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The dealers of LADA received the car LADA XRAY 2018 model year with new options that increase comfort and safety · 2018-02-06 11:57

Top-complete Luxe package Prestige and a special version of Exclusive received a cruise control system and speed limits. The new functions are controlled by the steering wheel. The system automatically maintains the desired speed without affecting the accelerator pedal and prevents the driver from speeding.

Cruise control and speed limiter increase the comfort of driving, allow you to move more confidently and safely in the city and beyond. The new option is equipped with cars with a 1.8 l motor (122 HP) and a manual or automatic transmission.

Introducing intelligent systems in the car, LADA engineers pay attention to less complex, but no less important things. So, all complete sets LADA XRAY 2018 year received a special plastic lining of the threshold of the Luggage opening, which improves the aesthetic quality of the car. In addition, in the embodiment of Luxe appeared Central interior light for lighting the second row of seats and illumination of places of entry and exit at the front doors. Previously, these lighting elements were installed only on the Exclusuve version.

Recall that LADA XRAY is one of the most popular in the domestic market: it is in the TOP 10 ranking of sales of new cars in Russia. In 2017, 33 319 LADA XRAY was sold, which is 67% more than last year’s result.

Currently LADA XRAY has 11 options price 614 900 to 845 900 rubles. According to a survey of LADA XRAY owners, the vast majority of customers (about 90%) is ready to recommend the model to their environment and buy the same car in the future. The highest valuation of the buyers have got the bright appearance of the vehicle, maneuverability and high ground clearance (195 mm), as well as ease of Parking and maneuverability.

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