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2015-03-17 11:53 The Volkswagen plant in Kaluga has stopped assembling three Audi models

The Kaluga plant of the German company “Volkswagen” has stopped the semi knocked down assembly of the three Audi models – Q5 and Q7 Crossovers as well as A7 Hatchback.

2014-12-25 17:04 Bolshoi's Filin to Undergo a Few More Operations in Germany

The Bolshoi Theater’s ballet artistic director, Sergei Filin, who suffered serious injuries in an acid attack in January of 2013, will continue his treatment in Germany.

2014-12-24 17:23 Seven Russian regions will receive nearly $ 3 billion rubles for the construction of stadiums for the 2018 World Cup

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the allocation the country funds to seven regions for the construction and renovation of stadiums for the World Football Cup in 2018.

2014-12-23 14:45 Anastasia Volochkova has got split personality

Anastasia has time to give concerts, to participate in long tours and performances, singing on the First Channel, does not forget about her dance school and helps her daughter to build her career as as model, and more, in addition to this, to accept invitations to special-interest projects.

2014-12-18 17:44 Russia to Spend $34 Mln on 2018 World Cup Training Grounds

Around $34 million will be spent on training grounds for the 2018 football World Cup, Russia’s Cabinet of Ministers announced Sunday.

2014-12-17 18:08 CPS banned shipments of wines from Moldova to Russia

CPS imposed a ban on Moldovan wine products shipments to Russia. This was stated by minister Gennady Onishchenko.

2014-12-16 17:51 Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya's son chose a name for himself

The romance between a gymnast Laysan Utyasheva and showman Pavel Volya is the most mysterious up today. First of all everybody were surprised by the news of their wedding. But the Internet spreads the news that Laysan became a mother.

2014-12-12 11:35 Russia inroduced fines for smoking in public

The stiffer penalties for smoking in public are introduced in Russia as the government continues its battle to improve health standards in the country.

2014-12-11 12:47 Moscow Warehouse Temporarily Closed After Anti-Migrant Retz

A vegetable warehouse in a Moscow suburb, one of the main targets of anti-migrant rioters during a night of violent clashes in the area, is closed for five days, a consumer watchdog official said on Monday.

2014-12-10 17:36 Boxing Star Roy Jones Jr. is consifering Russian Citizenship

Former four-division world boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. will take Russian citizenship “in the very near future,” his promoter Vlad Hrunov told R-Sport Monday.

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RIA News:

24.3.2018 20:23 Moscow Goes Dark for Global Earth Hour Climate Campaign (VIDEO)

Watch live as the Russian capital turns off the lights to mark the ecological campaign of Earth Hour.

24.3.2018 19:17 Gunman With Daesh Links Neutralized in Russia's Dagestan

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - A criminal was killed on Saturday during a counterterrorist operation in Russia's southern Republic of Dagestan, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) said in a statement.

24.3.2018 18:44 Russia Discomforted Over EU Aggression, Volatility Amid Skripal Case - Peskov

KEMEROVO (Russia) (Sputnik) - Russia feels uncomfortable over EU aggressive and unpredictable policy due to the poisoning case of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK city of Salisbury, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

24.3.2018 18:8 Sea & Land: WATCH Russian BTR Sailing the Waves

In a video which appeared on the web a BTR-82A armored vehicle is shown being floated by a landing ship.

24.3.2018 17:53 Martian Landscapes: Sochi Blanketed by African Sand (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Apocalyptic pictures showing the Russian resort city of Sochi covered in sand and dust have appeared on social media, with users suggesting filming the Russian version of Mad Max.

24.3.2018 17:46 Cancer Survivor Albino Model Shares Stunning Photos to Inspire Others

Russian beauty Alisa Liss had a tough period when she went through breast cancer in her 20s. She lost confidence in her looks but overcame her fears and came out stronger and sexier.

24.3.2018 17:38 UK Lab Practically Avows It Develops New Components of Toxic Substances – Moscow

Russia will once again demand the disclosure of information on the program of producing combat poisoning substances at the UK's Porton Down laboratory, according to the Russian Embassy in the UK.

24.3.2018 16:5 'Free Hunters': How Soviet Ace Pilots Fought During WWII (PHOTOS)

Many think that when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, the country had no airmen capable of fighting on par with the aces at Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Right? Wrong!

24.3.2018 15:34 WATCH: Avalanche Buries Over a Dozen of Cars Under Snow in Russia's South

Eyewitnesses have captured on video the moment a huge mass of snow swept across a parking lot in the mountainous republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in southern Russia, burying cars.

24.3.2018 14:15 WATCH: TV Tower Blown Up in Russia's Yekaterinburg

The video shows the blast, after which the 200-meter (656-foot) building falls and crumbles, with the remnants of the tower to be taken away in two weeks.

24.3.2018 13:39 Russian Policewomen Can Knock Anyone Out With Their Beauty (PHOTOS)

These women could easily become models due to their good looks, however, they prefer to wear police uniforms rather than take part in beauty pageants. Here are the most gorgeous policewomen, who’ve become an inspiration for thousands of social media users.

24.3.2018 8:32 Russian Ambassador Reveals Great Model of Moscow-Washington Cooperation

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - An exchange program for beginners between Bolshoi Theatre and the Washington National Opera serves as a great model of US-Russian cooperation, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said.

23.3.2018 18:34 Samovar With 'Novichok': Russian Intel Vets Mock Skripal Case

With no proof of Moscow’s alleged role in the March 4 poisoning in Salisbury being provided so far by London, veteran members of Soviet and Russian intelligence have explained to Sputnik why “assassination” is not a typical way to go for the country’s security services.

23.3.2018 18:28 Why Berezovsky's Death in Britain Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky's death still leaves more questions than answers. However, there are no signs that British authorities will ever reinvestigate the case, which remains classified. Although five years have passed since Berezovsky's reported suicide, Russia has yet to receive access to the materials on the matter.

23.3.2018 15:12 Is UK Secretly Buying Russian Eurobonds Amid Skripal Case?

Russian investors’ demand for the Eurobonds that Moscow placed in March could have been hidden in the share of British investors who snapped up a hefty 39 percent of the securities, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.

23.3.2018 13:16 Russia's New Superweapons Spooking Pentagon Get Catchy Names

Russia’s Defense Ministry has summed up the results of a nationwide competition of suggested monikers for any of the three new weapon systems President Putin mentioned in his recent state-of the-nation address to parliament.

23.3.2018 12:7 UK Diplomats Leaving Embassy in Russia Amid Skripal Case

Moscow decided to expel 23 UK diplomats as a response to a similar move by Britain after Prime Minister Theresa May blamed Russia for being "highly likely" behind the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal, a claim strongly denied by Moscow, which has repeatedly called on London to provide access to the case's materials.

23.3.2018 11:31 Putin Wins Russian Presidential Election With 76.69% of Vote - Draft Resolution

The Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) intends to certify the results of the March 18 presidential election, the commission’s draft resolution said.

23.3.2018 10:6 Western Pressure Helped Putin Make Big Election Gains – Kremlin Spokesman

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Western pressure on Russia played into the hands of its incumbent president during last Sunday’s election in that it pushed voters to unite around a strong individual, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the RT news channel.

23.3.2018 9:0 Norway and US Busted Hacking Russian Networks to Gain Data on Leadership

This is the first time Norwegian hacking efforts to obtain intelligence information on Russia have been documented. According to formerly classified documents, Norway and the US have been pooling their spying efforts since 2011.

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