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AVTOVAZ presented LADA Largus CNG · 2019-02-25 08:09

Prices for LADA Largus CNG start from 728 thousand rubles
LADA expands the range of dual-fuel cars and introduces LADA Largus CNG-a practical wagon that can run on both gasoline and natural gas methane. Gas equipment is installed on light commercial and 5-seater passenger versions of LADA Largus family: van, 5-seater wagon and LADA Largus Cross version. The use of methane allows three times to reduce fuel costs, increases engine life and environmental friendliness of the car, the press service of AVTOVAZ.

Van LADA Largus CNG-a great offer for small and medium-sized businesses. The gas cylinder is located behind the partition separating the cabin from the body, which provides a large volume of cargo compartment-2225 l. the Car is available in the Norma package with Comfort, and costs from 728 300 rubles. The package includes two airbags, fog lights, driver’s seat with lumbar support and height adjustment, heated seats, air conditioning, audio system. Like ALL Lada Largus vans, the gas-cylinder car is equipped with practical black plastic bumpers.

The initial cost of a five-seater wagon LADA Largus CNG in the configuration Norma with Comfort package – from 753 900 rubles. The car is equipped with two airbags, air conditioning, heated front seats, audio system with 2 speakers, stamped wheels with a diameter of 15 inches, roof rails. There is a choice between two options for interior decoration – black Carbon or light gray Tropic. Five-seater LADA Largus CNG performed by Luxe costs from 774 900 rubles. The configuration is supplemented with such options as a driver’s seat with lumbar support and height adjustment, electric drive and mirror heating, Parking sensors, on-Board computer, power Windows of the rear doors. In addition, the audio system is equipped with 4 speakers, and two possible colors in the interior added a third – brown Mokka. A Prestige package is available for Luxe, which includes leather steering and 15-inch alloy wheels. The car with this package can be purchased from 784 900 rubles.

LADA Largus CNG Cross is offered from 813 400 rubles. This model is available in a complete set of Luxe, the list of equipment which includes air conditioning, two airbags, audio system, heated front seats, driver’s seat with lumbar support and height adjustment, 15-inch alloy wheels, power Windows front and rear. A distinctive feature of the Cross version is a practical plastic body kit to protect enamel on light off-road, increased ground clearance and contrasting interior decoration with colored inserts (orange or light gray).

All LADA Largus CNG vehicles are equipped with a 16-valve 1.6 l LADA engine and a manual transmission. Natural gas is pumped into a 90-litre cylinder designed for 22 cubic metres of compressed methane. At the same time the regular 50-liter fuel tank is kept. At full fuel the LADA Largus CNG has a power reserve of more than 1 000 km the Car always starts on petrol and once the engine automatically switches to natural gas. If the gas runs out, the use of gasoline is resumed. Switching from one type of fuel to another can be carried out forcibly by means of a button located on the instrument panel, there are LEDs on it, signaling the gas reserve on Board.

Natural gas methane is an environmentally friendly and safe fuel. According to the classification of combustible substances according to the degree of fire hazard, methane belongs to the safest class 4. In order to ensure safety, the gas equipment installed on LADA Largus CNG is equipped with special valves that automatically block the leakage of methane in case of an accident. It is worth noting that the factory equipment set is certified, fully adapted to the design of the car, which provides a high level of reliability and safety. In addition, LADA Largus CNG is covered by factory warranty-3 years or 100 thousand kilometers.

Recall that the first serial LADA with methane gas cylinder installation was LADA Vesta CNG, launched on the market in July 2017.

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