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LADA Granta took the second position in the RBC rating · 2017-04-27 18:36

LADA Granta took the second position in the RBC rating of ‘’Products for people’’ as the best Russian car.

The magazine made a list of products and services created by Russian companies or entrepreneurs. A mandatory condition was that all the products from the list should be intended for ordinary people; so, the products of defense and space industry as well as of heavy industry were not taken into account.

LADA Granta was the only vehicle among 30 participants of the rating. The RBC journalists describe the model as follows: ‘’One more low cost car of AVTOVAZ which was launched into production in 2011 and replaced the last classic model of the plant ? LADA ‘’seven’’, as well as Samara and Kalina. The combination of low price and rather good technical characteristics made the car a real best seller: in 2013, 2014 and 2015 LADA Granta became the most sold car in Russia. Totally 520 thousand cars have been sold’’.

The rating makers notice that the three key indicators they took for calculation of the final score were the speed of attracting the audience, average monthly revenue and the number of patents and certificates obtained for the product, including trade marks.

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