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In Russia recall 20 thousand cars Mazda CX-5 · 2018-04-13 11:14

OOO “Mazda Motor RUS” recalls 20 030 Mazda CX-5 cars in Russia, implemented from November 2012 to September 2015.

The reason for recall of vehicles brand Mazda CX-5, equipped with a parking brake with a mechanical (cable) drive is an improper tightness of the boot of the rear brake caliper. The parking brake actuator shaft, which is part of the rear brake caliper, can be corroded. With the further operation of the car in this state, it is possible to develop corrosion and increase resistance when the shaft moves. Probably jamming of the corroding shaft in the caliper housing, which can lead to a decrease in the braking force of the parking brake. For a car parked on a slope, this is fraught with an unexpected start and, as a consequence, an increase in the likelihood of a road accident, Rosstandart reports.

On the vehicles of the Mazda CX-5 will be carried out, first of all, check whether the validity of this revocable company applies to the brake calipers installed on the car. If necessary, the parking brake actuator shafts will be checked for corrosion in a certain area. In the event of corrosion detection, the brake calipers will be replaced with modified calipers. In the absence of corrosion, the protective cover will be replaced with a modified cover.


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