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The jubilee of the legendary car: the fest for the fans · 2017-07-07 15:51

This year is a jubilee year for LADA 4?4. 40 years ago in 1977 the first car of this model went off the assembly line. Back in those days Soviet engineers could not imagine that they are giving a birth to the real legend.

This model holds a series of world records after it passed the most distant and impassible places and corners of the Earth. LADA 4?4 has been to the North Pole three times, it?s been having its duty in Antarctica for 12 years, it?s been to the Tibetan Plateau and several times to Elbrus and Everest. It has conquered all the Earth continents, there have been about 2,5 million cars of this model produced in 40 years, and over 350 thousands of them exported.

The ??Anniversary?? series consisting of 1977 cars was launched in honor of the 40-th anniversary, these cars are specific with the new colors applied for interior trim and body paints and body claddings with the jubilee symbols. And in July the special series will get another special LADA 4×4 with the ??camouflage?? body, painted in mass-production conditions. The protective paint for LADA 4?4 bodies is made of combination of three metallized colors ? light-greenish, dark-green and black. Bumpers and light-alloy wheels are painted in black. Special trim of the interior is outlined with the bright red-orange ??mask?? on the instrument cluster, eco-leather trimmed steering wheel and rockers made of stainless steel.

LADA 4?4 ??Camouflage?? will be shown to 4×4 fans for the first time at the NivaFest, where the members of European and Russian fan-clubs are going to meet-up. This tradition of regular gatherings and off-road contests among the fans of the model was laid back in 2002 in Germany, on the 25-th anniversary of the legend. Such events have been, also, traditionally laid in Russia. On the 40-th anniversary of the car, the NivaFest will take place on Fedorov?s meadows near Togliatti city.

The fest expects to receive over 150 of prepared crews from Russia, Germany, Austria and Holland from 7 to 9 of July 2017 in the 13-killometers off-road race. Competition in this discipline will run in the categories ??Standard?? (the cars of mass-production versions), ??Tourism?? (the cars with minimum race tunings), ??Sport?? (maximum prepared cars). Also, there will be an exhibition of special LADA 4×4 cars, contests and test-drives of LADA Vesta, LADA XRAY, LADA Kalina Cross and LADA Largus Cross and new versions of LADA 4×4 organized for the fans and guests.

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