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LADA Priora is the most popular car in Togliatti · 2018-10-23 09:13

The first ten popular cars with mileage in Togliatti were LADA models. This conclusion was made by Avito experts as a result of the analysis of the preferences of local motorists in the III quarter of 2018. The most popular model was LADA Priora, which costs an average of 281 000 rubles.

The most affordable model of the top 10 was LADA 2110: it was sold for an average of 80 600 rubles. The most expensive model was LADA Vesta for 624 000 rubles. LADA Priora, which did not change the price for the year, took first place in popularity, displacing LADA Kalina from the first position. Top ten cars per year left LADA 2112, replaced by the LADA Vesta.

At an average cost of the most popular car Togliatti took 17th place among the largest Russian cities. The cheapest model of the all-Russian list of popular cars was LADA 2107 (64 100 rubles), and the most expensive – Hyundai Solaris (508 400 rubles).

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