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Michael Douglas feels a little "underestimated" in Hollywood · 2014-12-09 17:36

Even with two Oscars, two Golden Globes, an Emmy, and countless other accolades, Michael Douglas feels “underestimated” in Hollywood.

The veteran actor, who has starred in a myriad of films, opened up to GQ magazine about his career insecurities.”I’ve always felt a little underestimated, personally,” he said in a recent interview with the mag. “I’ve got a pretty good batting average over forty years. Sometimes maybe it looked easy.”

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24.6.2019 20:50 Bangladeshi with Treeman Syndrome Wants His Hands Amputated - Report

“Treeman Syndrome” is an extremely rare hereditary skin disorder associated with a high risk of skin cancer. It is characterised by an abnormal susceptibility to getting Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) skin infections.

24.6.2019 19:34 India to Continue Flying An-32 Aircraft in Mountainous Areas - IAF Chief Marshal

13 Indian Air Force personnel perished in the Antonov An-32 twin-engine turboprop transport aircraft which went down on 3 June, including eight crew members and five passengers. Inclement weather and inaccessible terrain were a major obstacle in the rescue and retrieval operations.

24.6.2019 18:56 US Slaps Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei With ‘Hard-Hitting' Sanctions

The US president announced that major sanctions would be put on Iran soon after he stopped the strikes on targets in the Islamic Republic, which were supposed to be a response for the downing of an American drone.

24.6.2019 18:37 It Has Africa’s Most Thriving Economy But Could Ethnic Tensions Shatter Ethiopia?

An Ethiopian army brigadier general accused of leading a failed coup against a regional government has been killed in a shootout with the security forces. Sputnik looks at the ethnic puzzle which is Ethiopia and muses about whether it is about to fall apart.

24.6.2019 18:31 Sour Grapes? Nigel Farage Calls for Investigation Into Peterborough By-Election 'Vote-Rigging'

As his nascent Brexit Party appears to be drifting from the headlines amidst the Tory leadership drama, Mr Farage has once again thrown himself to the fore of British politics, this time by making an unprecedented claim against the rival Labour Party.

24.6.2019 18:27 MMA’s Jorge Kanelle Sticking Toe in Rival Fighter’s Buttocks Triggers Meme Storm

Although the Bellator tournaments allow more aggressive moves than other sports, the Brazilian athlete apparently went too far even by the MMA standards. He was not only penalised for his unconventional move but also lost the fight to Londoner Alfie Davis, who survived the attack unscathed.

24.6.2019 18:22 King Cobra Enjoys Swig of Bottled Water Amid Severe Heat in India (Video)

An estimated 50,000 people in India are killed by snakebites annually due to the absence of antidotes and first aid skills. South Asia accounts for nearly 70% of all snakebite deaths in the world.

24.6.2019 17:58 Butina Appeals But Unlikely to Be Heard Until Her Release From Prison - Lawyer

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Russian citizen Maria Butina, who is serving an 18-month prison term on charges of conspiring to act as a foreign agent in the United States, has appealed her case, but it is unlikely the appeal will be completed before her release from prison, Butina's lawyer Robert Driscoll told Sputnik.

24.6.2019 17:49 US Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Trump Steel Tariffs

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US Supreme Court has rejected a legal challenge brought by the American Institute for International Steel against US President Donald Trump's tariffs on imported steel.

24.6.2019 17:47 US Develops Secret Ideas for Settling Middle East Crisis, Contradicting Int’l Agreements - Lavrov

The White House published the economic section of its peace plan for the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict dubbed the "deal of the century". The teased plan suggests investing $50 billion over 10 years to boost the Palestinian Authority's economy, but gives no hints about political solutions to the conflict.

24.6.2019 17:38 Russian and French Prime Ministers Hold Joint-Press Conference (Video)

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his French counterpart Edouard Philippe are holding talks in the port city of Le Havre in northern France, where they've discussed bilateral cooperation between the two countries as well as relevant international issues.

24.6.2019 17:31 Dutch Telecom Suffers Major Outage in Netherlands

In line with a national broadcaster's report, Dutch police said in a statement that emergency hotline numbers were affected.

24.6.2019 17:30 US Creating Maritime Security Bloc With Allies for ‘Proactive Deterrence of Iran’ – Official

The US military and intelligence agencies are reportedly developing covert strategies, intended to deter Iran's alleged aggression in the Persian Gulf without dragging the region into a full-scale war.

24.6.2019 17:11 Giant Crater Appears in German Field After Explosion Wakes Locals

At about 4 a.m. people in an area of western Germany were startled by a loud bang. The shock was so strong that the equipment of the country’s geological service nearby reportedly registered it. A crater measuring 10 metres wide and 4 metres deep was later discovered.

24.6.2019 16:59 Belgian Man Detained on Suspicion of Plotting 'Terrorist Attack' on US Embassy in Brussels

Belgian authorities have arrested a man on suspicion of preparing a "terrorist attack" against the embassy of the United States in Brussels.

24.6.2019 16:57 Oman Denies Delivering Message to Iran From US Regarding Downed Drone

Tensions between Tehran and Washington escalated after Iran downed an American military drone, stressing the UAV had violated its airspace and didn't respond to demands to alter course.

24.6.2019 16:49 Iran Says US Cyberattacks Aimed to 'Cripple' Iranian Missiles Failed

The attacks were reportedly conducted following the most recent escalation between the two states after Iranian air defences downed a US drone near the Strait of Hormuz. Tehran stated that the drone had violated Iranian airspace and was warned about it on multiple occasions, but Washington claims it was flying above neutral waters.

24.6.2019 16:31 Oasis Star Liam Gallagher Knocks London Mayor Sadiq Khan for Skyrocketing Knife Crimes

A recent report by the chief Tory in the London Assembly offered grave statistics on the current crime rate in major UK cities, including London, arguing things have seriously worsened during “incompetent” Sadiq Khan’s 3-year tenure as head of London.

24.6.2019 15:52 US Citizen Given 12-Year Jail Term in Vietnam for 'Attempting to Overthrow State'

A Vietnamese-American man was arrested in Vietnam in July 2018 on suspicion of inciting people to join nationwide protests against a draft law on special economic zones just a month after another US citizen was detained for taking part in the same demonstrations.

24.6.2019 15:43 Two Eurofighters Crash Into Each Other in Northern Germany, One of Pilots Killed (Video)

Media outlets have reported that the pilots were able to safely eject, but the crash has started a forest fire in the area. Rescue service troops have arrived at the site of the incident.
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