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Created by LADA for St. Petersburg · 2019-01-30 07:07

A student of the St. Petersburg Academy of art and industry Alexander Kazantsev created images of the new LADA car.

The concept, called LADA Saint Petersburg, was created within the framework of the course project and is an urban ultra-compact car. Course work was carried out with the support of LADA design Studio.

The author of the project explains that LADA Saint Petersburg is an urban ultra-compact two-seater, which is designed for use mainly in the Northern capital of Russia. According to Kazantsev’s idea, the new LADA will have a transformable material. Thanks to this, LADA Saint Petersburg will be able to change the wheelbase depending on the conditions of use. So, in the Parking concept can be made even more compact, and on the road – more overall and therefore more stable.

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