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Russia's Black Sea Fleet remains in Ukraine's Sevastopol · 2010-04-27 17:04

Russia's Black Sea Fleet, diary-news.comBoth the Russian State Duma and the Ukrainian parliament have ratified the agreement extending the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine after 2017 for another 25 years.

Russian parliamentarians have expressed their support for the deal with 410 votes.

Despite opposition's attempts to block the decision a total of 236 Ukrainian parliamentarians supported this decision on Tuesday, RT reports.

Ukrainian opposition lawmakers have tried to block the deal to extend the lease of the naval base saying it betrays the country's national interests, a position that Russia' Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has found surprising.

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RIA News:

18.4.2014 18:31 Russia to Keep Working With Astronauts From US, Europe, Japan

Russian cosmonauts will continue to work with their colleagues from the US, Europe and Japan, despite a number of recent NASA statements about curtailing space cooperation, the head of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center said.

18.4.2014 18:26 Ukraine Denied Entry to 600 Russians in First Day After Imposing Ban

Ukrainian border guards denied entry to about 600 Russian citizens in the first 24 hours of an entry ban on Russian males, Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service told RIA Novosti Friday.

18.4.2014 18:23 Naftogaz Confirms Ukraine Still Importing Russian Gas

Ukraine is currently importing natural gas from Russia, the head of the country's state-run Naftogaz confirmed Friday.

18.4.2014 18:2 Shell to Get Support in Sakhalin-2 Development – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to provide support for Royal Dutch Shell’s operation in the country on Friday, including further development of the Sakhalin-2 project.

18.4.2014 17:52 Russia Eyes Arctic Oil Drilling To Boost Market Presence

Oil extraction at the Prirazlomnoye Arctic oilfield in the Arctic Pechora Sea will boost Russia’s oil output and increase its presence on energy markets, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday during a video link-up with an oil rig in the region.

18.4.2014 17:33 Russia Won’t Impose on OECD if Threatened With Sanctions – Medvedev

Russia will not impose its membership on an unwilling Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) if the organization keeps threatening Moscow with sanctions in an effort to exert pressure, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Friday.

18.4.2014 16:21 Russia to Build 150 Military Facilities on Kuril Islands

Russia will build more than 150 military facilities on the Iturup and Kunashir islands, part of the Kuril chain disputed by Japan, a senior military commander told reporters Friday.

18.4.2014 15:55 Moscow to Submit Arctic Shelf Claim to UN in Fall – Russian Official

The Russian Natural Resources Ministry is planning to submit a claim to the UN this autumn to extend the country's Arctic shelf, Ecology Minister Sergei Donskoi said Friday.

18.4.2014 14:27 Russia to Test Launch New Angara Rocket June 25

The date of the maiden launch of Russia’s new Angara rocket has been set for June 25, an official with the Russian Space Agency told RIA Novosti Friday.

18.4.2014 13:24 Russia Presses Ahead with South Stream Project

Russia is continuing work on the South Stream natural gas pipeline project, including consultations with Europe, Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak said Friday at a RIA Novosti press conference.

18.4.2014 13:9 Russian Government Backs National Payment System Plan

The Russian government has endorsed a bill to establish a national card payment system and seek to add the ruble to a list of commonly used foreign exchange settlement currencies, the Russian Cabinet said Friday.

18.4.2014 12:58 Russian Deputy PM Thanks China for Support Amid EU Sanctions

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Friday thanked Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang for Beijing’s continued support while EU countries are threatening Moscow with sanctions.

18.4.2014 12:46 Russian-Chinese Trade Could Grow to $100 Billion by Next Year – Russian Official

Russia and China can boost their bilateral trade to $100 billion by next year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at a meeting of officials from the two countries Friday.

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