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AVTOVAZ is removed from the production of Nissan Almera · 2018-08-02 11:39

Nissan in October 2018, will be removed from the production at AVTOVAZ sedan Almera.

Talk about the fact that Nissan can stop the release of Almera, go for about a year, say the top Manager of one of the Nissan dealer companies and a friend of AVTOVAZ managers. The company wants to focus on a more promising and capacious segment of crossovers, says the dealer.

The stock of cars in the Central warehouse of the company by the end of October 2018 ” will be sufficient to maintain sales until the spring of 2019, while maintaining demand at the current level,” he added, Vedomosti reported.

Almera is designed on the platform of Renault-Nissan B0 Alliance (Renault Logan) and has been produced at AVTOVAZ since December 2012.

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