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Russia's Black Sea Fleet remains in Ukraine's Sevastopol · 2010-04-28 17:04

Russia's Black Sea Fleet, diary-news.comBoth the Russian State Duma and the Ukrainian parliament have ratified the agreement extending the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine after 2017 for another 25 years.

Russian parliamentarians have expressed their support for the deal with 410 votes.

Despite opposition's attempts to block the decision a total of 236 Ukrainian parliamentarians supported this decision on Tuesday, RT reports.

Ukrainian opposition lawmakers have tried to block the deal to extend the lease of the naval base saying it betrays the country's national interests, a position that Russia' Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has found surprising.

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RIA News:

23.8.2016 23:43 Russian National Seleznev Refuses Testimony Over Alleged Cybercrimes in US Court

Roman Seleznev, a Russian national on trial in the United States for alleged cybercrimes, has refused to testify in court, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the courtroom.

23.8.2016 23:41 Russia's Roscosmos to Spend Over $29Mln Upgrading Rocket Engine Reliability

Russian state space corporation Roscosmos is allocating over 1.9 billion rubles ($29 million) to upgrading carrier rocket engines, rocket boosters and spacecraft, according to materials published on Russia's official public procurement website on Tuesday.

23.8.2016 15:29 Russia’s Rio Paralympics Ban Legally Groundless - Sport Minister

The Court of Arbitration for Sport’s (CAS) ruling to uphold a blanket ban on Russian paralympians from the upcoming Rio summer games is legally groundless, Russian Sport Minister Vitaly Mutko said Tuesday.

23.8.2016 14:51 Russian Olympic Kit Becomes a 'Must Have' Fashion Item

What was the greatest triumph of the Rio 2016 Olympics? Was it Great Britain’s spectacular cycling results or Usain Bolt’s treble-treble? While both were amazing, they simply can’t compete with the style of the Russian Olympic team’s kit.

23.8.2016 13:53 Soviet Army Surplus: Russian Defense Ministry Announces Massive Vehicle Sell-Off

Russia plans to auction off a wide variety of military equipment and clothing, in a move aimed at liquidating mothballed army goods in a push to modernize, according to RIA Novosti.

23.8.2016 13:50 Russian Lawmakers Preparing Response to CAS’ Paralympics Ban

The Russian lower house of parliament’s sports committee is considering a range of options to respond to the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s (CAS) latest dismissal of the Russian Paralympic Committee’s (RPC) appeal against the Rio games ban, the committee chair said Tuesday.

23.8.2016 13:45 Russia May File Lawsuit With ECHR Over Paralympics Ban - Senator

Russia may file a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) after the country’s Paralympians were banned from the upcoming games in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, senator Tatiana Lebedeva said Tuesday.

23.8.2016 12:58 AK-47 to Go? Kalashnikov Store Opens in Moscow Airport

The world-famous arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern opened its first store at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow.

23.8.2016 10:57 Russia Sets Up UAV Service in West to Teach Military to Operate Drones

According to the district’s press service, an unmanned aircraft service set to teach troops operate drones has been established in Russia’s Western Military District.

23.8.2016 4:41 Russian Defense Ministry to Discuss Missile Attack Warning System Development

The Russian Ministry of Defense collegium will discuss on Tuesday the progress on the missile attack warning system.

22.8.2016 18:28 #despite: Russian Paralympians Reveal How Sport has Given Them Second Life

As the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Rio de Janeiro is set to announce its final decision on the participation of Russian paralympians in the Rio Paralympics, Russian media launches a nationwide support campaign; meanwhile the athletes reveal how sport has given them a second life.

22.8.2016 17:5 Party Like It's 1762: 18th Century Fireworks to Be Recreated in Moscow

On the last Sunday of August, residents of the Russian capital and visitors will be able to observe the kind of fireworks that were popular during the reign of Tsarina Catherine the Great, the Empress and Autocrat of All Russia in 1762 – 1796.

22.8.2016 15:23 Russia's Economic Development Minister Expects GDP to Start Growing in October

Economic Development Minister stated that the Russian economy will enter a growth phase in the fourth quarter of 2016 following a 0.6-percent year-on-year decline in the first seven months of the year.

22.8.2016 14:59 Russia Unique in Being Able to Use Fast Breeder Reactors in Nuclear Industry

According to chief designer of the Fast Neutron Reactors Department in Rosatom’s Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering, Russia is the only country able to introduce fast breeder reactors into the nuclear industry.

22.8.2016 11:26 Russia's Space Agency Roskosmos Begins to Design Super-Heavy Carrier Rocket

Russia's S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia General Director said that state space corporation Roscosmos has started work on designing a new super-heavy class carrier rocket on the basis of the RD-171 liquid-fuel rocket engine.

22.8.2016 8:29 Russian MiG-29SMT Pilots to Conduct Drills Near St. Petersburg

According to the press service of the Western Military District, the pilots of the MiG-29SMT fighters from a military unit in Russia's western Kursk Region are expected to conduct drills from an airfield near St. Petersburg.

22.8.2016 0:4 Nooscope: Media Concocts Conspiracy Theory About Putin’s New Mind Melting Weapon

The resurgence of Cold War style McCarthyism and anti-Russian propaganda has finally shifted gears from the insulting to the downright comical science fiction.

21.8.2016 22:44 Ukraine: Terror Killing of two Russians was Putin Propaganda to Blackmail Europe

Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States concocted a novel conspiracy theory blaming Russia for the death of soldiers killed in Crimea and calling for more Western assistance to disseminate anti-Russian messages.

21.8.2016 21:37 Trump Calls Russia an Ally, Says Hillary Wants ‘Something Worse’ Than Cold War

Speaking on the conservative "Savage Nation" radio show, the Republican nominee was undeterred by weeks of media attacks labeling him a secret agent of the Kremlin vowing cooperation with Russia in the fight against Daesh while working to resolve conflicts between the countries.

21.8.2016 17:54 Moscow's No-Fly Zones: Russia to Get New Long-Range Missile Interceptor

An advanced long-range missile interceptor is due to be put into service with the Russian Aerospace Forces in the near future, according to the Forces' Deputy Commander-in-Chief Viktor Gumenny.

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