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In Russia recall more than 8 thousand Mazda cars · 2018-06-29 11:31

Rosstandart informs about the recall of 8090 Mazda 6 vehicles. Subject to recall cars Mazda 6, implemented from August 2002 to June 2008.

The reason for the withdrawal of vehicles is the possible long-term effect of high absolute humidity. It may result in the integrity or cracking of the front airbag gas generator shells of the driver and passenger, as well as the improper operation of these airbags in the event of a collision that meets the criteria for their operation. Violation of the integrity or rupture of the housing of the gas generator can lead to the ingress of metal fragments into the driver or passengers and, as a consequence, to their serious injury or death.

Authorized representatives of the manufacturer of “Mazda Motor RUS” will inform the owners of cars Mazda 6, subject to review, by sending letters and / or by phone about the need to provide a vehicle to the nearest dealership for repair work.


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