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Sedans LADA Vesta Cross appeared at dealers in Togliatti · 2018-05-21 11:27

All-road sedans LADA Vesta Cross were seen in the parking lot of one of the Togliatti dealers. The cars are designed to be sold to customers, reports RCI News.

Serial production of the new version of LADA Vesta Cros began on April 25. Official sales will start on June 7 this year. On this day, a number of LADA dealerships will host special events, within which a novelty will be presented. Also on this day, as they expect on AVTOVAZ, the first buyers will also appear.

In appearance and refinement of the chassis LADA Vesta Cross is similar to the universal Vesta SW Cross, of course, with a correction for the body type. The degree of unification of the body kit between the two cross-versions is 100%.

Sedan LADA Vesta Cross from an ordinary sedan differs off-road skirts, 17-inch wheels, a road gleam of 203 mm, as well as a refined interior with inserts of gray or orange colors.

LADA Vesta Sedan Cross sedan is equipped with petrol engines in volume of 1,6 or 1,8 l, capacity of 106 and 122 hp. respectively. The first motor is only available with a manual transmission, for the second, a robotic transmission is offered as an option.

The novelty will be offered for a while only in the performance of Luxe. The most affordable version of the Vesta Cross sedan with a 1.6L engine and a MCP costs 763,900 rubles.

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