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LADA Granta is the leader in sales in February · 2019-03-15 08:08

In February, 27 011 LADA cars were sold in Russia. In total, according to the results of the first two months of 2019, 48,542 units were sold on the Russian market, which corresponds to the level of last year.

LADA continues to increase its market share, which at the end of February exceeds 20% (according to the Company’s own assessment), the press service of AVTOVAZ.

The leader of the Russian market at the end of February 2019 were the cars of the new LADA Granta family, which replaced the previous generation in the second half of last year. Its customers found 10 574 cars, and sales growth compared to February 2018 amounted to 54.1%.

The second line is occupied by the LADA Vesta family, in February 7 960 cars were sold. The model remains popular, every third LADA car sold in Russia is LADA Vesta.

Executive Vice President of sales and marketing of PJSC AVTOVAZ Jan Ptacek commented: “Despite the fact that the automotive market did not show active positive dynamics in February, we managed to support LADA sales in the first two months and exceed the level of 2018. We put a lot of effort to offer our customers the most favorable and comfortable conditions of purchase. We believe that the measures of state support of the car market, which were launched on March 1, will help to maintain the trend of growth in car sales in Russia. The “First car” and “Family car” programs have already proved their effectiveness and can be summed up with LADA special offers on the trade-in system.”

LADA program "First car" and " Family car"
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