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The Volkswagen plant in Kaluga has stopped assembling three Audi models · 2015-03-17 11:53

The Kaluga plant of the German company “Volkswagen” has stopped the semi knocked down assembly of the three Audi models – Q5 and Q7 Crossovers as well as A7 Hatchback.

According to the Russian news agency “TASS”, quoting the representative of the company, the decision to cease to assemble these models was made in terms of the needs of the company and the expedience of the production. Theoretically, the plant can restore the assembling of Q3, Q5, A7 models, but this question haven't been considered so far.

Nowadays, at the Volkswagen plant in Kaluga the semi knocked down assembly of ??6 and ??8 Audi models is carried out. All the details for the assembling are supplied to Kaluga from Germany. It is not reported how many cars the plant will make in 2015. Besides Audi cars, the plant in Kaluga produces Volkswagen Tiguan, Polo Sedan and Skoda Rapid.

Bolshoi's Filin to Undergo a Few More Operations in Germany

RIA News:

14.12.2017 23:24 EU Leaders Agree to Prolong Anti-Russian Economic Sanctions

EU has decided to prolong the anti-Russian economic sanctions for another six months, European Council President Donald Tusk said.

14.12.2017 22:5 For the Sake of Fish: The Man Who Deceived Vladimir Putin (VIDEO)

A chief of a fish processing plant in Murmansk posed as a journalist in order to gain access to the Russian president’s annual press conference in order to bring the problems that have befallen his industry to the attention of the head of state.

14.12.2017 18:51 Specialist: Project 5-100 Must be Continued and Expanded to 30 Universities

Starting from 2012, Russia has been implementing Project 5-100, – a state support program for Russian universities. Its goal is to raise the standing of Russian higher education and have at least five member universities in the top-100 of three respected world rankings.

14.12.2017 16:37 From Trump to Russian 2018 Election: Key Takeaways From Putin's Press Conference

This Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted his signature annual press conference, where he faced a myriad of questions that touched on a wide range of issues, from foreign policy highlights to certain domestic issues.

14.12.2017 6:16 Trump Has No Say on Who Rules Syria After Assad’s Victories - Ex-US Ambassador

The Syrian Army’s combat victories have confirmed President Bashar Assad’s hold on power and it is laughable to think President Donald Trump or the United States can do anything about it, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Chas Freeman told Sputnik.

14.12.2017 5:20 Russian Military Operation in Syria Reached End Goal - Kremlin

Russia’s air campaign in Syria has largely reached the final goal of freeing the land from Islamist militants, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday.

14.12.2017 2:10 Moscow Faces Information Confrontation Aimed to 'Strangle' Russia - Kremlin

The "information war" unleashed against Russia is part of attempts to 'strangle' the sovereignty of the country, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

13.12.2017 19:56 Ask Him Anything: Four Things to Know About Putin's Marathon Press Conference

On December 14, Vladimir Putin will hold his end of year press conference, an annual event garnering significant attention in Russia and around the world. Sputnik shares the four most important things you'll want to know to get a sense of the context behind the event.

13.12.2017 14:53 Putin’s Press Conference May Hail Start of Election Debates in Russia - Analysts

Putin is holding his annual press conference for the 13th time, however, this year is likely to stand out, as the presidential election is approaching in Russia.

13.12.2017 3:37 'Extremely Important' to Establish Working US-Russia Relationship - Tillerson

The United States and Russia do not have a working relationship, but President Donald Trump thinks it is extremely important to establish one, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said at a press conference.

13.12.2017 3:9 Russia, EU Agreed to Discuss Lifting of Mutual Trade Barriers

Russia and the European Union have agreed to discuss the mutual lifting of trade restrictions, according to Russian Economy Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin.

13.12.2017 2:29 US Committed to Geneva Process, Sees No Future for Assad Regime in Syria

The United States does not believe Syrian President Bashar Assad will stay in power and remains committed to the Geneva process, Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert said during a press briefing.

12.12.2017 19:24 Spin Me Right Round! Russian Zoo's Fox Masterly Fiddles Fidget Spinner (VIDEO)

Even though the spinner craze has almost passed, some animals still find this toy pretty amusing! This talented resident of the Chelyabinsk Zoo finds true delight in spinning the toy, and zoo employees are now considering to make one especially for the animal.

12.12.2017 16:17 Russia's Fregat Upper Stage Fall Caused by Incorrect Software Operation

The Russian state space corporation has revealed the reasons behind the downfall of the Fregat upper stage and 19 satellites, carried by a Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket.

12.12.2017 14:55 Not Your Grandpa's Robot: Russian Robot 'FEDOR' May Become Self-Learning

F.E.D.O.R., which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research is the first Russian humanoid robot, created within the framework of the Foundation of Advanced Studies. The robot is designed to replace humans in high-risk situations for example, in rescue operations and in space.

12.12.2017 10:39 Russian FSB Prevents Terror Acts on New Year Holidays, Election Campaign Cycle

Russia's Federal Security Service head has presented the results of the agency's work in 2017 on anti-terrorist operations in the country.

12.12.2017 4:35 Putin Stresses Importance of Akkuyu NPP Construction Launch in Turkey

The launch of construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is crucial, while the construction of another joint project between Moscow and Ankara – the Turkish Stream pipeline, is going according to the schedule, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

12.12.2017 4:4 Russian Embassy in US Urges Citizens Stay Vigilant After New York Attack

The Russian embassy in the United States is urging Russian nationals in the country to remain vigilant after an attempted terror attack occurred in New York City earlier on Monday, embassy’s spokesperson Nikolay Lakhonin said in a release.

12.12.2017 3:47 Though Withdrawing from Syria, Russia ‘Is Back in the Middle East’

Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a surprise visit to Syria on Monday, where he announced that his nation would begin to withdraw “a significant part” of their military forces deployed in the Middle Eastern nation as its long civil war draws to a close.

12.12.2017 2:20 Bulgaria Offers Russia’s MiG Corp Contract to Repair 15 Aircraft for $49Mln

Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry offered Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG a four-year contract worth $49 million for maintenance of 15 Mikoyan MiG-29 fighter jets, Russian media reported Monday.

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