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Sales of LADA Vesta SW and SW Cross began in Austria · 2018-05-30 11:05

In Austria, the sales of the universal LADA Vesta SW and LADA Vesta SW Cross started.

The Vienna auto dealer KTZ organized a special presentation on the occasion of the appearance on the automotive market of new models of the Russian car industry. Austrian car lovers cars are available in the Comfort and Luxe complete sets with a 1.6 liter engine, with mechanical or automated transmissions. All cars are delivered to Austria from the general dealer center in Germany and they are provided with a guarantee for three years, TASS reports.

“LADA Vesta SW and SW Cross came to us in May, and now we are starting the sales, the cars are delivered in Comfort and Luxe complete sets and meet the Euro-6 environmental standard,” said Richard Lahnit. “We also provide service car servicing ”.

Price LADA Vesta SW Cross in Austria starts from 14.9 thousand euros. A fully equipped car in the Vienna dealer center costs 15.3 thousand euros. At the same time the cost of the usual LADA Vesta SW starts from 12,8 thousand euros, and the sedan LADA Vesta – from 11,8 thousand euros. The first owner of the Vesta SW in Austria was a young employee of the dealer center who bought this car, based on the price and quality of the car.

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