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"NIVA" is the best SUV in Russia · 2018-04-16 13:43

Experts named the top five best domestic SUVs.

The leader of this TOP is named “NIVA”. Despite a number of minuses, including the frankly weak 1.7-liter engine, as well as an outdated design that did not receive serious improvements for almost 40 years, the car is one of the most popular off-road vehicles on the Russian car market. It should be noted that he also enjoys good demand in the CIS countries and even Europe, reports Daily-Motor.

The second place went to the model of a joint venture between General Motors and AvtoVAZ, Chevrolet Niva. “Shniva” has a clearance of 200 mm, is equipped with all-wheel drive, lowering gear, as well as locking the differential. In this case, unlike the above models, the SUV is comfortable not only for overcoming off-road, but also behaves well on the asphalt.

In third place SUV “Patriot”, which is often criticized for poor build quality. Nevertheless, this model over the years is becoming an increasingly modern car, which has proven itself in off-road conditions. The Patriot’s ground clearance is 210 mm. Under the hood of the SUV set a 2.7-liter gasoline engine for 135 “horses” and a 2-stage “distribution”.

The fourth position was behind the model GAZ 4WD (Sable 4×4). This minivan is very similar to the “Loaf”, but differs from it with larger overall dimensions. Both cars have an identical ground clearance of 205 mm, as well as a plug-in all-wheel drive. True, “Sable 4×4” is equipped with both gasoline and diesel units for 120 “forces.”

The fifth line went to the all-wheel drive minibus UAZ 2206, called in the common people “Loaf”. This model is characterized by very good off-road characteristics due to the 205-mm clearance and the availability of a pluggable all-wheel drive under the Part-Time scheme. “Loaf” is completed with a 2.7-liter engine for 112 horsepower. A pair of it is a 5-step “mechanics” and a 2-step “distribution”.

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