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The USA might start to supply arms to Ukraine · 2015-02-05 17:02

According to the New York Times, NATO’s commander in Europe, American general Phillip Breedlove, approves of supplying ?arms for defense? to Kiev, and some officials in the White House and the Pentagon support this proposal.

“President Obama didn’t make a decision to help Ukraine with arms. But after a number of the serious defeats, which the Ukrainian forces have suffered lately, the Obama administration considers an issue of military assistance@, the newspaper informs.

According to its data, the US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is visiting Kiev this week, “is ready for discussions about supplying arms”. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey might also take part in these negotiations.

The White House and the State Department haven’t commented on this matter yet. The USA provided to Ukraine military assistance for 300 million dollars, inclusively the equipment, but this assistance, according to the Washington statement, doesn’t include arms themselves.

As reported by the publication, the President’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice earlier declaimed against supplying weapons to Ukraine, but now she can reconsider her position.

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RIA News:

16.12.2017 7:47 Eastern Europe Should Show More Solidarity on Refugee Issue - Tusk

Eastern European countries should display more solidarity on the refugee issue, European Council President Donald Tusk stated on Friday, following a European Council meeting which failed to reach a consensus on EU migration policy reforms.

16.12.2017 7:27 Japan Supports Iran Nuclear Deal, Confirms No Violations by Tehran

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said on Friday that Japan supports the Iran nuclear agreement and confirms no violations by Tehran.

16.12.2017 6:18 Daesh Possession of Anti-Tank Missile Exposes CIA Plan to Arm Jihadists

The acquisition of an anti-tank weapon by Daesh exposes the fact the CIA knowingly took great risks to arm extremists in a desperate bid to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, analysts told Sputnik.

16.12.2017 5:22 US 'Paranoid' Style, Self-Doubt Torpedo Talks With Russia - Ex-Canadian Diplomat

The paranoid atmosphere dominating politics in Washington has blocked Russian President Vladimir Putin’s continuing efforts to cooperate with the United States, retired Canadian diplomat Patrick Armstrong told Sputnik.

16.12.2017 4:5 Tax Reform Plan Reflects US Bid to Become World's Most Unequal Society

The pending Republican proposal to revamp the US tax code appears to reflect an effort to boost income inequality, a report by UN Special Rapporteur stated.

16.12.2017 3:49 ‘They Really Want a War’: Assange-Linked Comedian Blasts Russiagate Subpoena

Lending credence to the notion that it’s all a big joke, the investigation into alleged collusion between US President Donald Trump and Russian actors has led to the US House Intelligence Committee subpoenaing a comedian.

16.12.2017 3:45 Economist: GOP Tax Bill Offers Little for Poor or Middle Class Americans

US President Donald Trump ran on a populist platform to uplift people sweeping tax cuts, but “there’s not much” in the final version of the Republican tax bill “for low- and middle-income people,” Dean Baker, economist and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, told Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear Friday.

16.12.2017 2:55 DACA Recipients Take Over Democratic Senator's Office, Demand ‘Clean DREAM Act'

On Friday, seven Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients risked arrest and deportation when they staged a sit-in in the office of Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer with the hopes of getting the 67-year-old politician to say he would block any spending bill that doesn't include a "clean DREAM Act."

16.12.2017 2:54 Soothe a Savage Breast: Study Finds Music Helps Treat Depression

Treating depression with medication and psychotherapy is more successful when music is added into the mix, according to a new study conducted by Norwegian researchers.

16.12.2017 2:52 Debates on EU Sanctions Against Russia to Become More Difficult – Slovak PM

Further debates on prolongation of EU sanctions against Russia will become more and more difficult because of their negative impact on the European economy, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Friday.

16.12.2017 2:14 Myanmar Killed 6,700 Rohingya in a Single Month - Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has reported that at least 6,700 people were killed by Myanmar’s military in a single month. The deaths came as a result of Naypyidaw’s crackdown on the nation’s Rohingya Muslim minority in August 2017.

16.12.2017 2:4 UK Homelessness Increase, Cold Weather Could Result in More Deaths on Streets

The growing number of homeless people on the streets of the United Kingdom as severe winter weather hits the country could result in an increase in deaths.

16.12.2017 1:36 US to Continue Deconflict With Russia After F-22A, Su-25 Incident

The United States will continue to deconflict with Russia in Syria after the incident between US F-22 fighter jets and Russian Su-25 attack aircraft on Wednesday.

16.12.2017 0:54 Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works, Aerion Aircraft Seek Supersonic Business Jet

The aircraft firm Aerion and Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works agreed to explore the feasibility of developing the world's first supersonic business jet.

16.12.2017 0:53 Pi Kappa Alpha Indicted for Hazing After Forcing Pledge to Roll in Vomit, Feces

The Tennessee-based Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was indicted Thursday for a November 2016 hazing incident in which pledges were allegedly deprived of food, water and sleep, among other unpleasant things.

16.12.2017 0:50 Daesh Targets Washington’s National Cathedral in Violent New Image

Daesh plans to continue calling on terror cells and lone wolves to attack US churches during the Christmas season and has focused on the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, as an especially juicy target, according to a new report.

16.12.2017 0:45 US Forces in Europe Boost Firepower for ‘Chance Encounters’ With Russian Armor

The US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment has become US European Command’s (EUCOM) first unit to receive an upgraded and upgunned version of their Stryker armored fighting vehicles, so that they can better face off with Russian armor in the case of a “chance encounter.”

16.12.2017 0:41 US Ready to Provide Food Aid to Venezuela if Maduro Allows Delivery

The United States is ready to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuela if President Nicolas Maduro accepts delivery, US State Department spokesperson said on Friday.

15.12.2017 23:53 Emblems of 2022 Olympics, Paralympics in Beijing Unveiled

Emblems of the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing have been unveiled on Friday.

15.12.2017 23:45 Estonian Prime Minister Praises Positive Course of Brexit Negotiations

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas praised on Friday the progress reached by the parties to the negotiations on the UK withdrawal from the European Union.
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