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LADA 4x4 sold out in Germany · 2018-07-20 11:09

In Germany, in the first half of 2018, the most popular car of the LADA family was the SUV “Niva”.

Statistics of sales of new cars in Germany for the first half of the year published the German state organization Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt. It follows from the document that the residents of the country in the reporting period purchased 1291 car of the Russian brand LADA. Compared with January-July 2017, LADA sales in Germany increased by 1%, according to Lada Niva Club.

On the German car market the most popular LADA continues to be an SUV LADA 4×4. In the first half of the Germans purchased 693 such SUVs. Also in the country in January-June 2018, 249 cars of Lada Granta family, 226 Lada Vesta cars and 123 other LADA cars were sold.

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