for Lifting of Anti-Russian Sanctions'

About 18 legislators representing five regions of Italy which voted in favor of the recognition of Crimea and abolition of anti-Russian sanctions visited the Crimean peninsula from September 23 to 26. Sputnik spoke with a member of the parliament of Italian’s Veneto region, Stefano Valdegamberi.

27.9.2016 19:2 Moscow and St. Petersburg Rank Among World's Top 100 Travel Destinations

MasterCard has published an annual ranking of the most world’s popular cities for travelers. And guess what? This year, Moscow and St. Petersburg were included in the top 100, according to the report. The ranking is based on payment system statistics.

27.9.2016 18:21 Moscow to London in 2.5 Hours!? Russia Mulls Pros, Cons of High-Speed Transport

Just imagine; terrible lines and the hassle of finding luggage at baggage claim will be soon replaced by an extra-fast service that will take passengers from Moscow to Piccadilly in just two and a half hours. Ziyavudin Magomedov, bearer of the Summa Group, told Financial Times about the prospects of high-speed travel between Moscow and London.

27.9.2016 18:20 Orthodox Patriarch Kirill Signs Appeal to Ban Abortion in Russia

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church signed on Tuesday an appeal to introduce a total nationwide ban on abortions in Russia, Patriarch Kirill's spokesman said.

27.9.2016 18:7 Russian Astronomer Discovers Comet Which May Have Been 'Lost' in 1915

Scientists working with the Slooh observatories were able to take an image of Comet C/2016 R3, which was discovered by Russian astronomer Gennady Borisov on September 11, 2016. Since then, the comet has been too close to the sun to observe well, but Borisov and his peers think the celestial body might be one that was misplaced a century ago.

27.9.2016 17:48 Crimean, French Family Forced to Live Apart Due to Political Situation

Richard met Ekaterina in Crimea in 2012. This love story between a Frenchman and a Russian woman is a touching one. However, their story doesn’t have a happy ending yet because the family has been separated due to politics.

27.9.2016 15:48 Whenever Swedish Air Space Gets Violated, Russians Get the Blame

Recently, the Swedish Armed Forces reported that a Norwegian government aircraft had flown into Swedish territory without permission, an event which constitutes an undisputed violation. However, the public's attention was quickly shifted to a far-fetched Russian "encroachment," which is a far more gratifying topic for Swedish media.

27.9.2016 14:49 Soviet Union Worked on Hypersonic Weapons Decades Ago

Russia could add hypersonic weapons to its arsenal before the end of the decade, the newspaper Kommersant reported citing Tactical Missile Systems Corp. CEO Boris Obnosov.

27.9.2016 12:37 Kremlin Spokesman Denies Reports on Abolition of Russian Investigative Committee

The information on the possible abolition of the Russian Investigative Committee is a rumor, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.

27.9.2016 0:16 Lithuania Wants New Missile Shield to Defend Against 'Russian Aggression'

Citing "Russian aggression," the Baltic nation is looking to Norway to bolster NATO defenses.

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