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Russia's Black Sea Fleet remains in Ukraine's Sevastopol · 2010-04-27 17:04

Russia's Black Sea Fleet, diary-news.comBoth the Russian State Duma and the Ukrainian parliament have ratified the agreement extending the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine after 2017 for another 25 years.

Russian parliamentarians have expressed their support for the deal with 410 votes.

Despite opposition's attempts to block the decision a total of 236 Ukrainian parliamentarians supported this decision on Tuesday, RT reports.

Ukrainian opposition lawmakers have tried to block the deal to extend the lease of the naval base saying it betrays the country's national interests, a position that Russia' Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has found surprising.

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RIA News:

29.11.2015 16:24 Turkish Businessman Donates His Profits to Family of Killed Su-24 Pilot

A Turkish businessman who owns a café network in Russia was shocked and saddened by the murder of the Russian Su-24 pilot by a Turkish fighter jet. Following the incident the businessman generously donated his profits of that tragic day to the victim’s family, RT reported.

29.11.2015 14:27 Russia Awards Syrian Special Forces for Saving Su-24 Co-Pilot

The Russian Defense Ministry has awarded the members of the Syrian Special Forces, who helped to rescue a Russian co-pilot of the Su-24 bomber which was shot down by the Turkish Air Force in Syria.

29.11.2015 14:3 Crimea Ready to Launch 'Energy Bridge' to Russia After Blackout

Crimean electricity authorities are on standby to connect the Black Sea peninsula to Russia’s power grid, the Crimean state-run energy company said Sunday.

29.11.2015 11:46 Turkey Vows to Hand Over Body of Killed Su-24 Pilot to Russia - PM

According to Turkish media reports, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Sunday that the body of a killed Russian Su-24 pilot had been brought to Turkey late Saturday and would later be handed over to Russia.

29.11.2015 10:30 No Populated Areas Left Without Electric Supply in Crimea

Some 2.5 million Crimeans were left without electricity last week when extremists blew up several transmission towers in southern Ukraine.

29.11.2015 10:25 Moscow’s Missile Shield Will Last for Decades to Come

Moscow’s air defense system will be able to effectively protect the Russian capital against any attack for many decades, a senior Aerospace Forces commander said in a radio interview on Saturday.

29.11.2015 5:18 Bodies of Russian Victims in Mali Attack Repatriated

The bodies of the Russian citizens killed in a recent attack on a Malian hotel were brought to the Russian city of Ulyanovsk, local authorities said Sunday.

28.11.2015 21:52 Under the Sea: Russian, Chinese Submarines Challenge for US

The industry for building and acquiring modern submarines is growing exponentially. The United States, Russia, China and even India are designing and building multiple new classes of subs, equipped with a growing variety of weapons and sensors.

28.11.2015 21:39 End of an Era: Iran-Russia Cooperation in Syria Defies US Hegemony

A senior Lebanese military analyst underlined that the alliance between Iran and Russia that has grown stronger in the war against the terrorists in Syria has challenged the US hegemony in the world.

28.11.2015 17:11 War-Torn Donbass Helps Crimea Amid Kiev-Imposed Power Blackout

Crimean authorities are grateful to the people of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic for their decision to suspend coal supplies to Ukraine over the current blackout of the Black Sea peninsula, Russian media reported on Saturday.

28.11.2015 14:3 Doubtful Pledge: 'Turkey's Ambivalent Attitude to Fight ISIL Is No Secret'

Russian and Syrian foreign ministers have stated that the downing of the Su-24 raises more questions about Ankara’s real commitment to the fight against ISIL.

28.11.2015 12:53 Territorial Integrity Must Be Undisputed Constant in Middle East - Kremlin

Territorial integrity of Middle Eastern countries has to be absolutely undisputed.

28.11.2015 9:48 Russia to Keep Visa Regime With Turkey as Long as 'Ankara Helping ISIL'

Russia may resume visa-free travel with Turkey if Ankara stops helping the Islamic State terrorists, the head of the State Duma’s international affairs committee said on Friday.

27.11.2015 21:24 ‘Russian Air Force Will Hit Terrorists in Syria Even More Powerfully’

Syrian military analyst and retired general Sabit Muhammed spoke to Sputnik about the future of Russian-Turkish relations following the downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber by the Turkish Air Force over Syria.

27.11.2015 20:24 Turkey Attempts to Involve NATO in Conflict With Russia - Serbian President

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic sent a telegram to Russian President Vladimir Putin expressing his condolences following the downing of the Russian bomber that killed a pilot and a marine.

27.11.2015 20:19 Ankara-Moscow Visa-Free Regime Freeze to Leave Russian Economy Unaffected

The suspension of visa-free regime between Russia and Turkey will not in any way affect the tourism component of the Russian economy since the influx of Turkish citizens coming to Russia is comparatively low, a Russian Federal Tourism Agency spokesperson said Friday.

27.11.2015 18:51 Six Targets One Blow: Cutting-Edge Interceptor Joins Russian Air Force

The new cutting-edge MiG-31 BM interceptor will join the Russian aerospace force.

27.11.2015 18:14 Murder of Su-24 Pilot: Are Turkey, NATO ‘Responsible for War Crime’?

The NATO aggression against Russia, which was expressed in the form of an attack on the Russian Su-24 bomber, could not occur without the approval of the alliance’s senior management, noted Christopher Black, an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto.

27.11.2015 16:36 Downing of Russian Warplane by Turkish Air Force 'Violates Int’l Law'

The downing of a Russian Su-24 attack aircraft by Turkey is a flagrant violation of international law and a grave crime.

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