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The sales of AVTOVAZ increased by 18.1% · 2018-09-06 11:42

For 8 months of 2018, 227,956 LADA cars and light commercial vehicles were sold in Russia, which is 18.1% higher than the same result last year. In August 2018 sold 28 683 LADA (+9,4% compared to August last year), the press service of AVTOVAZ.

The most popular model of the brand at the end of the last month was the LADA Vesta family: its owners found 8510 cars, which is 27.1% higher than the result of August 2017.

LADA Granta retains its leading position, slightly inferior to the LADA Vesta family. In July 2018, 6 695 cars were sold. To date, 300 dealerships in 160 cities of Russia started sales of the new LADA Granta family.

In terms of sales growth, LADA Largus became the leader: in August 2018, 3 719 passenger station wagons (+45.6% by August 2017) and 759 largus vans (+39.8% by August 2017) were sold.

In Togliatti preparing methane LADA Largus
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