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Most desirable bachelors ??“ Prokhorov and others · 2009-09-24 14:43

Mikhail Prokhorov, www.trud.ruThe most famous single men are always paid careful attention. If they are seen with a new girlfriend, she is immediately named as possible celebrity's wife. Meanwhile not all men are going to marry.

Actor Alexey Makarov

Russian actress Lubov Polischuk's son is "married" half-yearly by journalists. Alexey's relations with girlfriends usually have just 6-month history. After this time period the actor leaves the "bride" and starts to meet with another woman. Alexey Makarov, 37, was married twice. The first marriage experience he had being a student. His wife was 10 years older. But the couple divorced after two years of family life. After the second divorce Makarov promised not to marry in the future. "I'm not going to marry; I will never go to the Civil Registry Office", Alexey said to Russian "Trud-7".

Tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov

His private life is behind seven seals. But it's exactly known that Mikhail Prokhorov is not married and is not going to marry. "People marry when they have some household problems, my household is OK; the shirts are cleaned and pressed," he said being in Great Britain embassy due to Queen Elizabeth' birthday. But it doesn't mean the oligarch is cool to women in general ??“ just remember a scandal on the French Cote d'-Azur when he was noticed with several women of easy virtue at the same time.

Singer Bogdan Titomir

There was news some time ago ??“ Bogdan, 42, decided to marry at the end. Pop-group "Barhat" soloist, singer Anna was called as Bogdan's bride. "I haven't seen Anna during a half a year", Titomir said, laughing. "I have a girlfriend, her name is Angela. But there won't be any wedding, I'm not going to marry in general", the singer added.

Sportsman Marat Saphin

Model Daria Zhukova (Roman Abramovich' current girlfriend), actress Elena Korikova, Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake's ex-sweetheart), "Blestyaschie" singer Nastya Osipova and many other girls are among Russian tennis-player's former girlfriends. But all these relations led to split. As a rule it was Marat who stopped dating with girls. He is not in hurry to become somebody's husband.

Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander, 23, is often figured in love gossip. Meanwhile the only woman in his life nowadays is his mother Tatiana.

Mikhail Prokhorov buys New Jersey basketball team
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RIA News:

29.8.2015 1:31 Watermelon Festival to Take Place in Russia’s Volgograd Region

Russia’s southwestern Volgograd Region is hosting a traditional watermelon festival on Saturday.

29.8.2015 0:15 Russian Aid to Katrina-Hit New Orleans Paved Way for EMERCOM-FEMA Cooperation

Yuri Brazhnikov, who at the time served as Russian EMERCOM's Director for International Activities says that the humanitarian aid provided by Russia to US New Orleans devastated by hurricane Katrina, set in motion practical cooperation between the two countries' rescue services.

28.8.2015 23:9 Rossiya Segodnya Director General Opens Koktebel Jazz Party in Crimea

Dmitry Kiselev opened the Koktebel Jazz Party, an annual international music festival in Crimea.

28.8.2015 17:11 Leningrad Region Presents 2018 FIFA World Cup Training Center Concept

The training center at Roshchino will be a modern facility seating 500 spectators. Tentatively estimated at 400 million rubles, the design will be unveiled three or four months from now.

28.8.2015 14:55 First Proton-M Carrier Rocket Launched After May's Accident

A Proton-M rocket carrying an Inmarsat-5F3 satellite was launched Friday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. It was the first Proton-M launch after May's accident.

28.8.2015 14:19 Russia Gets Ready for New Moon Landing

Russia's Space Research Institute is building a space probe to send to the Moon, which will allow Russian scientists to carry out scientific research on the Moon's surface for the first time since unmanned Soviet spacecraft landed there in the 1970s.

28.8.2015 10:58 MAKS-2015 Airshow Opens its Doors to the Public (VIDEO)

The MAKS-2015 International Air Show in the Moscow suburb of Zhukovsky enters its fourth day on August 28.

28.8.2015 10:43 Russian Investigative Committee Concludes Probe Into Total CEO's Death

Russia's Investigative Committee said Friday it has concluded the investigation of last year's plane crash in Moscow that killed Total CEO Christophe de Margerie.

28.8.2015 6:51 Major Russia-China Joint Naval Drills End in Primorye

Joint Sea-2015 II naval exercise has ended in Russia’s Far Eastern Primorsky Territory.

27.8.2015 23:25 3-Year-Old Falls From 5th Floor Into Arms of Russian Special Forces Soldier

While a crowd stood by and gawked, a young spetsnaz soldier stepped in to save the life of a young girl in Kazan.

27.8.2015 22:42 Polish Bikers Blazing a Trail Through Russia During Annual Katyn Motocross

Polish bikers taking part in the Katyn Rally, an annual motocross taking place across large tracts of European Russia, have blazed through Moscow, and are now on route to the Siberian city of Tobolsk, beyond the Ural Mountains.

27.8.2015 22:34 US to Deploy Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles to Poland in 2016

The United States will send heavy military equipment to Poland next year, Poland's defense minister said on Thursday, as part of Washington’s efforts to reassure regional allies uneasy over the conflict in Ukraine.

27.8.2015 16:41 Why We Blocked Wikipedia for a Day – Russian Telecoms Watchdog Boss

The head of the Russian telecommunications watchdog explains why the Russian-language version of Wikipedia was blocked in Russia overnight Monday, but quickly unblocked on Tuesday morning.

27.8.2015 15:27 Mysterious 'Ghost Plane' Scares Moscow Air Control, Military

A mysterious jet reportedly caused a commotion at Moscow's air traffic control after it traveled toward the city without making any radio contact and then made an emergency landing.

27.8.2015 15:21 Successor to Russia's Tu-160 Bomber to Be Equipped With Advanced Avionics

The principle of integrated modular avionics, in which each aircraft system can perform various functions, will be implemented in a modernized version of Russia’s Tu-160 strategic bomber.

27.8.2015 13:40 MAKS-2015 Airshow Enters Third Day, Set to Become Open to Public (VIDEO)

The MAKS-2015 International Air Show in the city of Zhukovsky in the Moscow Region enters its third day on August 27, and will soon give the general public the opportunity to witness Russia’s latest aviation technology.

27.8.2015 12:59 Four Reasons Why the New China-Russia Exercises Are Extraordinary

We look at why the new China-Russia exercises demonstrate a new level of trust between the countries, as well as China's emergence as a military power.

27.8.2015 9:7 Russia's Northern Fleet, Airborne Troops Begin Active Phase of Arctic Drill

According to a spokesman for Russia's Northern Fleet, an inter-service group of the fleet and the Airborne Troops kicked off the main stage of the tactical exercise.

27.8.2015 4:34 Russia Sends 37th Humanitarian Aid Convoy to Ukraine’s Crisis-Hit Southeast

Russia’s 37th humanitarian aid convoy for residents of Ukraine’s Donbass is heading for the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

26.8.2015 23:20 Russian Federation Council Suggests to Blacklist US Secretary of State

Russian Federation Council member said that the council had proposed Wednesday to add US Secretary of State John Kerry and his deputies to the list of politicians banned from entry to Russia.

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