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Russia's Black Sea Fleet remains in Ukraine's Sevastopol · 2010-04-27 17:04

Russia's Black Sea Fleet, diary-news.comBoth the Russian State Duma and the Ukrainian parliament have ratified the agreement extending the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine after 2017 for another 25 years.

Russian parliamentarians have expressed their support for the deal with 410 votes.

Despite opposition's attempts to block the decision a total of 236 Ukrainian parliamentarians supported this decision on Tuesday, RT reports.

Ukrainian opposition lawmakers have tried to block the deal to extend the lease of the naval base saying it betrays the country's national interests, a position that Russia' Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has found surprising.

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RIA News:

9.2.2016 14:21 Kremlin Expresses Condolences Over Passenger Train Collision in Germany

Moscow has expressed condolences over a passenger train collision in southeastern Germany, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.

9.2.2016 12:53 Russia Calls for Recognition Hague Court Lacked Authority in Yukos Case

Moscow calls for recognition that the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague lacked the proper authority when it ruled to award former Yukos shareholders $50 billion, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the Hague District Court Tuesday, citing the Russian side's lawyer Jan van den Berg.

9.2.2016 11:34 Russian Labor Ministry Expects Unemployment to Remain Below 6% in 2016

The Russian labor minister said the unemployment rate in 2016 was expected to remain under 6 percent.

9.2.2016 6:0 Russian Troops Exercise Detecting Enemy Aircraft As Part of Snap Drills

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Russian air defense troops of the Southern Military District carried out exercises on detecting simulated enemy aircraft as part of the district’s combat readiness snap drills.

9.2.2016 5:10 Russian Warships Begin Mine Detection Drills in Caspian, Black Seas

Russian warships have started searching for mines and submarines in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the framework of the Southern Military District combat readiness check drills, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

8.2.2016 21:40 Mega Sale: Russian Cutting-Edge Fighter Jets Going Global

Many Middle Eastern countries have repeatedly expressed their desire to purchase large shipments of Russian T-90 tanks.

8.2.2016 20:52 At Least Four Dead in Mi-8 Helicopter Crash in Northwestern Russia

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday the crash of a Mi-8 military helicopter in northwestern Russia killed four servicemen on board.

8.2.2016 20:7 Russian Airstrikes in Syria Help ‘Iraqi Military in Fight Against Daesh’

The actions of the Russian Air Forces in Syria are effective and have a positive impact on the fight against Daesh in Iraq, Joint Commander of the Iraqi Armed Forces Yahya Rasool Abdullah told Sputnik.

8.2.2016 20:2 Moscow Warns Against Unilateral Response to N Korea Rocket Launch

The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated on Monday that the recent launch of a long-range rocket by North Korea violated the UNSC resolutions but warned against any unilateral steps in response to Pyongyang's actions.

8.2.2016 18:36 Russian Wheat Exports Could Reach 22 Mln Tonnes in 2016-2017

Russian wheat exports could reach 22 million tonnes this agricultural year, Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev said Monday.

8.2.2016 18:18 Russia Notifies OSCE of Snap Drills in Southern Military District

Russia has voluntarily notified members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) of the snap combat readiness drills in the south of the country, head of Russia's National Nuclear Risk Reduction Center, Sergei Ryzhkov, said Monday.

8.2.2016 17:31 In His Element: Top Ten Facts About Periodic Table Creator Dmitri Mendeleev

Renowned Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, best known as the founder of the Mendeleev periodic table, would have had his 182nd birthday on February 8. Sputnik compiled the top 10 generally unknown facts about Mendeleev.

8.2.2016 17:5 ‘Unkillable’: Russia Testing New Generation Armored Vehicle

The Bumerang - Russia’s newest armored personnel carrier, which was unveiled during last year’s May 9 Victory Parade in Moscow - is currently undergoing preliminary trials.

8.2.2016 16:26 Russian Doctors Ready to Protect Team Russia at Rio Olympics From Zika

Russian doctors have informed the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) that they would be ready to protect Russian athletes from the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil during the 2016 Olympics, head of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov said Monday.

8.2.2016 16:11 For Peace, West Should 'Build Bridges' With Russia - Pope Francis

Pope Francis has underlined the importance of "building bridges" with Russia ahead of his meeting with Moscow's Patriarch Kirill on Friday, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

8.2.2016 12:47 Russia Detains 7 Daesh Suspects Plotting Attacks in Moscow, St. Petersburg

The detained suspects planned to join Daesh ranks in Syria after carrying out terrorist attacks in Russia.

8.2.2016 4:18 Kamchatka-Bound A330 Lands in Moscow due to Crack in Windshield

An Airbus A330 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Russia’s Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk, made a landing in Moscow after turning back due a crack formed in its windshield, a source in the emergency sources said Monday.

7.2.2016 20:50 In Demand: Why China Purchases Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets

China’s purchase of 24 new Russian Su-35 aircraft is essential for Beijing. The Chinese Air Force will not only get new jets that could affect the balance of power in the Taiwan Strait, but may also allow the Chinese military to assess the progress and development of J-11.

7.2.2016 17:51 Russia Developing New Global Positioning Spacecraft for Glonass

Russia is working on new generation spacecraft for the Glonass system, according to the country's deputy prime minister.

7.2.2016 15:50 Goat Timur and Tiger Amur to Get Accounts on Chinese Social Media

The two friends, Timur the Goat and Amur the Tiger, from a safari park in Russia’s Far East Region are becoming international celebrities – the strange pair of friends is going to have accounts on Chinese social media, according to a statement published on the website of the safari park.

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