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Russia's Black Sea Fleet remains in Ukraine's Sevastopol · 2010-04-27 17:04

Russia's Black Sea Fleet, diary-news.comBoth the Russian State Duma and the Ukrainian parliament have ratified the agreement extending the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine after 2017 for another 25 years.

Russian parliamentarians have expressed their support for the deal with 410 votes.

Despite opposition's attempts to block the decision a total of 236 Ukrainian parliamentarians supported this decision on Tuesday, RT reports.

Ukrainian opposition lawmakers have tried to block the deal to extend the lease of the naval base saying it betrays the country's national interests, a position that Russia' Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has found surprising.

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RIA News:

21.10.2014 21:25 Baby Giraffe Born in Russian Zoo

The newborn giraffe calf weighs around 50 kg and is about 180 cm high.

21.10.2014 21:16 Russian Armed Forces to Help Clear Arctic of Garbage: Defense Minister

The Russian Defense Ministry decided on Tuesday that its armed forces will take part in a presidential program to remove garbage from the Arctic.

21.10.2014 19:54 Russian Medical University Bans Hijabs, Religious Clothes

The wearing of religious clothes and traditional ethnic costumes of any kind, as well as clothes that could offend the political and religious feelings of others will be prohibited starting November 1.

21.10.2014 19:21 Russia Launches Proton-M Rocket with Express-AM6 Telecoms Satellite

The launched communications satellite will have an active lifespan of 15 years and will be operated by the Russian Satellite Communications Company.

21.10.2014 18:46 Yemen Ready to Cooperate With Russia In Counter-Terrorism Efforts: President

Russian and Yemeni leaders have discussed the issue of cooperation in training personnel to fight terrorism and considered possible steps for reconciliation of the political crisis in Yemen.

21.10.2014 18:41 Former Yukos Shareholders to Take Legal Action to Get $50 Billion Compensation

Group Menatep Limited (GML), the Gibraltar-based financial holding established by former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is set to launch legal action in order to force Russia to pay a $50 billion compensation claim for assets of the now-defunct Yukos energy giant, the company's Director Tim Osborne told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

21.10.2014 18:33 Former Yukos Shareholders Say Russia Not Willing to Cooperate

Moscow is showing no intention of reaching a legal agreement with Yukos shareholders, the head of Group Menatep Limited (GML), which unites former owners of the defunct oil company, told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

21.10.2014 18:25 Lukoil Chief Offers Condolences Over Death of Total CEO de Margerie

The chief of the Russian energy company Lukoil Vagit Alekperov has offered his condolences to the family and friends of Christophe de Margerie killed in an aircraft crash at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport.

21.10.2014 18:15 Vnukovo Snowplow Driver Refuses to Admit Guilt for Plane Crash: Lawyer

Vnukovo Airport snowplow driver does not drink alcoholic beverages and insists on being sober at the time of the plane crash, the driver's lawyer Alexander Karabanov told RIA Novosti.

21.10.2014 16:43 Russia Delivers Another Humanitarian Consignment to Iraq: Foreign Ministry

Russia has delivered another humanitarian consignment to the people in Iraq who have suffered as a result of the armed conflict with the Islamic State (IS) militant group, a statement published on Russia's Foreign Ministry's website Tuesday said.

21.10.2014 15:59 Only International Coalition Can Eliminate Terrorism: Russian Ambassador to Austria

Russia’s Ambassador to Austria said that terrorism could be fought only by a large international coalition, while NATO keeps on declining such forms of cooperation.

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