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AVTOVAZ has received an approval from Renault Alliance · 2017-02-16 18:36

AVTOVAZ has received an approval from Renault Alliance for full-cycle production of HR16 engines. The corresponding opinion has been signed by authorized bodies of Renault-Nissan Alliance after process audit and serial production tests.

In January 2017, VTOVAZ industrialized casting of HR16 engine?s main elements, namely cylinder block and cylinder head, machining of these aluminum blank parts, and crankshaft machining. Thereby, AVTOVAZ and Renault-Nissan Alliance have brought localization of HR 16 engine (produced in Togliatti) to the maximum. As of today, this is the only foreign engine produced in Russia with such deep localization.

A new aluminum casting plant and automatic machining lines were installed at AVTOVAZ for new process operations related to production of HR16 engine parts. Production capacity of this process is 150 K engines per year. Before new a step of localization, production went through several process tests and adjustments. 60 engines were manufactured in order to achieve the required level of quality. These engines underwent tests on benched and vehicles. In January 2017, Alliance?s audit confirmed high quality of engines made by AVTOVAZ.

HR 16 engine is one of the base engines of the Alliance. This engine features aluminum cylinder block with cast iron sleeves, variable valve timing, steel crankshaft, non-adjustable valve pushers instead of hydraulic engine mounts, timing chain instead of timing belt. Engine design provides for completely new level of accuracy for part manufacturing. Production of HR16 engines implements new quality system which assures compliance with global standards of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Each process step incorporates error-proofing system: in the event of process fault, assembly line stops automatically. Quality system includes multi-step control at each production line. Each assembled engine undergoes testing in various modes at special bench. Process provides for weekly checks, when one of the engines is completely disassembled and analyzed for manufacturing quality. Similar requirements are applied for production of LADA engines.

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