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Vesta led the TOP LADA · 2018-11-27 09:08

In October 2018 the car market of Russia has sold 30 168 cars of the brand LADA. This is 20% more than last year’s sales result-25 141 units.

“AUTOSTAT info” made a rating of LADA models in October 2018. This list was headed by Vesta. Last month, buyers purchased 10 002 LADA Vesta cars, and a year earlier -5,820 such cars. Sales growth was 72%. The second place in the model line of the brand is LADA Granta-8906 units of cars, and a year earlier – 7962 units (+12%). In third place in the LADA rating is the LADA Largus model, whose sales increased in October 2018 by 27.4% in annual comparison, that is, from 3082 units to 3928 units of cars. In October this year, sales of Lada Xray crossovers amounted to 2884 units. auto (-0.6%), which provided the model fourth place in the line of “Lada”. We will remind that in October of 2017 the sales of LADA Xray was 2900 units. The five best-selling cars of the brand Lada in the last month also included and SUV LADA 2121 – 2475 units sold, which is 26.6% higher than sales in October 2017 (1955).

In addition, in October of this year, buyers purchased 1224 of the car LADA Kalina (previous year 1625 of such machines), 517 units of cars LADA 2131 (and 2.8%) and 232 of the car LADA Priora (-82%).

LADA on the 48th place in the world sales rating
Started selling the updated LADA XRAY

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