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AVTOVAZ due to environmental requirements will reduce the export of LADA to Europe · 2018-03-08 13:38

Information that AVTOVAZ is preparing to reduce the supply of its cars to the European Union, has been confirmed.

The Russian auto giant is going to restore the previous level of supplies by 2020, at the moment the engineers of the enterprise are finishing the equipment for European requirements, said the head of AVTOVAZ, Nicolas More, “Autostat” reports with reference to Izvestia.

Now the EU standard for CO2 emissions is 120 g / km. Automobiles LADA, exported to the European Union, have emission indicators from 138 to 216 g / km. Formally, the manufacturer can supply equipment that does not fit into these norms, but buyers of such “non-ecological” machines must pay an additional tax. For example, in Germany it is 2 euros for each gram of exhaust over the standard.

“The introduction of new environmental requirements in the European Union will lead to a temporary decline in the export of AVTOVAZ vehicles, and we expect full recovery of exports by 2020. Now we are finalizing cars to meet the environmental requirements of the European market,” said Nicolas Mohr.

The company was not informed how much the car sales in the EU will decline in 2018-2019 and how the price of cars will change after the improvements. The revenue from sales of AVTOVAZ cars to the EU in 2017 was about 2.8 billion rubles. At present, five export markets – in Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovakia – are in the EU with AVTOVAZ. Last year in Europe, AVTOVAZ sold 6642 cars, which is 24% higher than in 2016. In 2017, the European Union accounted for 26.6% of all exports of LADA cars.

The problem with toughening of certification tests concerns not only AVTOVAZ: all world companies now also make changes in the design of cars to meet the requirements of the EU market. From 2020, the target for emissions will change even more: CO2 in passenger cars should not exceed 95 g / km.

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