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LADA sales fell by 65% in April · 2020-06-02 08:39

In April 2020, 12,649 Lada passenger cars were sold in Russia. This is 65% less than the 35,879 units sold in April 2019.
In the reporting month, LADA dealers sold 4,535 LADA Granta cars to customers, while a year earlier, sales of the model reached 13,969 units. In the sales rating among the models of the domestic brand, it is “Granta” that now occupies the first place. The second line of this list with a small gap from the leader is occupied by LADA Vesta. During the reporting month, the volume of sales of new “West” decreased by 65% in annual comparison, from 11,877 to 4155 units of cars.
The third result for LADA Largus, which showed a 64.5% decline in the reporting month from last year’s 4436 units to the current 1574 units. Sales of LADA 4×4 SUVs decreased by 50% in the reporting period, from 2,390 to 1,192 units, and sales of LADA Xray crossovers fell by 65% (from 2,519 to 889 units). Also in April, buyers purchased 303 five-door Lada 4×4 SUVs, which is 48% less than they bought a year earlier – 587 units.

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