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Students of Samara region supported the project "ON RUSSIA!" · 2017-10-25 13:42

During the teleconference held between the students of Togliatti State University and Tomsk Polytechnic University, a new student mobile application ??ON RUSSIA!?? Was presented.

For today 15 regions of Russia take part in the project. Authors from Tomsk present their main functions and opportunities to colleagues from other cities, and also develop formats for cooperation with various universities. Students of the Samara region also wished to participate in the joint development of the application.

The main idea of the mobile application ??ON RUSSIA!?? is that it will allow to unite in the online mode active and patriotic youth from all regions, all those who are sure: our Russia is a great country to be proud of. The application will reflect interesting events, as well as unique assignments and quests, for the passage of which participants will receive points and exchange them for prizes.

Currently, the beta version of the application is available, available for download at the Google Play store. Now the finalization of the project is completed and very soon it will be presented in the Apple App Store.

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