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"The Battle on the Volga-3" was held with a stunning success! · 2018-03-06 13:25

With an astonishing success on March 4, the international tournament on MMA (mixed martial arts) “Battle on the Volga-3” in support of the Russian president, the national leader Vladimir Putin, took place in the Togliatti “Lada-Arena”. At the most capacious sports facilities in the Samara region, there is almost no free space left!

Just like 4 months ago, when a no less grandiose MMA FIGHT NIFGTS GLOBAL 78 tournament took place in Togliatti, Lada-Arena was again given the power of a mix-fight for the whole evening. About six thousand spectators from Togliatti and Samara, many guests from neighboring regions have witnessed a spectacle that will be remembered for a long time. A direct television broadcast was conducted from Tolyatti to the All-Russian TV channel “Match-Fighter”.

As reported by ASM “SPORTIKO”, for five hours in a cage installed in the center of the arena there were tough fights. 14 couples from Russia, Tajikistan, Poland, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan demonstrated their skills to the public. A number of fights took place in the framework of the match between the teams of the Samara region and the fight club “Akhmat” (Tajikistan). Representatives of the Samara Region’s MMA fed on the victories of Musa Kazikhanov, Rasul Mammadbekov, Ramazan Amayev and Mark Volkov, who knocked out his opponent Akmaljon Mamurov in the seventh second of the match! The team from Tajikistan was succeeded by Abdusamad Sangov, Nurullo Aliyev and Fathidin Sobirov. True, the latter fought not with the Russian, but with the fighter from Azerbaijan Zakia Futullazade. Samaret Konstantin Nazarov distinguished himself in a fight with Ufimets Rinat Farsin, after a suffocating “triangle”. Medet Jeanaliev from Kyrgyzstan defeated Dagestan Shamil Temirkhanov.

Of particular interest were the battles of the Grand Prix of the promotion company “Battle on the Volga” heavyweight champion. The noise in the hall was incredible. The public supported local fighters. In the first semi-final Togliatti Alexander Soldatkin was opposed by a very skilled and uncomfortable opponent from the city of Grozny, the representative of the club “Ahmat” Hussein Adamov. The Chechen, being the champion of Russia in grapeplay, dominated in the stalls, but Alexander managed to inflict several crushing blows in the rack, including, and “turntable”, which eventually inclined the sympathy of the judges – all three gave victory to Soldatkin with a score of 29:28.

Only the third fight in the professional MMA was held by Samara heavyweight Shamil Abasov, while his opponent, Charles Andrade from Brazil, was already the 72nd duel! But from the first seconds of this semi-final it became clear who will be the winner. Shamil, who suffered the flu and found the strength to go to the battle, did not make the opponent a chance! Only thanks to experience and great endurance the Brazilian managed to hold out until the end of the third round after the killer blows to the head. Abasov and Soldatkin will meet in the May Grand Prix finals.

Not less interesting and, most importantly, completely unpredictable were the two semi-final battles of the women’s Grand Prix. Togliatti public was counting on the victory of their favorite Julia Kutsenko in the confrontation with the Polish Martha Valiksek. But the rival, skillfully pressing Julia to the net, managed to bring to naught all her possibilities to solve the outcome of the fight in the exchange of blows, beating the decision of the judges. And Zlata Sheftor, recently received a Tolyatti residence permit, lost on points – the master of sports of international class Karine Vasilenko.

In the main battle of the evening between the legendary Russian heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko of the club “Akhmat” and the Polish athlete Shimon Bajor, the intrigue stayed for three minutes. But she died suddenly. An unexpected blow Emelianenko took out a rival and already in finishing sent the Pole into a deep knockout.

It should be noted that the festival of mixed martial arts in Togliatti was organized for residents and guests of our province by the Federation of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) of Samara region and the fight club Akhmat (Tajikistan) with the support of the head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov.

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