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AVTOVAZ sales in January · 2021-02-05 08:30

In January 2021, 21,857 LADA passenger and light commercial vehicles were sold in Russia, which is 0.3% higher than the result of the first month of 2020.
Sales of LADA Granta and LADA Vesta amounted to 7,720 and 6,347 cars, respectively. These two families are traditionally the leaders in terms of sales among other LADA cars. A noticeable increase was shown by the LADA XRAY family: 1,587 cars were sold (+28.1% compared to January last year). Similarly, sales of LADA Niva Legend increased: 2004 cars found their buyers (+ 26.5% by January 2020). Sales of commercial LADA cars amounted to 1015 (+49.5% compared to the first month of last year).
“With the overall stable sales volume, we note an increase in LADA sales in the SUV segment. This is in line with a market trend where the SUV class has recently become dominant. In the near future, we will start selling LADA Niva Travel-this car, which occupies its unique niche, should become a strong player in the Russian market in the SUV segment, ” said Olivier Mornet, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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