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AvtoVAZ resumes the production of LADA 4x4. · 2013-05-27 11:15

Today, on May 27, AvtoVAZ resumes the production of LADA 4×4.

The production model was suspended for repainting line. Now all LADA 4×4 models will be painted by the cathode, while earlier there was used the anode used back in the classical models.

The new paint will include special additives that will significantly enhance the corrosion resistance of the body and will perform color metallic enamels. This week, from the assembly line of AvtoVAZ there will go off-roads in snow-white color.

AvtoVAZ resumes production of LADA 4x4 off-road vehicles
AvtoVAZ registers the new slogan "LADA - Full stuffing!"

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