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LADA cars will rise in price · 2019-01-03 08:29

AVTOVAZ from January 1, 2019 will increase the recommended retail prices for all LADA models due to the growth of NDS. On average, cars will rise in price by 3%.

Adjustment of prices for LADA cars of the new model year “will be the minimum possible and lower than the main competitors”: “This will ensure the preservation of attractive prices for the entire range of the brand”, Vedomosti reported.

Technically, the negative effect for the end user should be almost invisible, only +2% to the current cost. But in practice, both dealers and manufacturers at all stages will necessarily take the opportunity for the next round of price increases, as their costs will increase. Thus, the production of a car involves a long chain of purchases, and NDS is paid at each stage, which makes the increase in the cost of the final product inevitable.

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LADA cars have risen in price

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