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One Direction becomes the most expensive pop group in the history · 2014-12-24 17:04

As experts predict, the British boyzbend One Direction may become the most successful group in the world with revenues of one billion dollars per year.

According to experts, this five will earn a billion dollars for a series of concerts during the upcoming 12-month world tour. Tours include 88 performances. In addition, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan will be the first team that will give three concerts in a row at the Rose Bowl Stadium in California, which holds 95,000 spectators. It is assumed that all three performances will take place with a full house.

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The USA might start to supply arms to Ukraine

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23.4.2021 13:20 Prince Charles & Camilla’s Aussie ‘Love Child’ Wannabe Shares Viral Pic To Boost His Claim

Amid posts mourning the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died on 9 April at the age of 99, a man who believes the deceased royal is his grandfather recently uploaded more intriguing photos to his Facebook page that have attracted almost 8,000 followers.

23.4.2021 13:6 Policewoman Wounded by Knife-Wielding Man Outside Paris Has Died, Prosecutor's Office Says

The incident took place in Rambouillet, a town in the Yvelines region which is part of France's Île-de-France area.

23.4.2021 12:54 Private Sector Must Join Fight Against Climate Change, UNDP's Achim Steiner Says at Earth Day Event

A top official at the United Nations discussed current challenges in tackling climate change, namely via a new mechanism aimed at uniting the private and public sector with finance initiatives aimed at meeting sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the international body.

23.4.2021 12:29 UK Spy Chief Fears West Facing 'Moment of Reckoning' Amid China's Growing 'Technological Weight'

Last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly met with British politicians and peers sanctioned by Beijing to inform them that he was working together with the Biden administration to boost a 'global coalition' to 'confront China' over its supposed push for global supremacy.

23.4.2021 12:17 Financial Giant Names Economy Sectors That'll Do Heavy Lifting in Post-Lockdown Britain

Britain’s budget deficit has risen to the highest mark during the COVID-19 pandemic since the 1946, with the number reaching 303.1 billion pounds in the financial year to end-March.

23.4.2021 12:15 Cruz Slams ‘Corrupt’ Washington, DC, Statehood Push By Dems to ‘Change the Rules to Stay in Power'

The US House of Representatives adopted legislation that would grant statehood to the capital of the United States, Washington, DC, the decision now goes to the US Senate for consideration.

23.4.2021 12:14 William & Harry Inherited 'Elements of Serious & Fun' From Grandad Prince Philip, Royal Author Says

After the Duke of Edinburgh died peacefully on 9 April at Windsor Castle, his grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry moved on to share their heartfelt tributes to their deceased grandfather. According to William, the Queen’s husband of 73 years had a “mischievous sense of humour”, as well as a taste for adventure that was “infectious”.

23.4.2021 12:13 Chanel Loses Trademark Battle Against Huawei at EU General Court

The logos of both companies showcase interlocking circle-derived open-ended figures, however, the Chanel logo resembles a double “C” and Huawei’s looks more like chain links.

23.4.2021 12:8 US President Biden Hosts Day Two of Leaders Summit on Climate

Day one was marked by the world leaders’ intent to further cut carbon emissions and support green energy transitions.

23.4.2021 12:1 Friday of Anger: Trade Unions Protest Against Unemployment Benefits Reform in Paris

While the government insists the reform will help save billions of Euros, critics argue that the measures will only worsen conditions for those who are the most vulnerable.

23.4.2021 12:0 Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Mulls Returning to Manchester United

The 36-year-old striker is still considered one of the best players who ever wore the №7 shirt for Manchester United.

23.4.2021 11:49 Ammonia Leak Reported at Coca-Cola Plant in Haifa, Israel

Ammonia is widely used as a refrigerant gas, and in the fertilizer industry. It is both explosive and highly toxic. High concentrations of ammonia in air can cause blindness, lung damage or even death.

23.4.2021 11:32 American Admits Ohio Family Massacre After Cutting a Plea Deal to Avoid the Death Penalty

In April 2016 eight members of the same family were shot dead in a rural community outside Piketon, Ohio. The massacre was triggered by a custody dispute over a child.

23.4.2021 11:23 US First Lady Jill Biden Visits Navajo Women, Calls Them ‘Sister Warriors’

Jill Biden is on a two-day visit to the Navajo Nation that, according to her, will promote dialogue between federal and tribal officials.

23.4.2021 11:15 Moscow Pledges Response After Baltic States Expel Russian Diplomats in Solidarity With Prague

This comes against the backdrop of a diplomatic row between Prague and Moscow which has resulted in the mutual expulsion of embassy staff and reduction of employees in both capitals.

23.4.2021 10:48 Scheme Recruiting Phony Interpreters in Afghanistan May Land Six US Army Contractors Behind Bars

In line with a contract worth over $700 million, the defendants in the case had been employed by a US government contractor to recruit language experts to serve in support of American military operations in Afghanistan.

23.4.2021 10:5 UK Court of Appeal Quashes 39 Convictions in Post Office Scandal Stemming From Computer Glitches

The Post Office is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the British government, which currently employs 5,000 people. It was the place people went not just to buy stamps and post letters but also to claim their pensions and unemployment benefits.

23.4.2021 9:59 Mutual Political Will Required to Improve Moscow-Washington Relations, Kremlin Says

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Mutual political will is required to achieve improvement in relations between Russia and the United States, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.

23.4.2021 9:54 'Stunning Photo': Indian Outfit Demands Expulsion of WaPo Bureau Chief for 'Mocking' COVID Deaths

Facing a surge in COVID infections, Indian authorities are grappling with shortage of medicine and equipment. Amid rising domestic anger, a tweet by Washington Post bureau chief Annie Gowen describing an aerial photograph of burning pyres of bodies as “stunning” has hit a raw nerve among many Indians, who say the post is “insensitive”.

23.4.2021 9:54 Supreme Court Ditches ‘Permanent Incorrigibility’ to Simplify Sentencing of Minors to Life in Prison

The current U-turn ruling by the Supreme Court comes after the last two decades saw it cutting back on harsh punishments for crimes committed by offenders before they turn 18.
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