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LADA XRAY successfully passed the test · 2017-04-13 16:01

On 9 April LADA expedition to Yakutia ended, it was started on 27 February in Togliatti. The rally was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the start of production of legendary LADA 4×4.

Team of travelers “Savages” went on an expedition on the serial LADA XRAY and two LADA 4×4, modified for extreme trip. For 42 days the participants overcame 23 thousand kilometers. All cars successfully reached Oymyakon (the coldest inhabited locality in the world).

During the trip, the cars were subjected to extreme loads, moving at a constant high speed on the ground and snowy roads at temperatures up to minus 39 degrees.

LADA XRAY successfully passed the test due to its high cross-country ability and a design that was specially developed for driving in difficult conditions. The ground clearance of the car at full load is 195 mm, this makes it possible to move on the paths of very different quality. The comfort of the driver and passengers is ensured by an efficient climate system and a comfortable interior with good transformation possibilities.

By results of March 2017 LADA XRAY set up a record of monthly sales
Swimmer from Togliatti became a silver medalist of the Russian Championship

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