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LADA Vesta under threat of shortage · 2018-03-22 11:58

It became known that LADA dealers began to order cars for May of this year. But the car manufacturer does not yet accept from the sellers of the application for cars of the family LADA Vesta. This follows from the list of models available for order, “Autostat” reports with reference to “Vedomosti”.

According to him, AVTOVAZ refers to the May two-week vacation (corporate holidays and holidays) at the subsidiary company LADA Izhevsk. Now here after the suspension of the release of Nissan models and the transfer to Tolyatti of the liftback Granta, only Vesta is produced. But the same vacation in May will be at the Togliatti plant, and all models produced by him are available for order, one of the dealers is surprised.

Acceptance of applications for Vesta with delivery in May, most likely, will begin a little later – the company has determined to dealers quotas for this family, continues the dealer. But in the market in any case there will be a deficit of Vesta, since the size of quotas is several times less than what the dealers need, he warns. The fact that the quota for May is small, says the top manager of another dealer company. According to dealers, now they have Vesta stocks at the level of monthly sales. A similar situation was a year ago, but then sold one sedan, continues one of the dealers. This time, the deficit will be more serious, he believes: the market has sold the novelty, and the family itself is represented by three versions – the sedan, the versatile person and its cross-version.

Recall, in February LADA Vesta set its own sales record. Last month, Russian LADA dealers sold 8456 cars of this model – 66% more than last year. During the first two months of 2018, sales of LADA Vesta grew by 65% and amounted to 15,152 units. As a result, the flagship model of AVTOVAZ became the most popular LADA car on the Russian market.

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