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The USA might start to supply arms to Ukraine · 2015-02-05 17:02

According to the New York Times, NATO’s commander in Europe, American general Phillip Breedlove, approves of supplying ?arms for defense? to Kiev, and some officials in the White House and the Pentagon support this proposal.

“President Obama didn’t make a decision to help Ukraine with arms. But after a number of the serious defeats, which the Ukrainian forces have suffered lately, the Obama administration considers an issue of military assistance@, the newspaper informs.

According to its data, the US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is visiting Kiev this week, “is ready for discussions about supplying arms”. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey might also take part in these negotiations.

The White House and the State Department haven’t commented on this matter yet. The USA provided to Ukraine military assistance for 300 million dollars, inclusively the equipment, but this assistance, according to the Washington statement, doesn’t include arms themselves.

As reported by the publication, the President’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice earlier declaimed against supplying weapons to Ukraine, but now she can reconsider her position.

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RIA News:

23.9.2017 15:47 'Unpredictable' AfD: What Are German Party's Chances in Bundestag Vote

While there is just one day to go until Germans head to the polls to elect their new government, experts and polling institutions face difficulties with assessing the real chances of the Alternative for Germany party for success.

23.9.2017 15:24 Nearly 80% of Deir Ez-Zor's Oil Fields, Most Gas Deposits Under Daesh Control

The Syrian Gas Company representative in Deir ez-Zor claimed that Daesh terrorists control over 80 percent of oil resources and almost all gas deposits, severely damaging and destroying their infrastructure.

23.9.2017 15:6 Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Shakes Mexico Coast Days After Deadly Quake

The US Geological Survey reported Saturday that a 5.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in waters off the Mexican coast.

23.9.2017 14:42 Sleep Less, Feel Good: Sleep Deprivation Helps Cure Depression - Study

A team of US researchers has determined that total or partial sleep deprivation can produce clinical improvements to depression symptoms within 24 hours helping “reset” the internal clock of depressed people whose circadian rhythms are disrupted.

23.9.2017 14:29 Nuclear Proliferation Watchdog Examining Unusual Seismic Activity in North Korea

The nuclear proliferation watchdog launched a probe into the latest earthquake in North Korea, which allegedly was caused by an explosion.

23.9.2017 14:25 US ‘Definitely’ Not Canceling Visa Programs for Russia – Ambassador to Moscow

US Ambassador to Moscow assures that Washington is not going to cancel visa programs for Russian applicants.

23.9.2017 13:33 Amazon, DHL Beware: China Refits Plane Into Delivery Drone

Chinese engineers have converted a New Zealand-made utility plane into the world's first large transport drone for an express delivery company. It is a notable step ahead from the small and low-speed drones currently used by international giants such as Amazon and DHL.

23.9.2017 13:28 British Pound Flash Crashes on May Brexit Plan, Moody’s Downgrade

The pound sterling flash-crashed against the dollar and the euro following PM Theresa May’s announcement of her Brexit plan, as the UK’s investment grade was subject to downgrade and market skepticism mounts over the nation’s public finance sector.

23.9.2017 13:7 Fed Policymakers Divided Over Late-Cycle Weak Inflation

Federal Reserve Board members can’t identify the reasons behind the weak inflation, albeit other macro fundamentals suggest the pace of price growth is supposed to be quicker, and above the targeted 2 percent.

23.9.2017 12:42 Rocky Road to Peace: Deir Ez-Zor Will Fall, But War Not Over Yet

With Syrian government forces tightening their noose around the sections of Deir ez-Zor still controlled by terrorists, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the liberation of the city will be a crushing defeat for Daesh. Yet, the fall of Deir ez-Zor will hardly be able to put an end to the war any time soon, a military expert told Sputnik.

23.9.2017 12:18 3.4 Magnitude Earthquake Probably Caused by Explosion Hits North Korea

China earthquake center reports that a 3.4 magnitude earthquake hit the territory of North Korea. Seismologists say the quake probably caused by an explosion.

23.9.2017 12:7 Trump's Speech at UN General Assembly 'Very Unfortunate' - Venezuela's UN Envoy

In an interview to Sputnik, the Venezuelan permanent representative to the United Nations described Donald Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly as "very unfortunate."

23.9.2017 10:54 DPR Minister Wounded in Assassination Attempt in Donetsk - Source

A source told Sputnik that the Donetsk People's Republic minister of Revenue and Duties was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt.

23.9.2017 8:53 Trump Brushes Off Claims of Russia Vote Meddling as Democrats' Best Hoax

The US president once again denied the accusations made by Democrats that Russia was involved in meddling in the 2016 presidential election, calling the issue "the Russian hoax."

23.9.2017 8:35 Canada’s Trudeau Seeks to Unlock Lethal Arms Exports to Ukraine – Reports

The Globe and Mail newspaper reported that the Canadian prime minister was seeking to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons.

23.9.2017 7:53 Moody’s Downgrades UK Credit Rating Over Brexit Uncertainty

Moody's lowered the United Kingdom's credit rating over the lack of confidence in securing country's economic policy amid Brexit

23.9.2017 7:22 China to Limit Export of Oil Products to North Korea

China’s Commerce Ministry announced that it would limit exports of refined petroleum products to North Korea.

23.9.2017 6:49 China's 'Dead Sea' Transforms Into Incredible Pink and Green

Curious visitors from around central China have flocked to Yungcheng Salt Lake this month to see it turn pink on one side, while the other remains green.

23.9.2017 6:21 First Ever Charter Flight from Japan Lands on Russia’s Kuril Islands

The first-ever charter plane from Japan to Russia’s Southern Kuril Islands landed on Saturday. The historic flight was postponed earlier this summer due to bad weather conditions.
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