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The release of LADA Vesta is suspended · 2018-04-18 11:52

On Tuesday, April 17, the car factory LADA Izhevsk stopped production of LADA Vesta cars due to a failure in the supplies of components. The company canceled the work shift, and the number of unreleased cars Vesta is estimated at 285 pieces, reports “Autostat” referring to “Vedomosti.”

The reason for stopping the LADA Izhevsk pipeline is the “unexpected failure” of the contract for the supply of fuel tanks by the Nizhny Novgorod company Avtocomponent. It is a major supplier of plastic parts for Russian automakers (it also operates in other industries). The AvtoVAZ group, according to its representative, hopes that the simple will be short-term. According to him, “LADA Izhevsk” takes all measures to normalize supplies. ”

The representative of Avtokomponent has not yet answered the questions. The decision to suspend production of Vesta was unexpected for Avtokomponent, assures a source familiar with the managers of this supplier. According to him, LADA Izhevsk had fuel tanks, and AutoComponent itself continues to supply them. Perhaps the company decided to hedge by increasing its reserves, the source thinks.

The top manager of one of the LADA dealer companies says that the AvtoVAZ group did not officially notify the dealers about the suspension of the Vesta production. As a rule, questions with suppliers are resolved about a week, he notes. For this reason, he believes that the situation with “LADA Izhevsk” on sales will not be reflected: the dealers Vesta stocks are at the level of 1-month sales.

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