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An exhibition "Dolls of the World" will be opened in Togliatti Local History Museum · 2017-10-02 12:20

On Wednesday, October 5, an exhibition “Dolls of the World” from the private collection of N. Goncharenko will open in the Museum of Local History in Togliatti .

The exhibition will feature about three hundred dolls from Russia, Europe, America, Asia and Africa, dating from the 20th and 21st centuries. The geography of the exhibits is represented by Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Serbia, Ireland, Belgium, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, England, France, Vietnam, China, Japan. By appointment, traditional dolls, amulets, ritual and play dolls, as well as dolls in national costumes of the representative countries are singled out.

Materials, from which the exhibits are made, demonstrate the changing of technologies and techniques in historical dynamics – from traditional handicraft to industrial. There are dolls made of wood, bast, straw, porcelain, using lace, linen fibers, textiles, furs, beads and – plastic.

A variety of exhibits, the selection of characteristic iconic dolls for a particular culture, allow you to travel from archaism, through national traditions, to the modern world of eclecticism and stylization.

“Dolls of the World” will be exhibited in the Togliatti Museum of Local History until November 5. The exhibition includes excursions and master classes.

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