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LADA 4x4 will be upgraded · 2019-04-04 08:14

AVTOVAZ will upgrade the current generation of LADA 4×4.

Factory experts have identified the following most promising areas requiring immediate improvement (and this is not a new engine or gearbox). Plan upgrades SUV site ”” I sent one of the readers.

Plan modifications of LADA 4×4:

Automatic turn on the wipers (with a small delay) when the washer is turned on.

Turning off the lights (dim, size) when the ignition is switched off (switch in the middle mode).

More ergonomic gearshift lever.

“Quiet” stove.

Adaptation of the upholstery of the front doors to install acoustic speakers.

Power lampshade lighting trunk constantly (regardless of size/near).

Replacement windscreen washer nozzle + control jet trajectory.

Introduce a filter of incoming air into the cabin.

Power off the 12V outlets when you turn off ignition.

Driver’s seat armrest.

Certification of the more common tire size (from the factory).

To introduce the leash to the trunk lid.

Replacement of the door seal on 3-chamber (2108).

Reduce (eliminate) contamination of the tailgate handle.

Eliminate arbitrary rotation of the arms of the gearbox levers, PK, lock.

Programmable pause of operation of the wiper.

The color of the trunk shelf closer to the main color trim (black).

All these improvements do not require large investments or serious redesign of the SUV, but could significantly improve comfort.

LADA Granta is the leader in Kazakhstan
LADA Vesta is the leader in March

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