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The demand for second-hand LADA fell · 2018-05-03 10:56

In Russia, from January to March 2018, 297,530 LADA vehicles were resold. A year earlier, the resale rate was 312,200 units. Demand for second-hand Lada declined for the year by 4.7 percent, according to “Autostat Info.”

For the reporting quarter of this year, the best-selling LADA brand in the market of cars with a run was the model LADA 2114 – 32 642 oversold cars (-5,6%). The second result for LADA 2107. This model was sold in the amount of 26,769 units, which is 11% below the level of resale last year. The third place among the cars “Lada” with a run takes model LADA 2109 – 24 926 units (-15.4%). The top-5 models also include LADA 2170 Priora and LADA 2110. From January to March of this year, 24 727 units of LADA 2170 Priora (+ 5.8%) were sold in the secondary car market of the country, as well as 24 459 units of LADA 2110 (-8 ).

In the market of cars with a run in March this year, 113,370 LADA cars were sold. This is 12.4 less than the result of the previous year – 129 377 units.

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