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The Volkswagen plant in Kaluga has stopped assembling three Audi models · 2015-03-16 11:53

The Kaluga plant of the German company “Volkswagen” has stopped the semi knocked down assembly of the three Audi models – Q5 and Q7 Crossovers as well as A7 Hatchback.

According to the Russian news agency “TASS”, quoting the representative of the company, the decision to cease to assemble these models was made in terms of the needs of the company and the expedience of the production. Theoretically, the plant can restore the assembling of Q3, Q5, A7 models, but this question haven't been considered so far.

Nowadays, at the Volkswagen plant in Kaluga the semi knocked down assembly of ??6 and ??8 Audi models is carried out. All the details for the assembling are supplied to Kaluga from Germany. It is not reported how many cars the plant will make in 2015. Besides Audi cars, the plant in Kaluga produces Volkswagen Tiguan, Polo Sedan and Skoda Rapid.

Bolshoi's Filin to Undergo a Few More Operations in Germany

RIA News:

28.5.2020 22:44 Russia Spotted 21 Foreign Spy Jets Close to National Airspace Over Past Week

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Russian Armed Forces detected 21 foreign jets that were engaged in reconnaissance activities close to Russia’s airspace last week, the military’s official newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda reported on Friday.

28.5.2020 15:23 Nobody Hiding Anything: Moscow Mayor Says City Publishes All Data on COVID-19 Mortality

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Moscow is publishing all data on mortality and not hiding anything, the Russian capital's mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, said Thursday.

28.5.2020 9:53 Kremlin Says Nord Stream 2 Plans Remain Unchanged, Sanctions Against Project Contradict Int'l Law

In December 2019, the US included sanctions against companies, involved in the project, in its 2020 defence budget. The Nord Stream 2 operator has stated that it treats such threats as discrimination against European companies.

28.5.2020 1:7 Russian FM Says Moscow Concerned About Attempts to Defame World Health Organization

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Moscow is concerned about attempts to defame the World Health Organization (WHO), it is necessary to improve its activities instead of destroying the body, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

28.5.2020 0:18 US to Ship 150 More Ventilators to Russia on Saturday

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States will ship 150 more ventilators to Russia on Saturday to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Vyaire Medical Company representative Patrick O'Connor said.

27.5.2020 14:37 Turkey Committed ‘In Principle’ to Activating Russian-Made S-400 Missiles, Erdogan's Spokesman Says

Washington has consistently objected to NATO-member Turkey acquiring the Russian-made S-400 missile systems, claiming they were incompatible with security standards of the alliance and might compromise the operations of the new US fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets.

27.5.2020 1:57 SCO Summit, Scheduled for 22-23 July in St. Petersburg, Postponed, Source Says

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia has decided to postpone the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), it could be held closer to the fall, a high-ranking source familiar with the organization of the event said.

26.5.2020 12:14 President Putin Orders to Hold Victory Day Parade on 24 June

The traditional parade on 9 May was previously delayed amid the coronavirus pandemic, as Russia introduced self-isolation measures to curb the outbreak of the disease.

26.5.2020 11:31 Russian FM Lavrov Slams US for Trying to Pressure Beijing Over Hong Kong Security Bill

The legislation, introduced by the Chinese government and is yet to be voted on, suggests to make treason and sedition laws stricter, banning any activities that could potentially "split the country".

26.5.2020 9:59 Video Capturing Blood-Chilling Moment of Mi-8 Crash in Russia's Far East Emerges Online

An Mi-8 helicopter made a crash landing at Anadyr Airport in Russia's Far East. As a result, all four crew members lost their lives. According to preliminary reports, the incident occurred due to a technical malfunction.

26.5.2020 9:23 Russian Investigators Open Criminal Probe Into Flight Rules Breach After Mi-8 Catastrophe

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Russian Investigative Committee said on Tuesday it was launching a criminal probe into violation of rules of flights or preparations for flights after the catastrophe involving the Mi-8 military helicopter.

26.5.2020 3:9 Military Helicopter Makes Hard Landing in Russia's Far East, Four People Killed

VLADIVOSTOK (Sputnik) - A Mi-8 helicopter has made a hard landing at Anadyr Airport in Russia's Far East, a law enforcement source said.

26.5.2020 2:14 Tests of Russia's Poseidon Drone Carrier, Belgorod Sub to Last Until End of 2021 - Source

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Tests of Russia's Project 09852 nuclear submarine Belgorod, which will be the first experimental carrier of Poseidon nuclear-powered underwater drones, will last until the end of 2021, a defenсe industry source said.

25.5.2020 15:49 Moscow Court Orders Detention for Bank Attacker Until 23 July

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Moscow's Khamovniki district court on Monday ordered the detention until 23 July of a man who barricaded himself with hostages in a bank on Saturday, spokesman Irakli Sokhadze said.

25.5.2020 15:16 Transfer of Open Skies Treaty Data to Non-Parties Must Be Ruled Out - Russian Top Diplomat

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The transfer of data received by the countries participating in the Open Skies Treaty to third countries that are not parties to it will be a gross violation of the "letter and spirit" of the treaty, and this must be ruled out, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said.

25.5.2020 14:59 Russia's Ruling Party Reports Cyberattack on Website as Primaries Begin for September Vote

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The website of the United Russia party was subjected to a so-called distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) upon launching the remote primary electoral contest to choose party candidates at the upcoming regional elections in September, the deputy secretary of the party's General Council, Sergei Perminov, said on Monday.

25.5.2020 14:40 Kremlin Spokesman Peskov Discharged from Hospital Where He Was Treated for COVID-19

The spokesperson for the president announced that his COVID-19 test had returned positive on 12 May and said that he had been taken to hospital. His spouse Tatyana Navka also tested positive for the coronavirus.

25.5.2020 11:36 Russian Prosecutors Ask for 18-Year Jail Term for US National Whelan on Espionage Charges

Former US Marine Paul Whelan has been held by the Russian authorities for nearly 17 months after he was arrested in Moscow in 2018 because of a flash drive in his possession that contained classified information.

24.5.2020 19:8 Shootout Near Apartment Building in Moscow Leaves One Person Injured

The first alleged videos of the firefight have started emerging online and suggest that the perpetrators were armed with pistols, possibly non-lethal ones, as well as rifles.

24.5.2020 18:34 Trump Claims Putin Likes Him, But Doesn't Want Him to Win Election in 2020

In the past, POTUS has repeatedly stressed that he has taken the toughest stance on Russia of all presidents in US history amid allegations of a conspiracy between his campaign and Moscow – which later turned out to be baseless.

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