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The USA might start to supply arms to Ukraine · 2015-02-05 17:02

According to the New York Times, NATO’s commander in Europe, American general Phillip Breedlove, approves of supplying ?arms for defense? to Kiev, and some officials in the White House and the Pentagon support this proposal.

“President Obama didn’t make a decision to help Ukraine with arms. But after a number of the serious defeats, which the Ukrainian forces have suffered lately, the Obama administration considers an issue of military assistance@, the newspaper informs.

According to its data, the US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is visiting Kiev this week, “is ready for discussions about supplying arms”. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey might also take part in these negotiations.

The White House and the State Department haven’t commented on this matter yet. The USA provided to Ukraine military assistance for 300 million dollars, inclusively the equipment, but this assistance, according to the Washington statement, doesn’t include arms themselves.

As reported by the publication, the President’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice earlier declaimed against supplying weapons to Ukraine, but now she can reconsider her position.

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RIA News:

19.9.2018 13:59 No-Deal Brexit May Lead to EU Car Prices Growth by $1,974 - Auto Trade Body

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The UK automotive trade body, UK Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, emphasized that in case if the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union without a deal, the country would have to comply with World Trade Organization rules, under which import tariffs of 10 percent would be introduced.

19.9.2018 13:37 Trump ‘Feels Terribly’ for Kavanaugh, Slams ‘Lousy’ Dems Over SCOTUS Nomination

Shortly before the Republican-controlled Senate was set to start voting to confirm him as a Supreme Court judge, Brett Kavanaugh was accused of having engaged in sexual misconduct decades ago, sparking conspiracy theories that the Democrats were using stalling tactics to derail his nomination.

19.9.2018 13:35 Russia Not Received Data From Israel on Situation With IL-20 in Syria - Peskov

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia has not yet received data from Israel on the situation with the IL-20 aircraft crash in Syria, experts will examine it in due time, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

19.9.2018 13:5 Situation in Afghanistan Heats Up Daily Because of US Presence – Lawmaker

Kabul refused to participate in the Moscow meeting on Afghanistan under US pressure; Washington was not interested in ending the conflict, chairman of the defense and security commission of the National Assembly Shabaz Naseri told Sputnik.

19.9.2018 13:1 Warsaw Prepared to Pay for Construction of 'Fort Trump' in Poland – Duda

Earlier, the Polish president attempted to entice Trump with a proposal to build a new permanent American base in Poland with the US president's name on it. Trump confirmed that Washington was looking at the proposal "very seriously."

19.9.2018 12:57 'OWN MY BOOBS!' Model Places Her Breast Implants on Auction With Bid of $2K

The camgirl claims that after sharing her intention to undergo surgery to replace her implants with bigger ones via her social media, she started getting offers to buy her used silicon pads. The woman decided to sell them to the highest bidder.

19.9.2018 12:34 'We'll Have to Take the Rap': Israeli Media React to Downing of Russian Plane

On Monday, a Russian recon aircraft carrying 15 servicemen was destroyed by friendly fire off the Syrian coast; the incident coincided with an Israeli attack on targets in Syria. Following the disaster, Russia's Ministry of Defense accused Israel of "irresponsible action" and of using the aircraft as a shield against Syrian anti-aircraft systems.

19.9.2018 11:48 Swedish Prosecutor OKs Construction of Mosque in Exchange for 3,000 Votes

The case triggered a searing debate about the fairness of the Swedish election, resulting in at least three police reports reflecting accusations of unauthorized election meddling; however, the prosecution found that no crime was committed.

19.9.2018 11:44 Trump Says 'No' to Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Companies

Speaking to journalists before meeting his Polish colleague Andrzej Duda, the US President slammed the joint venture to build a direct gas pipeline from Russia to central Europe via the Baltic Sea, calling it "unfortunate for the people" of Germany.

19.9.2018 11:23 Operation Countenance: The UK de Facto Occupied Iran in 1941 – Academic

The Anglo-Soviet incursion in Iran, codenamed Operation Countenance, took place between August 25 and September 17, 1941. It still sparks a lively debate among historians: while some researchers claim that the Soviet Union and Britain had used WWII as an excuse to occupy the country, others insist that sending troops there was entirely justified.

19.9.2018 10:20 Two Taken to Hospital After Car Hit Pedestrians Near Islamic Centre in London

Scotland Yard has said that the accident is not being considered terrorism-related.

19.9.2018 10:19 Pope's Claim Sex Is 'Gift of God' Stirs Abuse Controversy on Twitter

The Pope praised human sexuality and decried pornography in a speech to young French Catholics. Last week, he stated that Satan attempts to attack Catholic bishops so as to "scandalize the people," responding to a raft of sexual scandals that have been rocking the Church.

19.9.2018 10:0 Norwegian Survey Finds Half of Domestic Violence Occurs in Immigrant Families

Both the right-wing Progress Party and the left-wing Labor Party found these figures disturbing, as did researchers of family violence.

19.9.2018 10:0 Russian Model, Her British Husband Revealed to Be Poisoned in Salisbury - Report

The couple fell ill after having dinner in a local restaurant, meters away from the café where, in March, former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter had lunch before being hospitalized, allegedly poisoned with what the British authorities described as a nerve agent “Novichok,” invented in the Soviet Union.

19.9.2018 9:38 Russia Welcomes Inter-Korean Summit – Ambassador to North Korea

TOKYO (Sputnik) - Russia welcomes the inter-Korean summit as reconciliation between the North and the South will ease tensions and create an atmosphere of mutual trust on the Korean Peninsula, Russian Ambassador to North Korea Alexander Matsegora told Sputnik.

19.9.2018 9:0 Turkey Should Revive Ties With Assad to Stop US Buildup in Syria – Observers

To prevent the creation of an autonomous Kurdish entity in northern Syria by US-backed Kurdish militias and to solve the Idlib issue, Ankara needs to revive working relations with the Syrian government, Turkish political observers told Sputnik, commenting on Washington's alleged attempts to boost its positions to the east of the Euphrates.

19.9.2018 8:45 Trump Calls Supreme Court Hearings Delay ‘Reason He Got Elected President’

The US President noted that both the Republican voters and his opponents could watch and learn from his example while paying attention to the Democratic “playbook”.

19.9.2018 8:40 Trump Orders Release of Secret Docs on Russian Probe Without Reading Them First

The US President said in an interview on Tuesday that he'd ordered the release of classified documents detailing the Russia collusion case; he is sure it will expose the “corrupt” FBI and show that the whole case is a “hoax”.

19.9.2018 8:0 UK PM May: Britain and EU Can Achieve Orderly Brexit Deal 'With Goodwill'

British Prime Minister Theresa May is sure that “with goodwill and determination on both sides” the UK and EU can strike a good deal, and expects to have European Commission support in Brexit negotiations in order to achieve the most mutually advantageous outcome.

19.9.2018 7:38 Trump Praises Joint Statements Made at Inter-Korean Summit in Pyongyang

US President Donald Trump has expressed his excitement after the North and South Korean governments issued joint statements on the second day of the three-day inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang, which included a denuclearization pledge and plans to co-host the 2032 Olympics.
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