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Cars in Togliatti for the year rose by 12% · 2018-10-02 09:46

Experts “Avito” analyzed the car market in Togliatti for the III quarter of 2018 and found that the average cost of cars for the year increased by 12% and amounted to 498 000 rubles. The leadership among manufacturers is held by LADA, and users are most often interested in middle-class cars.

The traditional leader of the Russian car market – LADA – in Togliatti in the third quarter accounted for 50% of all ads and about 58% of demand. In General, the cost of LADA cars in the city amounted to 332 000 rubles, which is 176 000 more expensive than in Russia. It is cheaper than other popular demand and supply brands. The second place was taken by KIA cars with an average price of 639 000 rubles, the third – Chevrolet-478 000 rubles, the fourth – Toyota-1.12 million rubles, and the fifth – Hyundai – 721 000 rubles.

In General, the demand for cars on the site increased by 1% as compared to the II quarter of this year and the III quarter of last year. The average price of the car in Togliatti-498 000 rubles-19% higher than in the Volga Federal district. In Russia, for the year the average price rose 6% and amounted to 449 000 rubles.

In Togliatti, “Avito Auto” buyers are most interested in cars older than 7 years: they accounted for 49 % of all requests at an average price of 268 000 rubles. About 22% of requests were for cars aged six to seven years at an average price of 454,000 rubles, another 17% of requests-for cars up to three years at a price of 725,000 rubles, and 12% – for cars aged four to five years at a price of 546,000 rubles.

In the structure of the classes of cars 88% of all ads and 90% of the requested contacts in Togliatti falls on the four most popular segment of machines.

In Togliatti, the first place are middle-class cars (41% of ads, 43% of the requested contacts), followed by small cars (24% and 29%) and SUVs (19% and 14%); close the four big family cars (4% and 4%).

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