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AVTOVAZ modernizes production · 2020-04-08 08:42

AVTOVAZ continues to modernize its production technologies and processes. In 2019, a large amount of work was carried out, the result of which was to strengthen quality control, optimize processes and save money, and improve working conditions for employees. Increasing production efficiency is carried out within the framework of the Renault-Nissan Alliance methods-AVTOVAZ is a full member of the international production complex, which not only produces cars that meet the most modern standards, but also supplies automotive components for the production of Alliance cars in Russia and abroad, the press service of the company reports.

In 2019, the LADA Granta Assembly line was upgraded. As a result of the restructuring of production flows, the total length of Assembly lines has been reduced by 560 meters. The number of cars in the stream has been reduced, which has a positive impact on the quality level. Sections for forming kit sets are organized. The number of loaders involved has been reduced, and 8 robotic trolleys have been added to the conveyor for automatic delivery of components to Assembly stations – innovations have improved the delivery rhythm by 23%. The Assembly concept used at AVTOVAZ determines that a set of components is formed for each body in accordance with the configuration of the future car. Robotic carts, synchronized with the speed of the conveyor, deliver this set of components from the area of formation of kit sets data to the corresponding Assembly stations, where workers in accordance with the Assembly program install them on a specific body.

In the production of cars on the B0 platform, 8 additional robots are introduced that are responsible for welding critical points of the base and body frame, which fix the geometry of the car. Robotization and increased stability of operations allowed to improve the efficiency of this section of production. Now there are 13 robots working on the welding line for the base of THE Lada Largus and LADA XRAY body. In 2020, the modernization of production will continue. In particular, in the production of cars on the B0 platform, it is planned to put into operation two more welding robots.

For 2019, LADA 4×4 production has upgraded the load-carrying conveyor for the supply of components and created 3 transport rings with loading from one zone. Now sets of components are fed directly to the operator’s work area.

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