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The USA might start to supply arms to Ukraine · 2015-02-05 17:02

According to the New York Times, NATO’s commander in Europe, American general Phillip Breedlove, approves of supplying ?arms for defense? to Kiev, and some officials in the White House and the Pentagon support this proposal.

“President Obama didn’t make a decision to help Ukraine with arms. But after a number of the serious defeats, which the Ukrainian forces have suffered lately, the Obama administration considers an issue of military assistance@, the newspaper informs.

According to its data, the US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is visiting Kiev this week, “is ready for discussions about supplying arms”. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey might also take part in these negotiations.

The White House and the State Department haven’t commented on this matter yet. The USA provided to Ukraine military assistance for 300 million dollars, inclusively the equipment, but this assistance, according to the Washington statement, doesn’t include arms themselves.

As reported by the publication, the President’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice earlier declaimed against supplying weapons to Ukraine, but now she can reconsider her position.

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RIA News:

22.3.2018 22:37 Israeli Man Detained, Fined for Urinating on Memorial at Auschwitz Museum

A 19-year-old Israeli man was detained at the Auschwitz-Birkenau state museum in Poland Wednesday after he was caught urinating on a memorial to the victims of the camp.

22.3.2018 22:20 Indian Women Oppose 'Sexist' Comments by Posing Half-Naked With Watermelons

What are the most extraordinary or perhaps even outrageous ways to protest? How about protesting naked, while barely disguising your private parts with, say, a melon or perhaps a more exotic fruit? This is exactly what a number of women from the tropical Indian state of Kerela opted for.

22.3.2018 22:19 French Rail Reform Should Focus on Financing, Not Staff Special Status - Union

PARIS (Sputnik) - The French government's reform of state-owned monopolist railway company SNCF should deal with the issue of financing to modernize the country's railway system instead of putting the blame on rail workers and abolishing their special status, Thomas Cavel, the national secretary of the CFDT Cheminots union, told Sputnik.

22.3.2018 22:7 Taiwan Shoots Down Reports About Leasing F-15 Eagles

The Taiwanese Defense Ministry has categorically rejected the notion that Taipei might lease F-15 Eagles from the US Air Force as tensions simmer between Washington and Beijing.

22.3.2018 22:4 Sacramento Police Release Footage of Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Black Man (VIDEO)

The Sacramento Police Department released multiple videos Wednesday night that showed the moment Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man, was gunned down in his grandparents' backyard March 18.

22.3.2018 22:0 James Bond Out of a Job? MI6 Reportedly Fears Russia-Based Spies May Be Exposed

The UK's intelligence agencies are concerned that the Kremlin might disclose the identities of its Russia-based agents in response to London's accusations against Moscow in the poisoning of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal, officials speaking to The Independent have said.

22.3.2018 21:38 Seoul Sending Top K-Pop Bands to Try Hand at Melting the Inter-Korean Ice

Impressed by the performance of North Korean musicians at the Olympics, the Southerners chose not to stay on the sidelines, or rather in debt, and enthusiastically cling to the idea of soft power diplomacy on North Korea’s soil.

22.3.2018 21:30 Forty Hospitalized, Nobody Intoxicated: Who Has Access to A-234 Nerve Agent

Britain's Skripal case evokes strong memories of Colin Powell's narrative of Saddam Hussein's developing weapons of mass destruction, Sputnik contributor Daniele Pozzati writes, stressing that in contrast to the US and the UK, Russia completely destroyed its chemical arms stockpiles.

22.3.2018 21:25 Website of Russian MoD Hit by DDoS Attacks From Western Europe, North America

The Russian Defense Ministry said a total of 7 denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks were carried out against its website on Thursday during the final vote on the names of new types of weaponry.

22.3.2018 21:7 WATCH Taxi Drivers March in Protest Against Uber Returning to Barcelona

In December 2014, US-based Uber was suspended in Spain after numerous protests and complaints from the country's taxi sector and now the company plans to make a comeback to Barcelona, the Catalan capital with a great tourist influx.

22.3.2018 20:55 EU's Tusk, Juncker Hold Press Conference at Summit in Brussels (VIDEO)

The leaders of EU countries met at a summit in the Belgian capital on Thursday to discuss the poisoning incident with former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in the UK's city of Salisbury; the UK has blamed Russia for the alleged attack, while Moscow denied accusations as baseless and proposed to hold a joint investigation.

22.3.2018 20:32 How the British Gov’t Faked Intelligence to Sell the Iraq War

15 years on from the start of the second Iraq War, Sputnik looks back at how the British government fixed intelligence around the policy of invasion, and how a fake terror plot was masqueraded as an international Saddam-sponsored conspiracy.

22.3.2018 20:22 Space Paintball to Save the World: NASA Finds New Way to Avert Asteroid Strike

Scientists suggest preventing asteroids from hitting the Earth by using a stroke of paint instead of using a nuke to blow up giant space rocks at risk of colliding with out blue planet

22.3.2018 20:16 Israel Investigating Facebook Amid Data Leak Incident With Cambridge Analytica

Earlier, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that his company must take steps to prevent developers from misusing personal data through passing it on to third parties after the recent incident with Cambridge Analytica.

22.3.2018 20:12 Case Against Sarkozy Sincerely Gladdens Libyans – Political Analyst

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has stated that accusations that his 2007 presidential campaign received funding from the Libyan government are not evidence-based, the newspaper Figaro reported. On March 20, he was detained for 48 hours over a presumed bribery case.

22.3.2018 20:9 Wintry Forecasts: Beast From the East Chills UK Economy

The wintry weather in Britain didn't just disrupt transport networks and gas supplies, the heavy snow had a chilling effect on the UK's economy.

22.3.2018 20:2 Plans to Increase Tax on Tech Giants Meet With Online Approval

Multinational technology corporations have found themselves with even less sympathy after revelations of data firm Cambridge Analytica’s influence on the 2016 US election.

22.3.2018 19:58 Labour Leader Launches London Campaign as May Faces Litmus Test

Polling shows Labour on course for its best showing in the capital in two generations, while the Conservatives are bracing for their worst.

22.3.2018 19:53 After Sadistic Sex Abuse & Deadly Drill Scandals, German Army Again Under Fire

Germany’s military is under fire after it was revealed that drill instructors had driven officer cadets to hospital with overly strenuous exercises. The spotlight is again on the base, infamous for a past scandal involving sadistic sexual abuse.

22.3.2018 19:50 Two Killed, Nine Injured in 'Cluster Bomb' Terror Attack on Syria’s Damascus

Since the Syrian Army launched operation Damascus Steel to oust militants from Damascus, militants have intensified their shelling attacks on government-held parts of the city, killing and injuring hundreds of civilians in recent weeks.
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