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The USA might start to supply arms to Ukraine · 2015-02-05 17:02

According to the New York Times, NATO’s commander in Europe, American general Phillip Breedlove, approves of supplying ?arms for defense? to Kiev, and some officials in the White House and the Pentagon support this proposal.

“President Obama didn’t make a decision to help Ukraine with arms. But after a number of the serious defeats, which the Ukrainian forces have suffered lately, the Obama administration considers an issue of military assistance@, the newspaper informs.

According to its data, the US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is visiting Kiev this week, “is ready for discussions about supplying arms”. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey might also take part in these negotiations.

The White House and the State Department haven’t commented on this matter yet. The USA provided to Ukraine military assistance for 300 million dollars, inclusively the equipment, but this assistance, according to the Washington statement, doesn’t include arms themselves.

As reported by the publication, the President’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice earlier declaimed against supplying weapons to Ukraine, but now she can reconsider her position.

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RIA News:

17.1.2018 14:3 Guard Warns French Prisons 'Don't Have Resources' to Deal With Jihadist Inmates

Prison guards from penal institutions across France spilled into the streets this week in protests following last week's stabbing attack against guards at the Vendin-le-Vieil Prison by an ex al-Qaeda inmate. Sputnik spoke to a guard union representative from the Fleury-Merogis Prison to get to the bottom of the protesters' demands.

17.1.2018 13:56 French Bayeux Tapestry to Be Loaned to UK for First Time in 950 Years - Reports

The upcoming loan of the 11th-century artwork, which tells the story of the Norman conquest of England, is believed to symbolize the strength of the relations between France and the UK in the wake of the Brexit vote.

17.1.2018 13:49 Syria's Opposition Group Condemns US Plans to Form Border Force in Syria

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces on Wednesday condemned the US-led coalition's plans to set up a special force to ensure security on the Syrian border and rejected any justifications of the project.

17.1.2018 13:25 Russia Has Evidence to Disprove WADA Informant's Claims on Doping Samples - RIC

Doping tests of Russian athletes during the Olympic Games in Sochi were transmitted during the day, rather than at night, when they were allegedly replaced, as the WADA informant, ex-head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov claims, said Svetlana Petrenko, the spokesperson of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

17.1.2018 13:4 Two Teens Behind Knife Fight in School in Russia's Perm Charged

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Two minors who perpetrated a knife fight in a school in the Russian city of Perm were charged with attempted murder of two or more persons, Russian Investigative Committee spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko said on Wednesday.

17.1.2018 13:2 US Senators Ask Gov't to Explain Lack of Foreign Agent Status for Chinese Media

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Several US senators have called on the US Department of Justice to explain why Beijing-controlled media outlets operating in the United States has not been asked to register as "foreign agents," unlike Russia's RT and Sputnik broadcasters, according to the open letter on the website of Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

17.1.2018 12:59 British PM May's Appointment of Minister for Loneliness Sets Twitter on Fire

A Minister for Loneliness has been appointed by British Prime Minister Theresa May, in an attempt to resolve a problem facing at least nine million people in the UK.

17.1.2018 12:39 Rossiya Airline Denies Debt to Mexican Airport Over Parking Amid Flight Delay

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Rossiya airline, whose aircraft has been banned from taking off from the airport in Cancun, does not owe any money for the additional parking time at the airport caused by the flight delay that was requested by migration authorities who sought the deportation of several passengers, the company’s representative told Sputnik.

17.1.2018 12:35 Netanyahu: US Embassy to Be Moved to Jerusalem 'Much Faster Than People Think'

TEL AVIV (Sputnik) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday he was expecting the United States to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, claimed by both Israel and Palestine, within a year.

17.1.2018 12:13 'Wrong Body': More Swedes Refusing to Define Their Gender

The number of Swedes who applied for a gender investigation has risen by 25 percent, indicating a steady increase in "gender dysphoria" diagnoses, which is commonly referred to as "being born in the wrong body." At the same time, more refrain from choosing their gender.

17.1.2018 12:10 PLO on Aid Cut: US 'Has No Compunction in Targeting the Innocent'

As the United States announced it would slash the funds it allocates to the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees dispersed across the Middle East by over $60 million, a number of high-profile international organizations have decried the move as irresponsible and dangerous.

17.1.2018 11:55 Human Trafficking to Sweden Reaches High Despite Record Naturalization Rate

The number of cases of human trafficking in Sweden has reached a record high after increasing 30 percent in 2017; at the same time, an unparalleled number of legal applicants received citizenship rights in the Nordic country.

17.1.2018 11:15 Seven Buddhists Reportedly Killed in Clashes With Police in Myanmar

BANGKOK (Sputnik) – Seven Buddhists from Myanmar’s westernmost state of Rakhine were killed and 13 others were injured as a result of clashes with police, media reported on Wednesday.

17.1.2018 10:41 Pyongyang-Linked Hackers Attacked Cryptocurrency Exchanges in S Korea - Report

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Hackers from the Lazarus Group, which is linked to Pyongyang, targeted South Korea's cryptocurrency exchanges at the end of the last year, before the two countries embarked on conciliatory talks, the report of Internet company Recorded Future said.

17.1.2018 10:37 Turkey May Expand Syrian Operation to Manbij, East of Euphrates Amid YPG Worries

According to Turkish media reports on Tuesday, Turkey’s possible offensive in Syria’s northern Kurdish-controlled Afrin enclave is set to start with airstrikes on 149 targets of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

17.1.2018 10:24 Guess Why: Chinese Carmaker Reportedly Mulling Name-Change of Its Trumpchi Model

Guangzhou Automobile Group has repeatedly signaled its intent to be the first Chinese automaker to foray into the US market in 2019 and then expand its European clout.

17.1.2018 10:18 Black H&M Model's Family Leaves Home in Sweden Amid 'Racism' Controversy

The family of the black child model has moved out of their home in Sweden for security reasons after inadvertently becoming the focal point of the uproar caused by the clothing giant H&M's controversial ad, which many deemed "racist."

17.1.2018 9:53 White House Under Fire Over 'Gag Order' Imposed on Steve Bannon

US President Trump’s former top aide has testified in a closed-door session before the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, which is investigating the so-called Russian meddling in US elections; Bannon's seeming reluctance to speak has caused a barrage of criticism from Democratic politicians.

17.1.2018 9:52 States at Vancouver Meeting Want Unileteral Sanctions Against N Korea

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Twenty states that took part in a meeting of foreign ministers in Canada's Vancouver have agreed to ensure the strict enforcement of sanctions against North Korea and to prevent Pyongyang from circumventing the restrictions, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said.

17.1.2018 9:4 A Bolt From the Blue: WATCH 'Meteoroid' Light up Sky Over Detroit

Following multiple reports of a flash in the sky, accompanied by the sound of thunder near Detroit, Michigan, the US National Weather Service confirmed that the phenomena were not weather-related.
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