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In Togliatti created a flying sports car Yagalet · 2018-07-09 11:24

In Togliatti, developing an unusual sports car that can not only drive on the roads, but also to float in the air.

As reported news.drom.ru, flying sports car is developed by a team of independent engineers working under the brand Yagalet. This is not a circle of home ? made, and a consortium of experienced professionals from different areas-industrial design, production of automotive components, development of composites, shipbuilding. The author of the idea, the head and the main executor of the project is Vitaly Ivanov ? an independent designer who cooperates with Russian auto corporations and ship manufacturers. For example, in 2012 by order of AVTOVAZ Ivanov developed and built a spectacular rally concept Lada Kalina RC.

“Aglet” is not a hybrid car and airplane/helicopter/gyroplane, it is the symbiosis of the car and the hovercraft (SVP). The flight function in this machine will be provided by the installed under the bottom of the SVP mechanism, including a multi-circuit flexible fence (“skirt”), the pumping installation and control systems. Of course this is not a full ? fledged flight, but-movement over the surface, which by definition has advantages over conventional wheeled transport and allows you to move over impassable surfaces.

In order to activate the flight function, you do not have to pre-prepare the car. It will be enough to press the button ? everything else will happen automatically. The “skirt” will open and electric motors will start to pump air under the bottom. The car will rise three dozen centimeters above the ground – you can overcome bumps and water obstacles. On relatively flat surfaces it is possible to achieve speeds of more than 100 km/h in the SVP mode.

The new functionality will not deprive the car of the aesthetics of a traditional sports car. On the contrary, it will Express it even more clearly, because under the” skirt ” of the SVP we need more massive thresholds, a longer hood, a special architecture of the nose and rear parts. The form factor is limited only by strict restrictions to the curb and full weight of the car.

According to the developers, the implementation of a fundamentally new concept will automatically put “Yagalet” in the position of a unique product and open a global market for it. The fact that the first publications appeared in the English-language media, suggests that interest in the project in the West are even in the early stages of work.

The movement “Egalet” will cause the electric motor, air injection at the bottom will provide a special control system. However, the power plant, according to Ivanov, is still a controversial issue.

Currently completed building work and exterior “Galeta”. The design of the car “fixed” about two months ago. We have been working on the exterior since 2010, during this time the project has gone through several iterations. In the workshop of Ivanov, three full-size clay model models (made of model clay) were made in turn. Initially, “Aglet” was supposed to make a compact double Roadster with a sleek plastic surfaces, along the length of the car had to be less than 4 m.

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